8 Twitter Secrets You DIDN'T Know

Find out all the Twitter secrets you never even knew you needed right here on Listed. It's no secret that you're all on Twitter at least 20 times a day I see you and I get you but as addicted as you are there still are quite a few the radar tips and tricks. That you may not even know about that can optimize your number of likes followers and retweets not to mention. Just make the whole process of tweeting a lot easier.

So today I'm going to break down eight Twitter secrets that you need in your life right now number one earn retweets by using the maximum number of images per tweet you're probably already adding an image to your tweets now and then but did you know that you can actually add a total of four images. Just click on the photo icon after you finish the first image and you can add another and another and another and if a picture is worth a thousand words. why not use four thousand of those figuratively blank spaces to get your point across plus you still have a hundred and forty characters left to add the perfect text to your pics and if you're one of those people who think that images can just be distracting to your message.

Just know that visual posts are likely to be more retweeted than regular old-fashioned worded tweets number tear disable Twitter email notifications and declutter that inbox. If you're tired of being bombarded by a million email notifications from your many social media platforms luckily disabling Twitter email notifications is as easy as a few clicks. Just go to your Twitter profile menu click on email notifications and click the button to turn them off voila you can stop receiving notifications about what everyone's tweeting or retweeting and who to follow because let's face it. You're on Twitter enough to be two steps ahead of them anyway number three consider saving your most important tweets for Friday's follow Friday aka hashtag F F is a way for Twitter users to recommend accounts to follow that their own followers may not even be aware of you can't exactly plan to be in someone's hashtag F F recommendations.

But if you're posting your best material on Friday certainly be at the forefront of more users Minds. When it comes to deciding who makes their FF list that week so post your funniest coolest and most engaging content on Fridays and you might end up with some regular follow Friday plugs. This will inevitably lead to more followers and that Simba is the circle of life or at least Twitter number for embed tweets on your own website to get users to engage with your content. If you had a website then you've got even more ways to engage with your audience to embed tweets on your website. Once you've tweeted something click on the ellipsis below the tweet one of the options available will say embed tweet click on that and you'll get along HTML friendly URL that you can copy and paste onto your own website.

 Once you've embedded the tweet to your site visitors can see your tweet without having to go to your Twitter page and double bonus your followers can reply retweet and like your tweet directly from your site thanks to this one you'll be a regular Kylie Jenner social media mogul in no time number five always leave room for retweeting they say less is more and that can definitely be true. When it comes to tweeting just because you have 140 characters to use doesn't mean you should necessarily use them all up that's because retweets are crucial if you want your posts to be seen by as many people as possible and if somebody's going to retweet your tweet they might want to leave a little room to add their own commentary or tag someone so leaves that little bit of extra room.

So your original message can stay as intact as possible number six schedule your tweets out in advance as much as you'd like to be on Twitter 24/7 you can't and that's a real bummer because while you're doing things like sleeping the rest of the world is awake on Twitter and missing out on all your hilarious insightful and random thoughts but there is hope you can actually schedule tweets in advance and choose the exact time. You want them to be tweeted from your account just go to ads twitter.com click on the compose tweet button and then the scheduling tab boom. You want to tweet out that photo of your cat licking peanut butter off a piano at 4 a.m. because you know your followers in Japan are gonna love well now you can and you will and I can't wait for it to go viral and take the credit.

Number seven use advanced search sometimes something is trendy and you just want to do a quick search for what the deal is but other times. You're looking for something a little more or a lot-specific and that's where the handy-dandy advanced feature from the more options tab comes in you can do everything to find exactly what you're looking for including searching for a specific word from a specific count on a specific date PS this means that you might want to go back and delete all of those old embarrassing tweets. Now because once you reach social media fame status. They will and can't be found number 8 search for tweets without links. You know-how when a topic is trending and you want to see all the funny user responses and means about it rather than a million blog articles relating to it well rather then having to scavenge between all the media links to find what the regular users are saying.

 You can actually search for tweets without links just add HTTP to your search and all those annoying and unwanted blog links will be gone. So now that you've had all this info I'm expecting all of you to be social media stars by the end of the year or at least have a couple more followers from outside of your time zones.

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