Updated Eyebrow Tutorial IG Brows

Hey, guys welcome back to my website. So I'm gonna be taking a spoolie and I'm gonna be brushing my eyebrow hairs upwards. I'm going to be using the Anasazi eye Beverly hills dipbrow pomade in the shade granny. I'm also gonna be taking this it's a paintbrush. But I really like it cuz it's really flat and precise. It's an angled brush anyone works fine and I'm gonna be taking. Some on the brush and what I'm gonna be doing is removing the excess on the cap and this will also make the brush flattened out. So what I'm gonna start by doing is outlining the bottom section of my eyebrow.

 First and I'm gonna be avoiding the front part that when we get that nice ready defect. I'm just drawing the line on. How I want my shape to take some more product on the brush. I'm gonna be outlining now the top section of my brow and again avoiding. The first section now that I have my desired shape. I'm just gonna be filling the product in between. Where I already put my lines with whatever is left on your brush. We're gonna be using that product that's already in the brush to make that faded effect and what you need to do is have a really really light hand for this. If you go in too hard you're gonna get those bucks the eyebrows and that's what. We want to avoid so going with a really light hand and barely touching it and then you could also go in with the spoolie to help blend. It out and don't worry about getting really messy like the pomade out of your brow. We're gonna be cleaning it up with concealer anyways ow. I like to send my arrows with any brown powder that way the pomade doesn't slip around throughout the day for concealer. I'm gonna be taking the Tarte shade concealer in the shade of light Sam. I'm gonna be taking this Urban Decay flat brush. 

I'm gonna be using this brush to clean the bottom of my eyebrows. I'm gonna be taking this angled brush for the top of my eyebrows. I'm gonna be using the little flat end fresh from Urban Decay on the bottom of my eyebrow and the reason. I like using this brush, in particular, is because of the way. Its shape has that little round end. Which will help me get more precise on the arch of my eyebrow. Now I'm taking the angled brush and I'm gonna be using this http://www.pronenews.com/.http://www.pronenews.com/ The same thing for the top of my eyebrow cleaning it. I like using this one more. Because it's more a thicker and that's why it's easier for me to clean up the brow more precisely .Now I'm just gonna be applying some concealer in the middle of my eyebrow and then following through. I'm gonna be blending it out with a little morphe sponge and this will really help you get that actual faded effect after finishing the base of my makeup. This is the final result of the eyebrows hope.

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