Rosegal is showing out plus size Spring swimsuit haul 8 under

I'm getting hot live it I live it hard get it the digits. I pull away the lemon welcome back to my channel. Angela here ok so today's video is sponsored by a company by the name of rolls gown. So rose gal is basically an online store. They have many different things from home decor clothing for women. I do think they even carry clothing for guys swimwear pretty much everything. So basically the swimwear is what I'm bringing you today. Let's get right into it guys no time to waste. So with the swimwear. I really did not do what I was supposed to do as far as looking at like sizing and measurements and you know things of that nature. I just kind of like winging it. Which I always do which gives me in trouble a lot of times. But everything pretty much worked out give or take.

 Some things were a little bit too small. But as you guys know I am always able to pull a bit off so. So the first thing that. I got and this was the highest look suit that I got. It's gonna a size XL and it's a striking swimsuit this is the top and it has like you can see the little string in the middle or whatever it did come with these little cups inside. But they really did not fit my chest well. So I took them out and it worked out a little bit better without them and this one suit was around $15. I do believe like I said it was the highest one. I just really liked this orange color with the stripes. It has different color oranges in it and black and white and the bottoms are kind of like high-rise and re-lined and let me see yeah they are lined. It doesn't go up as high as I normally wearing my high waist bottoms. But still fit really cute to me. It was a little bit snug it again that's my fault I got a exhale. I don't know if they had this in a 2x but it still turned out to be one of my favorite slices. I really like the off the shoulder. Where you can pull it off your shoulder or the little ruffly look on the top is not lined. So that was the first so next, I have this really cute burgundy one yard and this was really cute suit like. 

I said it's not too many things that I was not loving in this haul.If I can figure out how to get the swimsuits together to show you guys but anyway okay. So that's his little tie-dye looking burgundy swimsuit. One piece of course and it has the ruffle around the top area see the ruffle and the strings basically tie u around your neck and the back is completely out. This is another line swimsuit I'm not sure how much. I paid for this one all of the swimsuits were under $15.I'm thinking this one was around ten to twelve dollars. But let me show you the back the back is out pretty sure you're looking at the actual video of me in it. Now and this one was a size X as well they call it dark red and kill. So I will link everything in the description so you guys can go and you know. If you want to purchase any of these items they will be listed. So that you can do so I thought this was real and it's a one-piece. Now some things I do have to cover my behind because I am more of a full-coverage type of girl. I don't like my cheeks hanging out on the sides of my swimsuit. So if I try it on and it does not cover my complete. But I don't want everybody all up in it. So I'll cover it up a little bit most things. I do wear cover-ups with or like skirts y'all know I'll take like an infinity scarf or something and I will put that boil as a cover-up. So like a skirt or whatever because I just feel like showing your booty cheeks is a problem and of course this is YouTube. I would like my video to be monetized you know what. I'm saying so moving on to the third.So with the third one, I thought it was a really cute vibrant color and it's so bright. I got a hold it back yeah but it's like green black and white has like boxes in it it's so bright. It won't let me show you guys okay okay but this is a really cute swimsuit it was like. But I tell you this swimsuit was tight I thought that my 10 or 13 years old will be able to get up in it and then. They wear like small holes in mediums and you don't be able to wear it. But I was able to make it work it does have cups on the inside. I could not see it at all I mean not hear it and it smashed everything chest blood every day everything was managed down. But it's still really a real cute swimsuit this is a size XL. I believe also this one suit is lined in the front and the back is not lined all together basically. You know overall I thought it was still a really cute swimsuit away.

