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What I like about this next one is that it frees you and it empowers you. If you choose to believe. What I'm saying it can just be like the thing that unlocks your entire life. Just remember sometimes all it takes to be an adult is to just literally survive. It's really difficult to take in hundreds and hundreds of different lifestyles different people different opinions and feel sane.  Feel good about yourself I think I will zoom. This out a little bit hey okay this is really weird for me. Because I never make posts like this. So number one my audio is different because normally.

 I'm doing voiceovers so I hope that. It's okay, I don't really feel like smiling and I have all this pressure on myself that. I need to smile but I just don't feel like it. So welcome back to my channel I am happy though today I'm happy to be doing this post. Because it's just exciting for me today. I'm gonna take you inside my book of ideas. I've written out some things that I think I want to talk about. It's going to be something along the lines of 23 things. I've learned in 23 years and this is a very important post for a lot of people. I think for girls in particular this is an awesome post for you to watch. I think that this will be really helpful for those of you. Who are in a transitional phase of your life where you're figuring out what to do? You're taking advice from people.

 So everything that I've learned is very very important and critical to the person. I have become today and that's why I want to share it with you. I don't always get to do these personal posts and it's like. How can I catch you up to speed on? Who I am my content follows behind. Who I'm becoming I'm experiencing things in this day and age that is totally different. I'm learning about filing taxes I'm learning about budgeting. I'm learning about cooking at home taking care of a baby and you'll. You'll see absolutely none of that on my channel right now that's. Because I have to experience it first naturally. I have to experience it in person I can't put a camera in my own face and in my own space um and try and give advice on things. That I'm experiencing for the first time myself in 23 years.

 I've learned a lot I've been through a lot. I've put myself through a lot and I've been in situations where things have been like downright stressful and it took a lot of a lot of me. I guess to bring myself to where I am now and to become independent of course to become a mother and be able to support my family. I'm going to get right into this post. Because there's a lot that I want to say number one you do not have to have it figured out you don't have to have it figured out whatever it is to you there's. So much pressure when we go to a school that you follow the system you go every single grade of school. It goes to every single grade of school and then at the end. You figure out what you want to continue schooling with or you enter the workforce. I think it's a total crime to tell somebody who might not have ever even traveled outside of their hometown to decide what. They want to do with their life or at least find a direction for their life.

 Sometimes people literally just need to relax for a little bit get outside of the daily system of going to school and having. Other people tell you what you need to know. Sometimes you have to figure out what you want to know to explore. Your spirituality explores your city to explore your country there's. So many things that you can do that are experiential exponential like experience-oriented oriented and those things will be your best teacher. It can feel like there's. So many expectations especially. When you're attaching your kind of views and what you think you should be doing to other people's expectations of you. But what I have to say is it's okay to decide for yourself. It's 100% okay to be scared of what's to come. But it's also okay to not take people's advice and be that person. Who's on the frontlines of your own experience.

 Because listen to people are wise people who are older than you. Your parents' people who have things to say about what you should be doing. They are so wise they have had so many life experiences. So many years and I'm sure that. They will tell you that but you are going to have a completely different experience unbeknownst to the people. Who is talking to you who do not maybe believe that? They don't think that you're gonna have a different life than them. They don't think that you're going to have different struggles than them. They think that everything's going to be the way that it was for them. But that's just not the reality.

It's okay, for you to be on the frontlines of your own experience and deciding what's best for you. That's okay and like sometimes people just need to hear that and that's. Why I thought that I would mention that because that was a huge lesson for me that brings me to my next point. Which is traveling is not just a word. It's it means to sleep somewhere else other than where you're sleeping tonight and think to yourself. How many nights have you been sleeping? Where you're sleeping this evening. Some people have slept you know in the same bed in the same room in their parents' home for their entire life and that's fine. But it definitely is really important to look at where you might want to see in the world and maybe. Where you might be really out of touch with the way things operate in different areas a lot of people are under a belief system that's really native to where. They're living that takes me into my next point. But I just want to emphasize on travel because for young people like. It doesn't have to be far but just like get out of where. You spend most of your time and realize that things are different.

