Soft Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello, welcome back to my youtube channel the first thing. I always do is primarily son use the Mac soft ochre Paint Pot and today. I'm going to use shadow shields to prevent any fallout from my eye shadow today. So for my eye shadows, I will be using the Natasha and I'm a 28 eyes shadow palette and I'm going to start with this light pinky cool shade and I'm going to use. This underneath the brow bones it's not a 100% ly matte shade. It has a very slight sheen to it and I'm going to use this soft brown shade. It's like a more of a cool tone Brown kind of shade.

 I wanted to keep this eye look more on the cool side instead of very warm. I shadow look since I always use those very warm orangey-brown shades. I wanted to do something totally different today and yes. I kept it really simple. So I'll blend this all over in my crease and I'm going in with this cool shimmery shade. Which is really nice to use for the inner corner. But I'm going to use this to press it at the beginning part of my eyelids using a mac 242 brush and. If you want more intensity you can make your brush wet and it will get more of a metallic finish. I'm going in with this gorgeous color. Which kind of reminds me of a pearl it's very pretty yeah this basically has a pearl reflects. So I'm going to press this in the middle part of my eyelids and I did make my brush way to get more intensity. Now I'm going to use this bronzer shade. Which is also more on the cool side and I'm going to press this in the outer V using that same mac 242 brush. I used this brush for applying all the shades on the eyelid. I feel like whenever I apply eyeshadows on the eyelid and I want to sort of ombre effect I always use the same brush. So the shades blend into each other and I'm using this flat blending brush by Sigma Beauty and I are going to blend this around the edges. So now on top of this, I'm going in with this sparkle eyeshadow by Bobbi Brown. 

I'm just going to use my finger to apply this right on top of the shades in the middle part we'll give it more of a shimmer effect and more glitter. I really like to use this on top of all my eyeshadows. So removed my shadow shield and now it'd time for eyeliner. I did this off-camera by use T Sigma Beauty wicked gel eyeliner and I'm going to use the Mac Pro Longwear concealer to clean up the edges. I have a separate video where I go more in-depth on how I create my cat wing I will link. It down in the description bar in case you're curious. But I always use the Mac Pro Longwear concealer to make the winged look very sharp and clean. So now I'm going back in with a dark brown bronzy kind of shade. I'm going to apply this underneath the eyes using a flat definer brush b Sigma and I'm going to press this right underneath a lower lash line. I'm not going all the way to the inner corner. I stopped at the middle part and I'm going back in with pretty pearl shade. I'm going to blend this in the middle part and also towards my inner corner. I'm using a very tiny blending brush. Which is by morphe brushes and now I'm going in with the shade. Which I used at the inner part of my eyelids and I'm going to pop it in the inner corner and again. You can make your brush wet. If you want more of intent if you want more intensity for any one line. I'm going to use the Mac fascinating.

 I pencil. Whenever I do a very neutral look I always pop a white eye pencil in the waterline for mascara. I use the mac gig black extended play lash mascara my favorite for the bottom lashes. I know I'm going in with lashes so I'm not really worried about my upper lashes. But they are very short anyway so this is the finished result wearing only mascara but of course. I'm going in with some lashes and I use these styles impishly for my own lash company. It should have a special discount code in the description bar and this is a very natural style. I feel like it's now more in balance. Because my bottom lashes are way longer than my upper lashes. So I didn't film a full face video today but if you want to know what a liquid lipstick. I was wearing today not today but when I filmed this look this is the one is by the la spell. We'll also link the name description bar together with a link where you can get them and yes this is already the end of the post.

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