Hey friends I'm kaiser. If you're new here and if you're not thank you. So much for coming back and watching another post I really appreciate it today. I'm going to be talking about the four most popular misconceptions about acne that I see go around every day and I feel like. I need to come online and debunk them and then you. Guys know why these are not facts but they're actually myths. So if you're interested continue watching alright guys. So the first misconception about acne is drinking water will clear. The acne I'm here to let you guys know that is false and the reason. Why that's false is because first of all let's. Just go to the basics here if water really was all cure and almighty powerful one doctors estheticians dermatologists will all tell everyone make. Sure you drink two liters a day every day and your acne will be gone in this and that amount of time.

. But they don't do that they give you antibiotics or they give you Accutane. They give you retinol or they give you topical creams. They do this because water alone cannot clear your acne and the reason. Why is because a lot of people actually have hormonal acne a lot of people have acne due to their genetics. So these two things cannot be killed by. Just simply drinking water it's something that's in your DNA. It's something that's in your blood. It's something that's inside it's literally permanent you can learn how to manage. If you can learn how to control it. But that doesn't mean what is going to clear it. So what I'm saying is just because water benefits your skin. It doesn't mean it clears your skin but rather people say drinking a lot of water can benefit. Your skin health etc instead of people trying to say what I can clear your skin. Because that's not true now that's not me saying that don't drink two layers of water a day because yeah. It doesn't clear your skin so you shouldn't drink at all no you still need to make sure. You're hydrated you still need to make sure, you're doing you know living a healthy lifestyle. But what I'm trying to let you guys. Know here today is a healthy lifestyle and drinking two layers of water doesn't instantly. It doesn't equal clear skin also guys that don't mean there aren't going to be people that have acne or breakouts etc. Because they have bad diets though of course. There's always going to be people that have breakouts and stuff due to their really bad day but the vast majority of people have it due to their genetics or due to their hormones. 

So if that is you if you are having a healthy diet drinking enough water and you still see that your acne is not going please make sure you go and see a doctor dermatologist or aesthetician or maybe all three in one. Okay, because they will be able to actually help you and give you actual medication that you need because acne is a skin condition. So they will actually be able to help you diagnose you and actually let you know what you need to do to manage it. Make sense yeah I hope that makes sen number two is people assuming that, if you have acne it means you're dirty unclean etc. Now, this actually ties into the first one of drinking water. Because a lot of people always assume that when you have acne your diet is terrible your water intake is terrible. How you look after yourself is terrible etc that is not true most people. I know that have actually are not out her like rubbing dirt all over their face putting grease and leaving. It all over their face they're very clean people clean themselves they clean their face they are they don't touch their face they drink enough water they have a healthy die ut that doesn't mean. They're dirty it's a skin condition they can't help it. They can just try to control it and manage it. But that is a very hard thing to do. So please I want us moving forward to actually remove the word dirty and acne from the same sentence. I don't want to hear it no more I never want to hear anyone say that just. Because you have acne you're dirty no. It's just another condition it's a very difficult one. Because it's one of the ones that are really in your face and very visible.

 So I know a lot of people have a lot to say about it. Because you know everyone associates clear skin with great health etc. I'm going, to be honest with you guys a lot of people that actually have genetically clear skin have terrible diets. But they just never will go through that breakout. Because of how their skin plays how their genetic plays with them it. Just won't happen search. It's facts another thing I keep seeing is when people say you can clear acne in a week or you can clear acne in a couple days. You can clear acne to listen no I hate. When I see youtube videos that have those type of titles because think. It's so misleading and it's just really damaging. When I'm saying that is because it gives. So many people such false hope. Because your acne can't clear up like that first of all you need to find out. Why your acne is happening or why you're breaking out or what's happening and that itself takes quite some time. It doesn't just happen in a day you're going to be like oh this is what's causing it. Because sometimes you actually. Just don't know unless you're lucky and you know that. Oh, I tried a new meal the other day. They just didn't agree with me. So maybe I've got a breakout. So at least that way you know that's that was your cause of you're breaking down. So that way if you just don't eat again and after a couple weeks. It will clear up anyway. But most people actually don't try anything new. They're sticking to the same diets. They're sticking to the same routine and they. Just wake up one day and you know the skins. Just doing left right center those types of people actually need to go and actually find out what. It is so they I need to go and get. Some blood tests one which is actually the easiest way. So that way you can know what's going on you need to find out if.

 It's hormonal you need to find out. If it's genetics and you need to find out all of these types of things. These types of things allow you to have a much clearer understanding of how to manage your acne and I'm saying manage your acne. Because you can't technically get rid of it once. It's there it's basically there forever you can manage it. But you can't cure it does that make sense it. Just doesn't vanish now I know how to manage it. So I know like if it does come do this with my routine or use these types of products to make it calm down etc. Everyone's skin is different so m skincare routine that I may put up may not work for you at all. It may actually make your situation much worse and that's. Why I always say please if anything. If these types of things happen to you please go straight to your doctor you go. Your dermatologist whoever you have available you may be going on youtube to search up these things. The get clear skin quick type of schemes them the type of post can actually do more harm to your skin than good a skincare routine that. I do may not work for you I just want you guys to understand that what works for me may not work for you. So please always make sure you get professional help or professional advice in regards t your skin. If you're going through what was going through and that way. You're able to actually have a more understanding of and actually start getting more tailored help and stuff like that. The last point is connecting to the point.

 I just made it before is you can clear acne permanently. I spoke about a little bit in point number three. But clearing acne permanently is just not possible. It could be due to your hormones or genetics. Which just aren' exchangeable unless somebody lets me. Know how they can manage that but most of these things need to actually be controlled by taking oral medication antibiotics medical type of cream and stuff like that. So most of these things actually need to be managed. Once you find out that you ha acne or whatever honestly guys are going to be with you forever. You just need to know what you need to do in your skincare routine or your lifestyle etc .So that way you can prevent further breakouts or flare-ups. So we are guys so with my skincare routine. I want to show you guys how I managed my breakout and how I could the majority of my dark spots. I still have some and yeah just basically what I'm doing to basically. Just manage it.

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