 Where you go because it's all about expanding your horizons. That's really cheesy phrase money comes easily to me and the power of other affirmations money was always. Something that I thought was hard to get and even hurt that. It was evil you know the more you had the more stressed you would be.  That you can't buy happiness with money and all of these things and all of these things are fine. If you want to believe them but I've adjusted. My belief system to be that money comes easily to me and money is my friend and money is good. It's really good actually and it can help a lot of people in their situations and having access to it is not a difficult thing. It's up to you to speak the truth that you have inside you. I'm not talking about the injustice is that you see in the world or the truth of your best friend. Who told you something in confidence. I'm talking about the way that you feel the way that. People make you feel the way that you want to live your life all of these things are up to you to communicate with the world and to communicate with yourself. If you're not happy with something. It's up to you and it's not up to anybody else to see that within you and make the changes for you.

I think this is one of my most fantastic lessons. Because it made me realize that when you are honest about what's going on with you. It's just that much better in the end because at least you've been yourself and you don't have something. That you're hiding from everybody and I used to be that type of person. Who was very very closed off and I was a people pleaser and once. I realized that I could just take ownership of my own emotions and my own feelings. I realized that things weren't a lot easier this next one is really important. This is related to the phone to the phone you know the Internet's and I think that. It took me a long time to realize this here's how it goes. I see somebody fantastic online somebody. Who's beautiful somebody cool or funny and I hit follow and I follow them. When they ask me to and I follow them. When I think they're cool and I follow them if I want to be like them. And I just end up following a lot of people this will make you go crazy. I ended up following so many people and people don't realize that.

 When you pick this up in the morning when you pick. This up at night whenever you're probably checking it out early everything that you see on here affects your mind and it affects. The way you feel about yourself a lot of the time. We don't want to admit. It maybe e do but nonetheless, you naturally will subconsciously compare yourself to the things. That you see it's kind of like a biological way of surviving you know. We assess what we see and then. We figure out where we fit into that and the dangers of this is that. When you don't moderate what you're looking at. It can be totally conflicting to your own reality. When you're looking at somebody. Who is a model and is always going on castings and wearing fantastic wigs and does her makeup differently every single day and has a life that is. So different from yours and when you're following like 200 of those types of people. And then you're following people. Who dedicate their entire Instagram feed to making beautiful. Smoothies, where they're just every food picture, is like stunning and.

Then you're following people who are obsessed with shoes and have like 500 pairs of shoes your mind isn't able to identify that. Those people are creating a type of content that is like aligning with their brand, therefore. They're not showing you the full picture and that's okay but that's. Something your mind can't really differentiate even though your logic might be able to. It's really difficult to take in hundreds and hundreds of different lifestyles. Different people different opinions and feel sane and feel good about yourself. So the life lesson here is that the following everybody is really bad for your mental health what I like to do and what I've done really recently I sat down with my fiance and we had literally a lunch. Where he held my phone and he went through everybody that I was following me and there were. So many people so many girls that I was following that literally made me feel bad about myself like people. Who are really into fitness and I'm just not into fitness like. Why would I will be consuming daily somebody's fitness routine.

 When I haven't done a push-up in like three years. It's just not good for me because it's such a contrast to my reality and. I think a lot of people after watching this post  should honestly take. Their phone and take a look at it. Who's making you feel empowered and who's not making you feel empowered and. I swear to god I hope that I am on that list when you go to follow or unfollow me on Instagram. But if like I don't make you feel good for example. Then I don't want you to be around me. Because I want to like the best for everybody doing what's best for you is always key and especially. When it comes to social media following people that are good for. Your mental health is like a total GameChanger. This is one of my favorites adults I used to have this concept of me being the young child and adults being like these people. These like superhumans who knew a lot like almost everything.  I realized that this is just like. So not the situation so many adults are in.

