Surprise Facetiming my IG followers

Hi, guys today I'm gonna be doing a post.  Where I'm gonna be face timing my followers yesterday. I actually put up a story on my main page and my backup page that asks you that. If you wanted me to FaceTime you to send me your phone number and send me a reason. Why I should FaceTime you today is the day and I'm gonna go through the submissions. We're gonna get to know a few of my followers. Okay, I'm gonna start from the bottom. Okay, so this guy said I think we should face time cuz. I just got a haircut you know what I love a good haircut this is a Mexico number. You're missing a number no. I'm missing a number my bad one more time no answer.

Oh my goodness first one to the answer you know what I'm scared a lot of people aren't gonna answer. Because a lot of people are at work right now. Oh call me cuz I'm boss but I don't have face time. Then why how can I face time you if you don't have face time. Oh my goodness this guy he looks like a little. I think he's like 5 oh he's a little kid. I really wanted to FaceTime you but you're with you're probably underage and I'm not trying to do that. I think we should chill because I've been following your IG and your YouTube but your fire yeah. We're gonna call this guy he declined my FaceTime call. Wow, he must be with his girlfriend or something you should call me. Because I'm looking for a hottie on my first music video ever. How can I help with that am I gonna help with recruitment. Because I'm not about to be in your music with you. I'm gonna message this guy he said he wants me to call him. Because he's completely enamored by me.

 He's probably lying that means he saw my pictures and he thinks. I'm hot he's definitely not enamored by me okay here goes y'all this is gonna be a sad video if I can't get anybody hi how are you you're smiling. So big nothing you know just face timing you're my first FaceTime of the day yeah yeah. I've called three other people and I guess people are at work oh you got air pods in you got money. Where you are Virginia that's where Chris Brown is from did you know that oh oh so you knew that okay I saw your pictures that I thought maybe you were in Atlanta for some reason. Because the background looked very outlandish um. How'd you like that how to do you like Atlanta no. Why well you know I don't really live in Atlanta I look like an hour north of Atlanta. So I'm not gonna be too upset about that statement but maybe you just didn't go out what you doing maybe it was just lame. Because you didn't do anything fun we can't help that we can't help bad that's just nature doing its course no. I'm sure if I went to your city I could find me a dead bird oh oh I'm a there's a lot of that in New York. I've never been to New York have you ate today is that what have you ate what do you get from Olive Garden. I don't like sure I usually get chicken out for you I was gonna say maybe you were soul mates but I guess not.

 Because I don't hate food would you say hi to it was a girl or a boy thank you you're. So cute yeah I saw you um your little reasoning said because you were enamored by me that was a lot. So I was like let me call him to see what's up you know I'm glad my charm you know is working on you it's a competition with me. I'm pretty charming I would say. So myself that's rude Yanis you're not allowed to ask a woman how old she is how much. She weighs the only two rude questions you could ask me and you ask me one of them all right how old are you and then I'm gonna tell you how old. I go ahead okay I'm 25 I turned 26 next month in September. I'm getting old I'm getting up there but that's okay you know I don't mind age you know most people are upset about it. I don't really mind it it's okay you have any kids you're lying you're not red then you're not over again you're so full of it there's no way you're not yours.

 Why are you holding like you don't want to or it's just not it has to happen you'll play the way that's crazy to hear like nowadays you better than me all right Frank what I 'ma let you continue your day? I' ma let you go you have a good day to eat. Some Mexican food later in honor of me and we'll chat later okay you can't box me ask me for my number shirt man this guy said. Because beauty like yours is unique you're beyond looks. He's Colombian and you know I love Colombian. So we're gonna give him a call dad what are you doing yeah it's me in the flesh how are you I'm good oh really. Oh, so you've been with me from like the beginning. Okay good are you uh are you asking what are you doing here just chilling. Oh yeah, what time is it where you're at are you at Columbia in New York cuz. I saw your profile and it has a little okay what part of New York are you in okay I'm no good in big cities you know um. Well, I'm Mexican obviously I live oh can you hear me, okay okay um I live an hour north of Atlanta um. So it's a pretty small it's a small town compared to like a big city but there's still enough to like keep me being here. I don't live like you know with fields of cows and still a city. But just like whenever I go to a big city whenever I go up to Atlanta.

