10 Twitter Tips, Tricks, Settings and Features that will make you a Twitter Expert

But it is one of the most popular social media apps and in this article. I'm going to show you 10 Twitter tips tricks and acts with the help of which you can improve the Twitter experience without any further ado let's get started so the first step is how to change the go-to display name. So for that, you need to go to your Twitter profile and then click edit profile and from here you can change your current display name and click press. That's it the second thing is how you can change the Twitter handle for that you need to go to the settings instead of a profile click the settings and then click the account and in the account.

 You'll need to click the username and here you can change your Twitter handle but just like the email address, it will ask you whether that put the handle is already occupied or not. So if it is already occupied we need to add a digit or an alphabet before and after your name. Which have selected and only then you will be able to change your Twitter handle so once you're done you just need to the press has done and you’re your total header will be changed next up is how to stop the waiter from sending notifications to the emails you need to go to the settings click notifications and in that go to the bottom email notifications and by default. I am not sure whether this will be on or not but if it is it is in an on position, you will receive all these notifications if you want to totally disable the email notifications.

You can just switch it off or else you can select that and from this drop-down menus you can select and deselect the option for which you'd want Twitter to send you the notifications. So that's it so next up is how to block someone on Twitter it's very easy once you see the tweet from that person. Which you want to block just click the arrow on the right side of that plate and you will have the pop-up menu in the pop-up menu you will see the second option of blocking the person just like that it will warn you to click the block and the person will be blocked later on in case you change your mind. You just need to go to the settings and from there go to the privacy and safety and in that, you need to look like the blocked accounts and from here.

You just need to press the lock button and you will get the message let me show you again that you unblock this person. So this is how you can lock or unlock a person on Twitter then next up is how to pin a tweet on your Twitter first you just need to tweet something then press tweet you will have that tweet and now if you want this tweet to pin on your profile you just need to click the arrow on the right-hand side of that tweet and click pin to profile it will ask you again yes click the pen. Now this to it will be pinned on your profile until the time you undo that so next up is how to create a poll so to create a poll you need to click the new to it select the poll from the bottom type the question you give the options and specify the time duration during which the people can vote by default it is set to 1 day.

I keep it as a one day and then you just need to press the to it. So this is how your poll - it will be visible and people can just click that and select the options and the poll will be ended at the time. Which should have mentioned here ok next up is how to logout of your Twitter account from within the mobile app. We need to click the icon go to the settings and to log out of your account you need to click the account and then you need to calm down and you see the option of logout at the bottom you just need to press that and you will be loved out of Twitter from within your app and if you want to see all the devices on which you have logged in through your Twitter account you can do that from within the settings and you can also log out of all those devices with the help of the method.

 Which I'm going to show you now that you need to go to the settings and privacy within that, you need to click the account and in and the account you need to come down on the bottom and click apps and sessions it will show you that you're currently a device on which you are active now and then it will show you the list of all the vices on which we have logged in and the last thing you were active or available online on all those devices. You can just click http://www.pronenews.com/ any particular device and then you can select to log out of this device and this is how you can logout Twitter from all these devices. Just once you're done just press close and if you want to go private on your Twitter you can do that by going into your settings and within settings clicking the privacy and in the privacy the first option is protect your tweets.

 you can just switch this on and as the description says only the current followers and people you approve in the future will be able to see your grades and rest of the people will not be able to see you do it. So that's how you can go private on your Twitter, by default, the Twitter is in a light mode and if you want to enable the dark mode or a light theme you can do that by going into the settings and display and sound and from here in the display you will have the dark mode and you can press on and it will change to the dark mode or you can select the automatic at sunset. So it will stay light during the daytime and after your Sunset timings, it will change to dark mode next up is how to send a direct message to someone within your Twitter account for that you need to know the Twitter handle of that person.

 You can just click that total handle and then you can press the tweet by total the handle will be selected and now you can drop your message and then press the to it and that DM will be sent to the person within your AdWords account the last thing is that if you want to save something. Which you've seen on Twitter maybe a video or an image you can do that by just clicking that image going to the three vertical dots on the top and click the save and that image will be saved in your account.


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