 It's just a little bit of tight like it's a little tight .So that was my third swimsuit moving on to my fourth and it's maybe the most basic one. But it fit the comfiest to me like and it's just a stripe will no this is just. It's not strange it's a polka dot swimsuit with flowers if you have a little cups on the inside and I left them in because they worked out fine for me this rim pretty large. It's the size and ill see cute little flowers on it and I like a little bottom. I didn't have to cover my butt because it likes pretty well in it like this is the panty see how the little flowers or what happened. I like a little overlay like a little ruffle one all the way around real cute. I think this was like the cheapest one. I think this one was like maybe six dollars something like that at the most. Just a really basic cute swimsuit like it's not too out there's not showing too much anything just cute. So let me see that was one two three four number five and this one was I believe the only 2x that I got it and it's too small. So our X ELLs are fitting or kind of be and the only 2x I got is sort of small. But I'm just gonna show you and the lighting will not let me be great as usual. Okay but it's blue and white is clouds like on the paintings and it has like as you can see it laces up down the sides both sides lace up down the sides and it is a line. I'm letting you know if it's a line because I know. Sometimes where you get things from overseas or try the base website some things. Some swimwear is not lined so everything pretty much that I got most of the Bibles. Were lying they were not lying and we're linked in the front but anyway this is a sine X elk lie clouds. Everywhere this is the top the cups did not fit my boobies it was like. I had spillage of course top and bottom sat whatever it's pretty small as you can see. I think if you are anything bigger than a high B low C cup this might not work for you. So it's really really hard as a hard cold type of bra or whatever it did have like. Where you're sat in the back and you tie it around your neck the streams. So you can wear it like that or you can actually take these strings off you can remove the strings and just wear the problem overall. I thought this was so cute and I really really wish it was just a little bit bigger and I do not think. It came any bigger than this 2x which would be perfect if it was a three. I guess but I'm glad it wasn't an XL because. I wouldn't eat that hand I would have been able to get in a period. So that that so that's one two three four five. But here is one make sure I'm counting right 1 2 3 4 5 this is suit 7. So I got eight items for them, okay Rose girl trying to get me together right here but anyway these are the cups that. I do believe came out of this swimsuit somewhere somehow not.

 So sure whatever but anyway this is the swim top and it came in a variety of colors. It's starting to look like it's like pink but this is like a hot pink color top with the black and white stripes all around it and the back is just like super strategist' wraps now this fit very well. It was super comfy super soft the chest part still has a lining even though. I took the cups out and as for the panties these are those and they feel pretty well again they are hot pink and not light pink. They look really really light. Because I am super close to my lighting but as you can see the black and white stripes going all the way around excuse me as you can see the lace-up detail along the side. It still it's really really cute so this was like the second most comfy swimsuit that. I got size X L and I do believe this one was 10 to 12 dollars they all were super affordable. So don't sleep on the road again so last but not least and it was a cute swimsuit. It reminds me of a swimsuit that I got from Walmart years ago. But it was just a little bit too small for me to let me see. It's a size XL and basically the bottom and its bright bright yellow yah. So we're having a hard time seeing it refer to the picture other side but it's bright yellow and the bottom attached to the top and ou just tie. If you tie it around your neck you tie it around your back there are little ties along with the panty on both sides it's cut really really low and it shows more stomach than I like. I got some good I don't want stretch marks and all that could be showing on my stomach so that's kind of wild like highways things but a little bit of it shows. I really don't care does not really bother me much. But this just shoulder looks much good .So I mean this wasn't my favorite as far as how it fit me but it was a really cute swimsuit. So basically I turned it into a one-piece you put it together like that but it was overall cute. It did not cover my bum fully. So if you have kind of like a big behind or you wanted them thick eas with the extra K you might want to think about it. If you you don't man your booty cheeks hanging out is fine but if you mind. I don't know about this for you and basically. I just put it or with a cover-up that I got through them as well, this is the only cover-up. I got which I thought was really really cute and it's just like a floral this is not laced this is like a cotton blend material I just like flowers and it's white of course. So it washes out but it's just a swimsuit cover-up with some cute little strings could see the little tassels or whatever on the strings and it's long enough. Just to cover my behind but it did the trick for that swimsuit since that's like not my favorite on me or whatever and I do believe this was like nine dollars.

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