Vanessa Ives Penny Dreadful. Tutorial Beauty Beacons of Fiction

Today we are going to talk about Vanessa eyes Vanessa Ives is the leading character in the horror drama series penny dreadful. The show aired between 2014 and 2016 Robert and I watched it back then and I absolutely loved it it is very weird I'd say hard to categorize hard to describe. I absolutely loved the concept Vanessa sets out to help the father of her childhood friend find her the childhood friend as she has been missing for a while and during that quest she encounters all kinds of supernatural creatures as well as literary figures and strange as that sounds it works.

So well and I absolutely love how they did it I think this may just be one of the best-scripted shows that I've ever watched it was really entertaining let's put it that way. So yes Vanessa eyes she's the leading character she's portrayed by Eva Green I absolutely love this character. I love the design I love the costumes the hair the makeup it is them. So well the whole show is just incredibly aesthetically pleasing it has those amazing gothic vibes and it's just really really nice to look at if you're into that kind of thing the story is set in Victorian England and because shoes are inspired by that era as well Vanessa mainly wears a lot of black lace some white as well but mostly just black but absolutely gorgeous costumes.

I would very much like to steal a finger too from her wardrobe as for the hair makeup makeups very minimal as is to be expected from the Victorian era or something that is supposed to be set in the Victorian era her hair is amazing though she usually wears her hair up in beautiful Victorian updos of very elaborate see the style. That I chose today is inspired by some scenes where she kind of wears it up. I mostly tried to base this off of the hair so that she wears in the scene where she meets Dorian Gray in the Botanical Gardens. But I didn't have enough hair for it even with a full set of extensions so it turned into something of improvisation on the theme of Vanessa Ives hair.

We'll get to the hair later let's actually start with the makeup so like. I mentioned the makeup is super simple minimal we're going for a bit of a no-makeup makeup look here it doesn't necessarily mean. We're going to keep it light. So I'm gonna start with a face primer here and I'm going to apply it all over my skin and after that is applied. I'm going to go over with a foundation to even out my skin tone nicely well that is blended in I'm going to take some concealers. I'm going to apply on my under-eye circles to make sure those are nice and brightens up then a little bit of translucent powder is going to finish off my face makeup. So I'm going to just dust this all over my face make sure it's nice and modified and set in place and then let's move on to the eyebrows Eva Green has very distinctive itay features in her eye region like her eyes and eyebrows are so iconic of her and pretty hard to recreate.

But I tried to kind of straighten out my eyebrows in the front and then make them droop down a little bit quicker than mine. Actually do so I'm just using an eyebrow pencil for that and that I'm going to take a high brow gel and I'm going to use to set everything in place. So further eye makeup itself I want to keep it very light. I'm not really going to apply anything on the eyelids, for now, looking at close-up pictures of her you can definitely see she is wearing some type of dark eye shadow around the eyes to kind of frame them a little bit. So I'm going to make a mixture of some grey and brown eyeshadow that, I'm going to apply all around the eyes and on the outside of my eyes in the outer corner.

I am going to extend the eyeliner down a little bit and this is going to kind of try and mimic her kind of downward eyes shape almost. I make the eyes just look a little bit more Truby I'm going to apply that top and bottom and then I just decided to go in with skin color. It's a little a bit darker than my own skin color after all just to make my double eyelids a little bit less prominent and make it look like there isn't as much there but we want this to be soft and not turn she almost like aids Mo Kio so go easy on that. Then I applied a tiny little layer of mascara. It's very thinly if you notice any clumps or if your application is too heavy to go over with a clean spoolie and just remove any excess because we wanted us to be supernatural then for the face.

I decided to do some soft contouring after all. So I'm going to take a contour powder and just try and emphasize my cheekbones a little bit more and I'm going to go down in base kind of almost half-circle motion and then I'm going to take a nice pink blush. That I'm going to apply on the apples of my cheeks swipe backward as well over my cheekbones last step for the makeup is the lips and for those, I'm going to take a berry-colored lipstick a little bit of a darker one this one has a slightly purplish undertone. Which works great for this look and I'm going to just apply that with my finger gently dab it onto my lips. So that I don't look to you a lip sticky but more like a kind of berry-colored blush over the lips and there's the makeup all done.

So moving on to the hair and as I mentioned I am wearing a full set of hair extensions these are tailbone lengths on me so be warmed you need very long hair to execute this hairstyle properly or you could use hair extensions. I'll give you an alternative way to do this hairstyle later but the first thing. I need to do is to curl the front top of my hair because the hair is going to be pulled back as you can see and we want this portion to be curly. Now I am currently trying to save my hair from heat damage so I don't want to curl all of my hair actually I want to curl as little as I possibly can so I am just going to curl this one portion.

It's going to be visible if you want to be more thorough with this, by all means, crow all of your hair it is a little bit more time-consuming and not necessarily necessary. I think but yeah it's up to you so I'm going to take what the smallest barrel curling iron that I own and just curl all of the front tops of my hair well that is that I'm going to quickly run my fingers through my hair to just separate these curls a little bit and then I'm going to pull all of my hair back into a high ponytail. When I have that I'm gonna give my hair a twist and wrap it into a quick little bun now since my hair isn't really long enough to do this, I can only do like one turn of the bun before I already have to pin it down.

So I'm going to insert some bobby pins make sure this stays up if your hair is a little bit longer you could twist. This around just one entire time doesn't look a little bit better a little bit more authentic than I'm going to take the detail. That is still remaining I'm going to split that into two halves and do a rope braid with this so I'm going to twist both of these sections in the same direction and then twist them around each other in the opposite direction. That is going to create my rope braid so my rope braid is done. I'm going to fluff it out a little bit because it's a little bit thinner than it is on Vanessa still before I wrap it around the back top of my head. Now, this is where I noticed that my hair is still too short because I want it to wrap it around and then over but I need to kind of fold back on itself and then go back already. which is fine I mean it looks alright if you want to avoid this and you have the means to do so then you could take the second set of hair.

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