So incredibly wise they've been through. So many things that you can take into your own consideration and it will really help you and then . Some adults have literally. Just aged they are just children who grew up literally. Just remember sometimes all it takes to be an adult is to just literally survive over years and years. So when I realized that I was like. Okay, I don't have to take everything that each adult in my life says for the Bible. Because it's just you know number one we all have different situations and different experiences and number two. They don't you know they're not godlike they don't know. Why everything so it's a good lesson my friend's plastic surgery could make things a lot worse for those of you who actually want plastic surgery. You know what it feels like to look online at different procedures people have gone through the procedure and think that. If only you had the money or the ability to get that procedure done. Your life will be fixed and different and wonderful and that's just not the case. I've had plastic surgery not to my face but to my body.

 I will link the post below that goes a little more in-depth with my experience. But it can make things a lot worse it can make things. So bad that you wish that you never had it done you can experience things that make you wish that you never even knew about. And it can also be fantastic it can also be life-changing it can also give you the confidence that you always wanted. When it comes to a lot of cosmetic procedures some of them are actually dangerous for your health and it's not about. How you feel about the procedure is literally the fact that it can create issues within your body again I will link that post. Where I'm explaining my experience but just let me tell you in short plastic surgery will not solve all your problems your period is not. Something to be ashamed of your period is actually more than just a period there's a post. I'm going to link below by one of my favorite people to listen to her name is teal Swan and she's fantastic.  I recommend every girl watching this post to watch her post. Because they are life-changing I like to look at my period. Now is not only something that I shouldn't be afraid of or ashamed of. But something that is makes me.

 Who I am so don't just have a cycle that just begins at the end of each month. I have like seasons that I go through and the video that you might be about to watch from teal Swan. If you do click that link below it will explain that each woman goes through the four seasons every single month. So you will go through a spring where maybe you feel like cleaning tying up old old ends of things getting things done. It might be really productive during that time that will last about a week and then you'll move into summer. Where you're feeling really beautiful and really like sex and you're really feeling yourself and. Then you move into fall where you're feeling a little more introverted and you're feeling like. You kind of want to cozy up and just I guess also tie up old old projects and things of that nature and then you'll move into winter. Where it's actually ideal winter would be the period part of your four-week cycle. It's ideal during winter your winter a season to spend time on your own to not have to go into work that week too and I know. When I say about people like http://www.pronenews.com/ what not going to work that week well in that video as well. It's gonna explain that the system is just. So not designed for women women are actually like designed a completely different way from men like. I mentioned men and women are totally different and women are fantastic species.

 But we operate so differently that yeah there is a week and there is time and I think. We can all relate when we're on our menstruation cycle. Where it's really nice to be alone. It's really nice to be able to watch movies and read books and go through the feelings of very painful cramps in peace and in solitude and not have to operate on a normal schedule that takes me into my next life lesson. I think I also a fantastic one I think all of these are fantastic. What I like about this next one is that it frees you and it empowers you if you choose to believe what I'm saying it can just be like the thing that unlocks your entire life. You can make money doing absolutely anything aging starts in your 20s, not your thirties not your forties. I think that people get really upset. When they think about a 20-year-old considering anti-aging or taking care of their skin in a way that's going to prevent aging because it's like. They're so young but the reality is that when you're not going through puberty you're. Now an adult and your skin are going to mature over time boys are very very different from girls men are very very different from women. You can't expect guys to like get it guys. There's such a different breed and I think just realizing that. Tt's like such a simple thing but realizing that will really help you when you're dealing with a co-ed situations where a guy's giving you advice on something or you're expecting a certain type of support from a guy guys was. Just built differently and I think realizing that just probably took me a couple of years. But once I did t explained a lot that takes me into my next life lesson. Which I think is also a fantastic one I think all of these are fantastic what. What I like about this next one is that it frees you and it empowers.

You if you choose to believe what I'm saying. It can just be like the thing that unlocks your entire life you can make money doing absolutely anything. I say this because it's true you can make money doing absolutely anything. If you figure out what you like I mean why not do what you love. If you can make money doing anything. If you really believe that why not do it like f you can find away. If you are smart enough and all of you are to figure out. How you can box up what you like to do and sell it to people in that box. Whatever it is that you like to do. There's always a way to figure out how to package. It up and sell it to people and trust me people will apply it. Sometimes the environment that you're selling it is going to need tweaking like. I mentioned travel is absolutely fantastic.

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