SHEIN Plus Sized Swimwear Haul

I have something great for you to hold on to. I'm back with her in hold today and it's gonna be in swimwear. I've already opened like three of them. I've got another three I haven't opened. So I've got six swimsuits to try here today. So um before we start I'm trying to do this thing. Where I don't really edit that much. I'm not gonna be editing how anything really in this post apart from. When I'm going home swimsuits cuz you can beg. I know you beg began you see my titties no sir.

. So as I said I have I have six swimsuits to dry for you today. I'll put the sizes and the prices and everything down below and I'll link it. If i can i know there's one that i tried to find the link for and it's not on the site anymore one or two. So i guess they're not selling anymore. I got this order about two weeks ago .So yeah we're gonna get into the swimsuits and i got them all in the highest size at the same time. I think some of them are 3x some of them 4x and so yeah. We're gonna find out. So I'm gonna put I don't put some on. Now so yeah be right back this is gonna be really rich. When I get into a doughnut figure out how this works. Oh, I get it, okay this is the first one. I'm sorry but who told me to look this cute. Who did it I'll give you a proper look damn this looks good like this? I'll show you back back Ross get into it. I'm really impressed with this no no don't. Who is she there's a little tile from boots for sure it would be cool . It's like the printer on the other side. But I mean mad let me just rearrange. Who's that girl named Amanda mmmm Mahna Mahna it's me. So this is like a it's a one-piece. But it looks like a bikini because it's caught out here.

 I love this I love this we're going in the hot tub today. So hair up kini Hong let's do it this is very comfortable very comfortable the my boobs are kind of coming out here . They're kind of coming up here. But I'm impressed because the swimsuit. I usually go for they just they just don't have my size. It's they're still quite big for this but it makes it works it works. So it's this gorgeous cherry print I love me. This is so flattering she and honey. I'm impressed look at this you've got a little bit of super coming out here. But oh man don't mean there's nothing wrong with it own it embrace it. Oh, my god I'm with my best fat girl summer. Okay we'll try on the next one me let's try this. Oh, look at these pants look at them that's what. I like that's what I like cuz go . How about a big belly no. So this and ties at the front okay that's good. We're gonna make it wor a range yes another slam-dunk this is a bit like  bit more spillage. But I gotta be chest if I make do with why.

 He gets the cup here is a bit it's a bit lumpy. So I'm gonna try and straighten you have a look in the mirror here. Yes yes, these pumps super high-waisted. I'll show you the back yeah I'm into it. I love it you can pull this string here tight as you want I'm gonna. I'm gonna redo it I'm gonna redo. It this here-string in this little bit of the bomb here. You can move this along to suit you. I'm gonna pull this tight real tight. Yes, I feel like a bad in this the girls behind him low. But that's fin saggy boobs nah shout out to the slow flower for helping me, love. My side boobs so it's this gorgeous some red print. I don't know what kind of I don't know what the white print is here. But I'm living for it this is my color this is my color. I don't take some fire Instagram pictures and these loving myself. Okay, let's try the next one I tried this leopard print. I know this is like an all-in-one like a cozy. This I already love it I don't even get it on yet the cups are big. But this here is a bit okay I'll fill out well. So well I think there's someone outside that. Just saw me holds the ladies up. Okay, oh you have to have a woman that. We hate it didn't wait to come out at the bottom here. It's just a bit short You know it's a bit short yeah this needs t to be like up here. But then you go. I don't want to be spilling out you know no this. Just it's too long it's too short down here it needs to be light up here.

 I mean it's comfortable but except here. It's kind of currently a division and didn't come true is what it's fine what is that what do you see yeah. It's like a little blister on the web hmm. I sure what looks like at the back I mean this was the one. I was most excited about and I'm hmm. It's why I I can rock the two pieces just fine no harm no foul can't send this back though. Because I haven't taken off the little stick a bit, but I need to send it back cuz. I'm all up in this okay next one shall. W I'm excited okay let's get into it she in with the high waist come on Nicholas, he is ridiculous. I don't think I'm gonna fit in this let me see anything. Oh, you know what I don't pay it. There's a bit more on a show like have a little yeah that just barely covering it. I've learned to love it. But the world they ain't ready I should see him spilling out here a little bit. If I do that then I'm no I still love it definitely what you think leopard print is my thing like red is my color leopard print is my pattern fits my little bit fine. But my big kind of hanging out and nothing wrong with that there are. Someone you're gonna let it all hang out anyway what about taking. So long to like get into swim wha-what happened to hide me. Okay, I love it what else is that to say a few things are gonna change. But then again I don't think I would change them.

I can't I can't stop living my memories here I can't stop . Okay, girl okay we have two swimsuits left. So I'm gonna get into them Oh do you see that not very big happen happy. Okay, I'm coming out here and I'm coming up here um I heard. Some breaking somethings riveting um. I don't hate it bomb just coming out here there and everywhere. You know my nips to say it's fine. I love the bombs and I love the pattern the pattern is amazing. It's beautiful I want to keep the bombs and probably wear. Something else with the top if I have something planned yeah. I'm coming up here they're gonna arrest me . You do you see this I mean damn see cuz. I really love this but like big boobs could never ever get into this and let's see. If I can tuck myself in another spill another front okay. Okay, so they're spilling out the front but I don't hate it the picture purposes. It's gonna look good what can I say it's gonna look at concerned though because of the other bikini. I have to try on it's exactly like this. But on a different premise in like a tropical print the bottoms. I'm really happy with very I merely hide everything very. I mean this is the print I love the most. But then again it's the most disappointing boo twice. I think I wrote this in three or was it 4 X 3 X is my size.

But if I got this in the 4 X and there's a problem let's try the other one. Okay, yeah the bombs slam-dunk they're roomy .They're really high waisted soup. I'll erase it but the top like. I'm coming out here the nips are covered. But I can't wear this looks like yeah the first one that. I tried on the cherry print right second one grade 1-grade fourth one this one stick. One of the tops fit it be great to let me see. If I can make it work this was hidden under. I mean it's not terrible it's not really that bad. But I'm spilling out but like. If I'd want to do a Baywatch down the beach everyone in the vicinity. They're gonna be knocked them out and we get my jammies again. We'll wrap up my final thoughts okay all in all I am impressed. I am and the swimsuits were very cost-friendly budget front budget-friendly. They were very budget-friendly. But I mean the first three were the great second set of three not. So great which is fine I've heard that Sheehan can be hit or miss and I guess. I have half and a half I'll put all the prices down below. I'm sorry guys literally switching my tits off. I think I'm gonna wear number one or number two No number one or number three. I'm gonna wear it in the hot tub today.

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