TikTok Tips and Trick 8 Creative Ideas

I'm gonna tell you a handful of tick-tock Tips & Tricks things. That you may not have known you can do inside the app whether you've just joined tick-tock or you've been using it for a while I think there's something in this article for everyone. I suggest reading this article on a laptop or Pc. So you can have your phone in your hands and go along with me up first, I'm gonna show you how to save any tick-tock usually. When you press the share button there's a save video option and you can just download it that way but if you don't see that button you can select share to Snapchat or Instagram stories and the video will open in whichever app you pick just to note.

When you select Instagram stories the video will automatically save to your camera roll without telling you and on Instagram, the story you see will only be the first 15 seconds of the video in Snapchat. You'll see the whole video but it doesn't automatically save so you need to click that download button and that's how you do it up. Next, I'll show you how to save a tick-tock without the watermark normally when you save or download a tick-tock it adds this moving watermark and it kind of ruins the aesthetic for when you want to post it on another social network however if you do at the video and record whatever you want it doesn't matter then while it's still in your drafts tap on it on the top right.

So it starts playing and then screen record the video once you have it saved go into your video editing software and crop it and trim it and ye it's lower resolution than the original tik-tok but it's still a pretty good workaround if you really don't want a watermarks video. If you do repost or reshare someone else's content be sure to tag their @ to give them proper credit up next. I'll show you a trick that lets you dislike a tick-tock and I use quotes cuz it's not exactly a thumbs down or downvote. I'll explain in addition to using likes comments and shares to help curate and train the algorithm to your liking what I'm about to show you give tick-tock more insight as to what type of content you like or don't like.

 If you've ever been browsing the 4u page and you keep hearing the same audio or keep seeing the same trend or the same user keeps popping up on your 4u page you can press and hold on the tick-tock you don't like and a menu pops up pressing not interested will tell tick-tock to stop showing you these videos. You can press more and hide that specific user or hide videos with that specific sound it's pretty useful. If you are for your page is feeling pretty stale or you're just sick and tired of hearing that same sound over and over and over next up. I'm gonna show you how to clone yourself in a Tech Talk video using the green screen effect the first step is to record yourself doing whatever you want maybe it's a dance in my case.

I'm just gonna be staring at myself so keep your framing and spacing in mind. When you're filming your video once you're the first video is recorded you want to download this either by posting it privately and saving the video to the camera roll or screen recording it in your drafts or you could just record it outside of tick-tocking once you have your video go ahead and open the video creation tool inside of tick-tock tap effects and choose the green box with the upward-facing arrow selects the video. You want to use and now that video will be the green screen so you can enter the frame in a creative way stare at yourself do a separate dance you get the idea up next. I'll show you how to do a slideshow of video and pictures using whatever audio you want if you want to use specific audio go ahead and select it first then depending on how you want your tik-tok to look start recording a video to add a picture from your camera roll into your tik-tok press the effects button and choose the green box with the arrow facing downward.

This is the green-screen picture option to choose the image from your camera roll. That you want to appear in your video and just make sure. You're out of the way so that the tic-tock can record this image into your video without you being in it you can repeat. This process as many times as you'd like to choose any photo from your camera to be in your slideshow up next. I'm gonna show you how to edit and rearrange your Clips directly inside of tik-tok let's say you filmed a cooking tutorial or a vlog and you want to trim one of the clips you want to move something around or want to delete something in the middle. Once you've recorded all of your Clips press the red button with the checkmark and on the next screen. You'll see a button on the top right called adjust clips.

This is your in-app video editor the top line is a preview of the whole video the bottom as you can see is we'll clips press and hold on a clip and then move it around to position it where you want it in your video. If you tap on an individual clip it opens it and you can either change the duration to maybe trim it at the beginning of the end or you can delete the entire segment right from there additionally on the screen. Where you can tap adjust clips you'll notice a voiceover option this is the best way. That I found to do narrations or voiceovers using just the tick-tock app no need to screen record and separate the audio. This is easy this is perfect for a tick-tock vlog.

Where you've recorded everything in your day or you've baked a cake you simply tap the voiceover button and just start recording and narrating the video as you see fit and last on my list is how to make a tick-tock. Where your reflection in the mirror doesn't exactly reflect reality for this trick. You need to download an app called video star. It's kind of confusing to use but I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to make something like. This you have to film two clips the first clip is you sort of doing whatever you want maybe you're on the phone using your phone whatever and then the second clip is what you want your reflection in the mirror to be it's important to a not move your phone at all. While you're recording this so I suggest recording it in one take and then splitting it into two clips after and we make sure that your camera can see the mirror and try not to block the reflection with your arm or something.

 Because that can kind of ruin the illusion. Once you've got your two Clips open video star and press the plus in the top right choose the vertical orientation preset and press edit video select the first clip one of you doing your normal thing. Then press makes the video in the top right then press new and import the second video the creepy weird reflection clip then press new and choose multi-layer and it'll open this screen press the one and select your first clip to press the two and select the second clip. Then when you see this menu tap add a mask. It'll open up a new screen and make sure shape is selected up top and then press the bun with the three horizontal lines and choose the shape of your mirror probably a sir goal or square.

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