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Hey everyone welcomes back to my channel today. We are doing something super exciting and that is a bra haul. Whether it's sports bras comfy bras. Sexy bras everyday bras I have every single bra you could ever need today. This haul is brought to you by glamorized bras. I'm gonna tell you guys right. Now I'm so happy that they sponsored this post. Because they genuinely as a team wanted to make sure that. I got bras that I loved and bras that fit and one of the best parts about. This is you guys I have not bought a new bra in three years. So the bras that I've been wearing have been horribly messed up my boobs might need a boob job. Who knows but we have correctly fitting bras today. I picked them out myself so they are gorgeous a trust me.

 You'll see and I'm so excited to try these on for you guys today. Just you guys will see all the magic that's about to happen one more disclaimer. You guys as you may or may not know.YouTube has been extremely strict on their content and guidelines. So today we won't be doing a bunch of full-body kind of sexy things. Just because I don't want this post to get flagged or taken down. I love these bras I want to make sure you guys see them you're gonna see all the details. You need to see you're gonna see everything I promise it's just gonna be shot a little closer up. So that we don't get flagged and we don't disappear girl and you guys still can see these cute bras thank you glamorized bras and let's get started before. We get started really quick. I just want to let you guys know all the links are in the description below in order. So if you like a bra just go below click and you can find it the first Broadway have is what I like to call my lounge bra. I work a lot from home and I just like to be comfy and free. So I'm definitely not wearing pants. I'm definitely not wearing a shirt I am in my bra and some booty shorts and this bra is literally perfect it has the cross back.

 So I don't feel like a weight is on my shoulders and then how cute is this like a lacy little flower pattern in the back. So it's breathable and there's definitely not like a bunch of sweating or anything crazy. It's breathable it's lightweight and then girl it opens from the front now. I don't have many bras that open or close from the front but like it's it's weirdly a super satisfying feeling to open your bra from the front and be like. I'm free so I thought that was really cool that you can unhook it from the front. It's super stretchy super comfortable the fabric is just. So soft and I just I really like the flower petal details in the back for this on my size I ordered a little bit up. So that I could have more room and comfort and I got a forty double D next up. We are gonna do a round of sports bras, you guys. I cannot tell you how many people this year have been asking me what sports bras are you using. I have been so vocal about being more active lately and showing you guys my fitness journey and so why one I show you my sports bras. So I'm gonna be showing you guys my newest sports bras from glamorize and they are really supportive. So one of my biggest problems that I was having with my sports bras is they weren't giving me enough support and lately. I just noticed like my boobs have just there they're starting to hit the floor a little bit and I'm gonna be honest with you guys about that and I went to a specialized bra lady and she told me the reason.

 Why my boobs have dramatically shifted was. Because I was working out with bras with no support and so after she told me that immediately. I wanted to make sure I got bras with all support. So these bras give you really great incredible like support but still at your books move and flow whether you're running or yoga whatever it is there's still breathing room. So that is amazing the first sports bra that I have is this super cute black and purple I love black. But I also love bright bold colors I love to stand out I love good matching two-piece situation. So you can throw this on with any black legging and then what I love is it's super thick this whole thing is very full fake no flimsiness of and then on the back. It has an adjustable strap. So whether you need it higher up whether you need it lower on the back we have one two three different sizes. So that you can adjust for yourself and I love that the clasps are four they have four clasps there.

 It's not just two I seriously you guys I'm not even joking I've been running before and like my bra came on clasp and I'm like you look around and you're like. So who am I gonna have to fix this and then it's awkward it's weird. So having the four clasp is definitely super helpful especially. If you have some big boobs part of how the bra gives you really good support but you can still breathe is there's no padding in this cup. So you can basically just fill your whole breast in the cup it goes right underneath. Because of the thick wiring that's in there it's not super thin it really takes you back and straps you in and then where it comes up here a lot of my sports bras that we're going too wide and things were just shifting too much. So I love that it's closer to my collarbone and higher and raised up. It's just it makes for a really good run and finding out my breasts are sagging. Because I've been wearing the wrong sports bra is so sad and not a good excuse for premature breast sagging. So I'm definitely really excited that this is lifting and strapping me in this bra I got in a size 40 double D you guys know that I love bright bold statement pieces. So why would I do that with my sports bra?

 I have this amazing really pretty blue sports bra and I love that it matches my eyes again. We have the four clasp back here for secured tight support and then this broad does not have any underwire. So it's really stretchy and you can just fit it around if you don't like underwire and you don't like that kind of sport and that's all good too to give you and reassure you more support on this bra since you don't have the underwire. It's adjustable in the front so if you need to pull your breasts up and you just think you need more support like me. Then you're just gonna want to take this hook put it up here and that'll secure you all nice and tight. So that's really amazing about that and it still has the adjustable band in the back and it's stretchy like I said this is great material it's breathable you don't feel like you're suffocating you're still supported you can move. It's just it's a really cute bra too so if you guys like bold colors as well check out the blue one this sports bra. I got in a forty double D again I like my band to be just a little bit bigger. When I am running or doing activities just. So there's more room for things to move around and situate next up.

