What's up everyone I'm Sierra and welcome back to my channel today. I'm gonna show you my shower routine and how I wind down every single day first up. I like to take my hair out and brush it before I get in the shower just. So it's nice and silky and there are no knots. Because my hair is naughty I'm gonna get it all nice and wet and then I'm gonna start off with. Some shampoo the collection that. I'm using today is going to be Herbal Essences in the scent of white strawberry and sweet mint. It smells delish and what. I love about this collection is that it's paraben-free. They use real botanicals and no colorant. So what I like to do is just switch up the scent every month. I do love using Herbal Essences and I am gonna use a good amount of shampoo.

Because I have such long hair and they only wash my hair about two to three times a week. So I really want to give my scalp a good scrub and also don't forget to clean your ears. So many people forget to do behind your ears lik now. It's time to wash my second face off so I'm just gonna use a normal dove soap Barthez fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin like mine. I have pretty bad dermatitis on my cheeks and it's. Just progressively getting worse so this soap bar actually just makes my skin feeling really soft I don't have a lot of breakouts. It's not very harsh and I've been using this method for years you should try it. If you have sensitive skin it's time to condition our hair. So I'm gonna use a generous amount of conditioner because like. 

I said I have really long hair and I'm just gonna really rub this conditioner all over into my scalp all the way down to the ends of my hair conditioner is really great for like detangling your hair making it nice and smooth and shiny. It helps protect your hair from like any future damage. It also helps repair dead ends so I'm really going to rub this conditioner especially into the ends of my hair after this step. I'm gonna let it sit for a while and get my pampering session on now it's time to wash and scrub all my dead skin cells off. I love this part because I just love getting all the dirt off of me I like to use this scrub about 1 to 2 times a week and exfoliate it leaves my skin feeling. So soft and so clean front loves this part - I love scrubbing it all over his back in his arms. When we shower together while that scrub is doing its magic. I'm gonna wash my face with Christie kids face wash and I typically use this only. When I'm having really bad breakouts or when my skin is super oily. Because this step is expensive it makes my skin glowing flawless. I just wish it wasn't. 

So expensive I'm a hundred percent going to name-drop right now because Christie kid has treated. Justin Bieber Haley Baldwin Kendall Jenner my brother and so many more celebrities and that's how their faces get.So flawless like there are so many celebrities that rave about Christie Kidd and her products and also her methods. I actually went to go see her see if she could help me reduce dermatitis on my face and also scar removal on my lip honestly. If it wasn't so expensive I would use it all the time now that I fully rinsed my body and got all the conditioner out of my hair. It's time for all the filled goods and smell goods. I'm gonna wash my body with. Some sweet pea from Bath & Body and I'm gonna rub rub rub scrub scrub scrub that's amazing to Capri. When I wash her is so lat I have laser hair removal on my armpits. But I tend to get a few stragglers here and there.

 So I'm gonna shave those because it's been a while like long wild brent was like don't you think you should shave your armpits Ciara hashtag oopsies lastly. We can't forget to watch the flower the bean the veg whatever you want to call it. So I'm just gonna use my dove bar fragrance-free this works great for washing your note down there years ago. I saw this trick on the vine that I think maybe the Dolan twins had posted. So I really can't take credit for this but this is the best trick ever. If you blow-dry the steam off your mirror it goes away without any watermarks it goes away. So fast is heavenly I wish I could take credit for this trick right now I'm just gonna pat dry my hairbrush it out and get it ready for blow drying a little bit later. I wish I could use them no heat method but honestly, my hair would never dry it would probably take 12 hours for it to dry and it would still be a little bit da. Now that I brush my hair out I'm gonna use this Lancome makeup remover to take any excess makeup off of my eyes and my faith. I recently just started using this fab aid repair cream on my face a little goes a long way and it helps hydrate reduce redness and itching samaa. I don't have like a hundred percent review. Because I've only been using it for about two weeks now.

 So far it's been working out pretty well my dermatologist Christie Kidd recommended glide tone. I hope I'm saying that right this is cream for under the eyes and under the eyebrows to reduce any wrinkles and you know. I want to look my best when I'm 90 years old can't forget deodorant today. I'm using Brent's because I've been having. Some really bad night sweats lastly. I'm gonna hydrate my skin and use Lubriderm all over my body this is great for sensitive skin, especially in the colder weather. Because it hydrates and repairs any type of dry skin. Now it's time to blow-dry my hair not the hair on my legs Ciara oh my gosh. I have one shave leg and one that is fully not shade. Because I plan on making a fun video on. How to get the perfect shave legs my husband is so thrilled. He's like oh my god Ciara this is so weird after blow-drying my hair for about 30 minutes I like to put the cool shot on and just kind of cool breeze my hair easy breezy cover Sierra every night. I'd like to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea before bed. So sometimes I'll sit in bed and enjoy my cup of tea and also get my computer and just respond back to comments that you guys leave on my youtube videos and I'll also respond to emails and all that good stuff and then hang out with Brent for a little bit and then we'll go to bed. I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and also comment below. Some of your favorite products that you use in the shower see you late oh yeah by the way. I brush my teeth after my hot tea just so you know. So you don't think that I'm not brushing my teeth that would be after this step.

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