Hey friends I'm kaiser. If you're new here and if you're not thank you. So much for coming back and watching another video all right friends let's get straight into today's one. So I'm back with another skincare video for you. Know what I feel like you guys kind of know. When there's a skincare one. Because I'm probably wearing a morning gown or a dressing gown. So yeah but in today's one, I'm going to be talking about four things. You are doing that's making your breakouts or acne worse. So if you're interested in that continue watching all right. So the first one will be your pillowcase, now a lot of people don't know this surprisingly. But your pillowcase plays a really major role and I want to say it plays a really major role. Because you're always sleeping with it and you sleep on it for that's that's basically. The only thing that touches your face for the longest amount of time that I can think of. If you're not changing your pillowcases regularly that's outright the first thing. You need to start you need to start me personally. I like to change them three times a week.

If you're going through breakouts and stuff. Okay, you know your skin's already properly sensitive. We don't want to be upset in our faces a lot of people don't cover their hair as well. So all your hair oils are going to be in a pillowcase your hair oils your face. It's just a recipe for disaster but I would recommend people change their pillowcase twice in the week. If that makes sense and also find out.If the detergent or washing up liquid oil etc that you're using to wash your pillowcase actually agrees with your skin. Because if you're actually seeing that most of the time that your breakouts are around here it may actually be. Because of the detergent and stuff the perfume or whether it. You're using to wash or clean your pillowcase. Just may actually be giving you a reaction. So you may actually think you have acne or whatever but you may actually .just be having a reaction to the pillowcase. It's called contact I don't remember the word. But I'll put it up on the screen.

 So that could actually, just be instantly solved by just changing what you use to wash your pillow.So those two are really important make sure you're washing your pillowcase. Because again that's apart from face masks that are the only thing that touches your face for a really long amount of time and yeah. You guys really know the drift and again make sure. You know that the washing up liquid that you're using for your pillowcases are safe and work well for your skin another really common thing that can actually be causing breakouts is how you remove your makeup. Now I'm talking about makeup because I do makeup my channel is mainly about makeup and skincare. So it goes in it ties together ho you're removing your makeup is really important. Because a lot of people wear makeup and just think. You know one cleanser will do or one little swipe of a cotton pad and wash my face that will clean it no. When wearing makeup make sure it is a hundred percent removed off your face. Because if not that could actually start you know clogging up your pores a bit. So make sure you're actually cleansing your skin. So first of all I have an oil cleanse. If you don't lik oil cleansing because. It doesn't agree with everyone's skin at least use micellar water.

 I really enjoy using is either by Garnier or la Roche pose. I think is how you pronounce it if I'm pronouncing. It wrong I am so sorry I will put everything somewhere on the screen. So those two micellar glasses of water I really love a cleansing balm I love is um the clinique one. It's just never done wrong if you're interested in any of those I will link them down below. Because I've used them personally and I really love them and they're really great for sensitive skin as well. So guys please make sure you're first either removing it with micellar water or your cleanser first before you actually. Then go and wash your skin now when you actually then go in with an actual cleanser me personally. I go in twice with a cleanser so I do the 60 seconds twice and the 60-second rule was invented by the la biologist. She came out with this amazing technique called the 60-second rule and it is life-changing 60 seconds make. The most sense and is the best amount of time to actually. Basically, just let the cleanser do its job you need to use it for 60 seconds or a bit more. So make sure you're cleaning your skin with either cleansing balm oil micellar water and then going in with an actual cleanser and making sure. You're actually cleaning your skin and then after. You've done that your toner is what will let you know. If you actually cleaned your skin because once you do that one wipe. If you didn't clean your skin properly you will see it all up in that toner the third thing that. You could be doing actually correlates with the second one and that actually is another thing in regards to makeup and that is your makeup brushes. Your makeup brushes can cause. So many problems for your skin because a lot of people don't wash their makeup sponges or brushes as regular as you should do and that's it's. Just very dirty because that carries a lot of bacteria you're using that onto your skin most of the time is wet. 

When it dries I've been using it again. When it dries I've been using it again. So if you're not actually cleaning them. You're just making the situation way worse baby. This is especially if your skin's going through. Something we want to make sure of. We have nothing that can be causing flare-ups that can be causing further disruptions to our skin. So make sure those makeup brushes are as clean as possible. We don't want to again have any further reactions for outbreaks etc the fourth and final point. I'm going t end it with is stop popping your breakout stop popping your pimples. Just leave them be now the reason. Why I'm saying this is because of a lot of people. You know it's just a habit it's just like a natural sometimes. It's just like a natural reaction we just have the urge to pop them but that causes. So many issues in regards to especially scarring. Where a lot of people always sometimes just think about what's currently happening in their skin.

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