Whenever I go to Miami whenever I go to LA I get very much like so many people around it gives me one's anxiety there are so many people. There's so much car traffic is horrible it's just not ya know I would go to New York for like for a couple days. I would survive and I would probably enjoy it cuz I'm sure I've heard the food is popping in New York. So yeah I find a goober eats fast nine new breeds and uber facts you know that page on the internet have you seen where they said that if you ate at likin New York and you ate at a different place every day. It would take you like I don't even remember how many years to try everything. Because there's so much food over there oh really what part in Tijuana oh yeah I will one day obviously. I feel like New York just if you're like in the United States it's just one of those places that you need to go to just. Because it's New York did you just pop me did you just pause me okay all right. Okay look they're calling you again friend take the crowd all right you know my best friend. When I was in high school she's Colombian y'all food is popping food is Robin. I have never been to Colombia no yeah I'll definitely put it on my list you know and I bet their women are beautiful over there thank you you're. So cute I do I have your phone number I will definitely make sure. I do that's what I called you on yes go return your phone calls I don't want you to get in trouble have a nice day and we'll talk soon this office called him twice and he rejected and he was like nope next. Okay, I actually had one of my followers that has been following me for a really long time DM me and tell me he wanted me to call him and he sent me his number through DM. So let me find it I'm calling him for sure oh my god. I don't think he's gonna answer the day I really wanted to talk to him. So I'm sad he's not answering ahh FaceTime unavailable next he said. I traveled to an Atlanta United game to try and went into you and get a picture. He's lying obviously he went to the Atlanta United game to see Atlanta United play.

 But we'll give them a shot he said getting a call from you would make my day week month a year. So let's take let's weekend's day hi how are you good what are you doing oh are you. I think everybody's at work because nobody's answering me. Now I have to talk to a few people. But I don't like a lot of them that have colored their work I guess. So I reckon is your name it's okay it's okay. I know cuz when people keep their usernames consistent I then I'll remember them cuz. I know you follow me on Snapchat too I've talked to you a few times what are you doing word trouble nothing okay babe anything you wanna ask me. It's your shot right now do you want to ask me anything to keep it clean PD 13 at least oh yeah. We're close to cotinine that's a three-and-a-half-hour you write today do you speak Spanish alright. Well, I'm gonna let you go to lunch what are you gonna eat oh you're in the company you should go eat some tacos.

They have some bomb-a was in California I'm gonna keep that in mind. Whenever I go back okay all right we'll have a good day. I'll talk to you soon okay somebody was FaceTime back. Oh,  they send me twice Mac y'all everybody. I've called so far has been either at work or just got off work on this guy bro texted me and said. I'm so sorry I missed your call I'm driving could we schedule a call. Okay I'm gonna call him back towards the end of this post. This guy said I've been super sick and finally rounding that corner. Where I won't die lol okay I'll call you to see how you're feeling. I feel like everyone's getting sick oh maybe you're at home sick and then you'll answer are you gonna answer or are you gonna let me down good are you. Yeah saw I saw your message but you're not gonna die right yeah. Okay what's wrong why do you say you have a fever. I feel like everybody's sick right now it might be like the climate changing you know are you congested drink. Some chamomile tea dad oh well whiskey is good for um a sore throat. But if you don't have a sore throat you probably should be drinking whiskey right. So you didn't go to oh what's the land okay sound solid cuz I Airbnb everywhere I go nothing I just got back from the grocery store shooting videos and editing.

 It's like a whole like a tower thing. So that but yeah and then I'll just cook dinner tonight yeah sure good luck babe bye this gu said because you can have my kids no thank you oh the guy. Who's calling me back if the guys in that lanta united game okay let me call him back unavailable Dan and I tried I call you back. Okay, my cousin wanted me to call him his reason is Porticus almost familia. He's soy too fun first of all you're not my friend you better quit man I will call him cuz he's my cousin. He I know for sure for a fact he's at work he's in the army. So I don't know how his day-to-day goes I don't know how it is in the army John. I wish we could leave face time messages like voicemail messages but on FaceTime like a video that would be really cool Apple considers it he is most definitely not answer. I know he wasn't gonna answer if he if my cousin is gonna answer he is gonna answer like the first ring and say. Because I'm gonna take you to Popeyes and then new popeyes chicken sandwich black. So we're gonna go ahead and he obviously saw my youtube video. So we're gonna call him just because that I good. How are you Oleg you have great lighting your outside yeah? Where are you at like what state are you in I've always wanted to go to Chicago. Oh no oh really yeah I don't like the cold at all. So yeah I would definitely stay away from anything like northern at that time stay down there so you wrote to me and you wrote it in like three times. So ah I and I know you watch my youtube videos cuz you DN me.

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