7 Types of People you should never Trust

You may have heard the admonition to trust no one but that is not practical for daily living. If you want to be trusted you must be able to give out trust and for you to build long-lasting relationships. You must trust and be trusted. However, there is a need to be careful about how and who you trust on who to trust heed to this anonymous coach never trust a person. That lets you down more than two times once was a warning twice was a lesson and anything more.

Then that is simply taken advantage of and so in this video. I will share with you seven types of people you should never trust one fickle-minded people did you ever play on a seesaw well let me explain how it works. When you sit on a seesaw with someone on the opposite side each of you takes turns pushing off the ground. When you go up into the air the other person touches the ground and when that person goes up you go down. So that you know the seesaw is also called this that a fickle-minded person is like a seesaw a this that person without a balance point these types of individuals are always indecisive and given to any suggestion.

So you are not even sure if they will support you or not today they will say yes to you but the next day it would change their minds and say no you can't expect anything from them because they may disappear even when they have made commitments to you to people who tell you other people's cigarettes do you have that friend. Who is always telling you about other people's private matters if yes then your secrets are probably being shared too and just the way they tell you not to pass the information to anyone else.

That is how they tell someone else not to give your information to others regardless of the person. That they speak with they hold no loyalty to close friends or anyone else that they come in contact with they don't have regard for other people's confidentiality as long as they can get something as small as the attention of others from spilling. When someone keeps sharing other people's secrets with you it is a pointer. That they will tell other people your secrets as well hence you must minimize your chitchat with such people and be careful of things you do around them, three people. Who is too sweet to you of course certain people are naturally pleasing to those around them however many people.

 Who act nice are not lovely they want something from you one significant difference between the real charm in individuals and those who want something from you is that real charmers open up to you about themselves and imperfections and also the aware about in contrast the fake ones act like. They are flawless without opening up a bit about themselves also when a formally mean person suddenly starts acting cute you should be careful and when someone is unfriendly to others yet show a special kind of lichen to you you are also allowed to be suspicious for people with competitive traits being around a competitor can be very annoying because all they care about is getting there before anyone else.

These people can go to unnecessary lengths just to prove themselves. It's unwise to tell their physical or mental weaknesses to someone who shows signs of competitive behavior because they do not mind using the information you have entrusted with them as a weapon against you just so they can win ever-competitive individual is your friend the method of sabotage in your winnings is quite different. They will not come straight up and say hey I don't want you to win hand me that rice instead. They will use sneaky tactics such as breaking shocking and perhaps force news to you just when you want to carry a task that is critical to your winning for instance.

They may whisper into your ears that your partner is cheating on you just before a major presentation although there are chances. That having a competitor as a friend can make you step up your game the competitive approach can breed grievances and cause a rift between five people with narcissistic traits. This set of people always think that the world revolves around them according to psychologist DJ here he said and I quote a narcissistic cannot trust himself with his addictions or issues going on in his head it does not even trust anyone and never sees anyone equal to him hence he is not a trustworthy person narcissists are Fairweather individuals.

Who will take advantage of you to satisfy their desires but they are never there to offer assistance. When you are in need even if they help you the whole world will hear about it for narcissists nothing is more important to them than their ego and unhealthy self-esteem, not even your trust six people. Who lack empathy just like competitors people who lack empathy do not care about you the apathy will never let them put themselves in other people's shoes instead they avoid any scenario that might cause them to be thoughtful and focus on how to victimize others moreover. Those who lack empathy does not trust you forget the story they put up since they do not attempt to understand what you think and how you feel they don't feel safe with you hence it would help if you were careful around them 7 the social climber these people are always desperate for public attention.

They are the ones who will borrow the people's accessories to look good in the face of outsiders since their main goal is always to look blameless. They are usually chameleons that take on any shape or size to impress others around them these individuals are deceitful in most cases they are friends with you only because of what you have they will try to use your accomplishments and connections for their selfish benefits if you introduce these set of people into your circle. They'll use any means even tarnishing your image to get closer to your other friends. Who they perceive to be more influential or accomplished than you when you observe a person.

 Who previously did not regard you suddenly being so persistent about being a friend of their significant success be sure to take cover getting into a friendship with a social the climber is like carrying a bomb in your backpack without your knowledge some people bring brightness to our lives while others dark in our path making it difficult for us to journey through life in the same way some people would do unimaginable things to help us and others wouldn't try even if our lives depended on it be sensitive enough to know those who ease your journey so that you can stick to them as well as those who make things hard for you so that you can tread carefully.

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