Today I'm going to show you one of my many skincare routines this one focuses a lot on hydrating because anti-aging has become a top priority for this 23-year-old and I'm also worrying about fading acne marks and evening skin tones. So that I can feel more comfortable wearing no foundation. I'm going to start with cleansing this is a method I've been doing for a long time. Now it's called dry cleansing or at least I call it that instead of rinsing your face before you apply your cleanser. What I do is I put the cleanser directly onto my skin.

 This is kind of weird but I think it's really good because when we put water on the face before you use the cleanser. You're putting the kind of a barrier there and I like to use the cleanser to its full potential by putting it directly on my skin. So once I've massaged it into my skin to the point. Where I've gotten everything including my face and neck the cleanser will literally disappear into the skin and it becomes a little bit sticky or tacky.

Now I'm going to dip my hands into the water and reactivate the cleanser by massaging my face once more before I do a final rinse the next step is exfoliating. Which is very important if you want to maintain a glowing complexion. I prefer and I recommend a powder exfoliator these are gentle for like weekly use maybe three times a week you can put this in your hand and lather it up with a little bit of water. When I'm using my products I always tend to focus on the areas that get neglected throughout the week. So I'm looking more towards the jawline and the hairline in this exfoliation process.

 Because it's really easy to exfoliate the areas that you can see but when you think about it how often do you really take care of the jaw and the neck on a regular basis at least. I neglect these areas so I'm going to lather up my face and really exfoliate. Everywhere make sure that you're really gentle with your skin that's something I've changed a lot even when I dry my skin. I just Pat it very very gently and this will help maintain an even complexion and just make you feel good about yourself.

 Next, the step is I have this really cute little steamer it sits on top of a table and it puts steam in your face. This is something I got from Amazon. It's one of those really satisfying purchases because now I can get myself a spa facial at home and it was very inexpensive. What's really good about applying steam to your skin other than just feeling really good about the situation. I mean this just feels like I'm at a spa. Which I really like but it's actually good for your skin it helps improve the tone of your skin by exercising the pores basically by putting the steam you kind of feel a little tingle, not like a peppermint tingle but like a satisfying opening and closing tingle and that's exactly what it's doing the pore is open and closed.

 Which will increase blood circulation and like I said improve the tone of your skin if you would like to do extractions you can at this point this is great to do right after you've steamed your face and since I wear fake nails. I'm gonna put gloves on because there's lots of bacteria underneath natural nails and especially fake nails. I don't know why everyone suggests snot pop your pimples or do anything about them like for me. If I leave it my skin gets worse so I prefer to do extractions myself but I prefer to make sure that my skin and my hands are very clean. Before I do it so that I don't end up breaking out as a result I go around my nose.

 Because that's where I get the most congestion I wouldn't say. I accurately get blackheads because they're not little blackheads at the tip but there is kind of like raised texture and that doesn't look good. Especially over makeup so this is what I'm going to do on the areas. That I really feel need it what's nice about the steamer is you can just kind of lean into it to reopen up the pores and you can finish up your extractions. This way they used to spend a really long time picking at my face it would be really hard to stop once they started. So now I'll just extract the ones that I know are gonna be really easy to get out and I stopped once I feel like I've taken maybe five or six minutes at this. Because if you go any further your skin will get way too red and it won't go down for a long time my next step is to soothe the skin with a little bit of toner or floral water before moving on to the mask.

 A mask is really important whether you make your own or you buy one I'm personally using one. That I got it as a gift over the holidays and I'm trying out new masks all the time for me. It's not about the products that you use it's important but what's more important is that their natural ingredients in the products you're using and how you're using the products that you have whether I spend a lot of money on like my skincare or I spend a little bit of money. I always notice that using the right technique and being thorough with your applications through with your cleansing. This is what's really gonna improve your skin not you know spending a little bit more or a little bit less on a product.

 I'll always find some way to take care of my lips with a scrub or a mask. Today all I'm gonna do is a little bit of hydration using this fun little lip mask. I sometimes buy things from Sephora that I have never tried before and that seems obvious but I didn't used to do that I would stick to products. That I loved and I wouldn't try anything new but these days. I've been just kind of picking up different vegan cruelty-free skincare items this one I wouldn't call plumping but it was good for hydrating. So I'll sit there with my mask and my lips and I'll peel it off and rinse off the mask. Once I feel like it's done one thing I heard about people in Korea who have like the most amazing skin is that they keep their toner in their shower and right after the cleanse.

They tone their skin within three seconds it's like a three-second rule and that's to balance the pH of the skin. So I haven't actually done this within three seconds but I always make sure and I keep in mind that toning the skin rate after you've washed it is really really important in my skincare routines and I have many I like to focus on different things. That applies to my skin of course which is fading acne scarring anti-aging which has been probably moved to the top of the list as well as an evening out tone. So that I feel comfortable wearing no foundation with all of these things in mind. I like to focus on hydration which is very important. So I've applied a gel before I can go in with my next product which is a heavier moisturizer although.

This is an oil it's actually not that heavy when I think about it it's a lighter moisturizer compared to some and it's beautiful to look at so I'll put this onto my skin and I'm not trying to be like one of those Instagram hack people. Who drops everything on their face I seriously do this because I don't want to waste the product and when I put it on my fingers first I tend to use a little bit more. So I'm putting it directly onto my skin and then I'll massage it in and use a tapping motion. Which improves skin tone which of course is a big focus for me. I really want to stress that I use different products these products are not like my Holy Grail well this one actually is really good.

 I'm always contradicting myself here but seriously it's not about using the exact products. That I use I highly recommend trying my techniques versus my products because there are a million and one skincare products a lot of them have beautiful natural ingredients and they will be just as effective as each other depending on what your skincare needs are that being said there are favorites. That I have and I will list below my favorite and best-recommended products for different skincare issues.

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