 I have this classic gray sports bra and you guys I just I had to go with the classic great matches with almost any legging that you have any like the top that you could match with it .It's just it's perfect it's classic and then also what I love about all the sports bras. If I haven't already said it is I love the thick straps it makes. It even on both sides again securing that support you're gonna hear the word support. So much because like after I was told I was having premature sagging support became my new best friend in all my bras. So it gives you so much support because of the thick straps and then also again readjust able in the back. We have the clasp the breathable material what I love about this bra is it's like a combo of the last two bras. It still has the underwire in it like the purple one but it still has the adjustable front like the blue one. So if you did need more support you can just change it it's adjustable and raises it up pull it down whenever you need to and again the really breathable fabric with the holes in it. So you're not just sweating up a storm and just you know it's comfortable it's nice this sports bra I got in a forty double D it. When I wear sports bras I like them to be a tad bit roomier just. So everything can move when I work out and run and do everything right. so I don't go up too much I just go a little bit upon the band so in this one.

 I got a forty double tee also what's amazing is all the sports bras come with these little bags so you can just put the sports drawn here to throw it in the laundry nothing will get messed up with your bra. It'll stay intact I know some crazy things. Sometimes can happen in the laundry or if you're just traveling you could throw it in here easy to grab. So this is a cute little bag that comes with it next up we are gonna try some every day. But also sexy bras you know sometimes people wear sexy bras we and every day and sometimes sexy drawers are just a special occasion. So let me show you the sexy bras that I have in store. So first I had to get a classic white bra. I personally think I look a bomb in white so of course, I had to pick a white one because you know just makes your girl look good. I love the white bra because first of all let's talk about the little detail in the front this little like rhinestone situation with the bow. How cute is that this is like this would be even perfect for like a wedding bra-like. If you wanted to wear this on your honeymoon type of situation or if you just wanted to wear this under a blouse. It's really nice because it's kind of modest for a sexy bra it has this white here. So you're not exposing yourself through. But it still has the sexy lace on the sides which that is just.

If it's amazing I'm a big fan of the lace bras you guys are gonna be able to tell from here on out also it has the thick clasp right here or nut clasp. But it has the thick adjustable strap and then the clasp right here is thick and then it has the really good brackets right here. It has three and three usually bras have two and two. So that is really nice again more support the underwire here is lined with like a nice little padding. So you know you're not gonna scratch yourself cut yourself you know some underwires can be .So painful especially when it's like. So close I'm like poking up in you but you're definitely not getting that with this bra overall an amazing classic little white bra and yeah you can wear this on your honeymoon and just wedding sexy it up this bra. I got in a size 38 double D I am usually like a 38 double D sometimes. I go up o own with this bra is perfect to fit. So I stuck with 38 double D next up you guys is probably like one of my favorite bras from this entire collection it is this blue Lacey situation and like how freaking beautiful is this blue. It's incredible like it's I am obsessed with this bra you guys I just because of the color the style it's super nice. It's a little see-through but you still have the flower print here to try to conceal and fool a little bit. But it's super breathable you have the band under here giving that support but the trick is the bra opens from the front how sexy is that you guys to just like like that are so sexy I.

I love this bra this is I don't want to say it's my favorite. Because I have a couple favorites coming up next but I just love the color. I love how bold it is and I just love how sexy it is in this bra I got it in a 38 double D I really wanted it to be snug and fit so a 38 double D we go the next two bras I'm showing you guys are classic sexy black bras. It is so hard as a plus-sized woman to find a sexy black bra you can find basic black bras anywhere but your target your Macy's they're not gonna have that really edgy sexy black bra that you're looking for and that's why. I'm so happy to glamorize filled that gap so let me show you I have this amazing lacy black a see-through bra I'll show you guys it is very sheer. So you can just wear this for a sexy time or you guys. I would probably honestly wear this with a black see-through like mesh top and then the underneath it if I was going out with like in like West Hollywood or just like for a good time this bra is so sexy. It gives you full coverage all-around your cups. So it's really holding you in there the bra is really thick so you're getting evenness on both sides again you have the three clasp back here. So it's holding you all in place you have the wire for support but it has been I want to say when I was like 17 I had this amazing black sexy bra. I wore it destroyed it out for like two years and so it's been about five years since.

 I've had abroad just like that where I was like oh my god that's the one this is definitely the one I I love it for this bra I went with the size 38 and double D last. But not least we have another classic black bra now this bra is another fun one it does open up from the front like the blue one does I love that it has the black lace here but this one isn't it's still sexy. But it's not as sexy it's a little bit more like modest sexy we have the black down here. So it is concealing and not revealing but we still have the really beautiful lace at the top. So you can still get that a sexy effect in there and then the bra strap on this one is really thick the other ones are also really nice and thick and supportive. But this one has like a cushion on it that really is gonna make sure it is comfortable on your shoulder and sitting there and holding. It really right then on the back it's really stretchy. So you could go up a size or even down a size with this one. It's more like a preference for this one.

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