Straight to Curly Hair tutorial NO HEAT

Everyone today gonna is answering one of your most commonly asked questions. How can I get my hair to look naturally curly? If I have straight hair. So I'm gonna be showing you this heatless straight to a curly hairstyle. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'm gonna be doing the straw curling method. Which isn't a very short in time to do you use a lot of straws and it takes a lot of time. But it's totally worth it. I love this hairstyle and I hope you guys do too. Okay, let's get started for this tutorial. You're just gonna need a couple of things. Some bobby pins or some little tiny hair elastics a spray bottle full of water and some straws. The next step is really simple.

Just make sure your hair is smooth and tangle-free. So take a brush and work through any tangles that you might have. Okay, so let me show you how this is done. I'm gonna take a small section of hair and pull it from the front of my face and get it wet using that spray bottle. I mentioned earlier .I'm gonna spray a couple of times until the hairs damp then take the hair and wrap. It around the base of the straw until. You get to the very ends and fold the straw over and secure it with either a bobby pin or a hair elastic. Just a little tip.If you want to preserve it. Some of the lengths of your hair make sure that you leave about an inch. I'm gonna speed this part up for you and show you. How to finish my full head. Okay, there must be over a hundred stars in my hair.

 I got all of it done and I'm gonna sleep on it. So that it really really sets. I want this to be worth it so I'll see you guys in twelve hours after I have a nice rest she all right it's the next morning I had a great rest with the bobby pins in. Which I was very surprised about but if you think you can't sleep go and bobby pins and definitely go with the elastics. I'm gonna take out the hair one by one and then reveal the style. I have underneath, so when I first tried this I thought that I was gonna be able to. Just wear the hair out of the straws and have it looked awesome. But I'm realizing that this doesn't really suit me. This is the final result when you don't do anything. I took out all of the straws and I'm left with this. But I want to pull apart the curls to get a more relaxed look and I realized really quickly that. When I pull apart the curls without being very delicate they get really really frizzy. I'm actually really starting to like that.

 So I started finger combing out the curls and some of them. I'm being very careful with keeping the defined look and then some of them. I'm making really frizzy by just pulling my hair apart really really rough and this is going to give me. A whole full head of hair. I love the way that this looks and again. I'm selectively choosing which ones to pull and which ones to be really gentle with. So that is my naturally curly hair tutorial for girls with straight hair. This is very easy to do and even. If you have curly hair you should probably try this. Because it's a whole different vibe. I mean I am naturally curly hair, but not like this shout out to girls. Who has hair like this naturally? It is so stunning and I love it. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial please give it a thumbs up a help yours. I maintain good content karma keep enjoying my post.

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