I  have new hair I literally dyed my hair this is not a wig. I am so excited to tell you guys kind of how I went from black to balayage because I've had black hair for a few years. I would say I've had black hair definitely for over three-four years. So the fact that I was able to get it to this I've just been living you guys. I needed this because I've had black hair for a while like years. I know how hard it is going from black hair to balayage.

I'm going to give you guys some little tips tricks things that I did that could probably help you. If you guys want to go blonde and honestly you guys like. I'm just so freaking excited like this is like my first article of me showing you guys my hair. I posted like my little reveal picture on Instagram but like this is the first little live-action with my hair and I freaking love it I feel like a different person by the way I'm looking at myself on the monitor. I'm like you I'm a different person like if you guys really just want a change just do it. I really hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope it's as informative as possible.

I did vlog a lot for you guys of the actual process. I said I have had black hair for so many years. I think I went fully like black using box dye. I started I believe in like 2016 I did an entire video of me dying my hair black and I went from literally I would say like a medium brown to black and that was already like a big transformation. I really really loved my hair black. So I was with black hair for like four years but I had my hair black for quite a hot minute the first couple of years. I was using box dye if you are trying to go blonde stop just stop using the box dye right now girl. I've heard horror stories so stop the box dye now so the last I would say a couple of years maybe like a year and a half.

I started just going to a hairstylist but other than that you guys I was not using actual box dye even before that I started using the little bottles from sally's and I've heard those like are not really box dye either. So it went from me using box dye to using like the sally's little cups and then going to a professional. So I feel like that really helped that I was not using box dye before I continue with the article. I'm not a professional but this is just from what I've heard stop using box dye and maybe go to a professional or you know I'm sure there is some kind of dyes like. I said I would use the little bottles from sallies.

I heard those are not as bad as box dye but like I said I'm not a professional make sure you guys ask your hairstylist first. So I've been wanting to do a balayage for the longest time I think even before I went with black hair. I wanted a balayage and I've had blonde hair and I knew how my hair held up with bleach okay like I have really really really thin hair you guys. So I already had an idea that you know my hair does become a little brittle but I know that my hair could still take it but for some reason the past years anytime. I would go to someone they would tell me it's not worth doing it because your hair is going to fall off.

So I honestly did stick with that idea that it was just impossible for me to do it until. Now before I went balayage I had gone like three months. I would say without dyeing my hair black again I had no plan in going blonde anytime soon but it just ended up working that way that day. That I actually decided like you know what I really really want to do this I had come to realize. That I hadn't dyed my hair in like three months and I was like maybe this is actually like the perfect time. Because I haven't dyed my hair in a few months.

So it will pick up a lot better so I actually did end up going to get my hair color stripped off. I first did end up going with tony wonder hands he was the one that was uh consistently dying my hair black he had recommended. I do this because just straight up just going in with bleach it's just gonna damage the hair more and we don't know how much it could lift. So for us, it was a lot easier removing all the black it could possibly remove, and like I said I'm not a professional. I'm not even sure what that is called but I know there are certain products you could get and do it at home but I'm really not sure. So if you guys know about that product please let the girls know down in the comments.

This basically just removes like entire like dye from your hair so we ended up doing that twice the first time. I was probably under that like hot thing for I would say 40 to 50 minutes that product. That was in my hair you guys actually did stink it smelled I'm not even sure what it was it kind of reminded me of you know people do like perms. So we did that for like an hour and we saw that it was kind of like a brown we were actually shocked how light it had got and then for the second time. I think we did around the same time and then we removed that and I was basically with just like a full set of brown hair, which was so weird because we didn't think it would lighten that much.

I said I am not a professional I'm going to say that like a million times in this article. I didn't know really what to expect I was just shocked that my hair was light brown. I'm like did it remove the dye and also add color because it was literally a medium brown. So I knew it wasn't just like removing the black off it was kind of like lightening my entire hair even my roots and then with weeks going by my hair started getting dark again. So I feel like it stripped off the color and then in the beginning it was obviously light brown and then after the light brown was just washing off and my hair was still lighter it was not black. It's almost like if it obviously did remove the black and it was just like all my natural color kind of I had to be in that awkward stage.

Where none of my extensions matched my hair you could obviously remove the hair color and bleach within the next few days or I would think the same day. If I'm not mistaken but my process did take a little longer because things were getting in the way and you know so and so forth. So yeah I waited about three weeks and this is when I actually contacted hair by Maryville. I honestly just have to say that she is like a hair goddess. I've seen her work plenty of times I've been wanting to get k tips from her she is amazing at bleaching so I did end up contacting her so, this was about like three almost four weeks in with my hair just like in that awkward stage but it was well worth the wait hey guys the last time.

I talked to you guys my hair was a lot more brown. I'm at a really weird stage where I could not wear my black extensions and I had purchased really light brown extensions the last time. I got my hair color basically removed but it was really light brown. So right now I'm actually going to Maryvale going blonde it is such a process and it is a thing. You have to be really consistent with so I decided to try out Maribel. I've heard a lot of great things about her I am going with her today it's going gonna be like a little consultation. She's gonna take a look at my hair and I told her we already stripped out the color because my hair was very black is really hard to remove. So we will see when I actually did go to my consultation I obviously showed her a picture of what I wanted honestly she just told me straight up like what basically she can do with my hair and she recommended I do k-tips.

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