Bellatrix and Chats Get Ready With Me For Halloween

I think I have ever made so here's the deal basically I am going to a Halloween themed thing later. Today and it's been so long since I have done anything Halloween related on this channel. So I thought I would just turn on my camera and take you along in the process. Um, this is by no means a tutorial. I'm just gonna be sitting here chatting with you doing my hair makeup. I just wanted to do a little casual you know chat with me video of the costume. Uh, I am wearing a pretty generic cough long black lacy dress thing.

 I will show you the full thing later but i have of course it is outerwear and everything long bustled skirt lace and stuff. So i was gonna go for um historically ambiguous widowed ghost type thing makeup and hair but then robert actually suggested bellatrix and i have already done bellatrix but honestly. She is one of my favorite kind of costumes and one of my go-to's. I will take any opportunity to transform myself into helena bonham carter as you may know i think i'm gonna start with the makeup. Just really quickly and then use whatever time, i have left to do the hair because the hair can take a long time bellatrix hair is wild. I'm gonna need to do loads of little curls so i'm just gonna do makeup first. I'm gonna start with a foundation base here.

 I just want to take a moment to complain about the fact that the harry potter movies are not on netflix in the netherlands um they did put up fantastic beasts too. I think crimes of grindelwald but we wanted to read. That so we wanted to watch fantastic beasts the first one first but that wasn't on netflix. So they only have out of the entire franchise the crimes of grindelwald. Which is just so random i am using a foundation. That i haven't used in a long time, so it's all dried up i haven't used foundation in forever i literally use that bb cream type stuff. It's been a long time since, i've done any type of full face makeup anyway i'm gonna add some conceal yeah, let's do concealer. I was just thinking does bellatrix have eye bags but i don't think there's well maybe oh well i'm just gonna do it.

I can always paint it over later I know some of you have been wondering. Why I don't really do Halloween content anymore the reason is mainly that there isn't really any Halloween in my life at the moment we don't celebrate Halloween officially in the Netherlands. We don't have any tradition of Halloween um and it's only become a thing in more recent years. That's all just you know USA influence so, it's not really embedded into our culture at all we don't have kind of you know events or things trick or treating. It's kind of starting to come up but also we just we don't have that tradition so um Halloween parties aren't really a thing and when I was in university I studied Celtic languages and culture for whoever doesn't know and we did solvent celebrations and we kind of did it Halloween-like so people dress up and stuff.

I did have some Halloween you know around this time of year. Then I'm just using some powder here but um after I graduated there haven't really been any Halloween events for me to go to and I also I don't know if I'm honest trained my ideas because I used to do several Halloween videos a year and I just kind of ran out of ideas. So that's why things have been quiet over here on the Halloween front all right let's do some contouring let me pull up a picture actually of her. I'm wearing contacts by the way for this so I can actually see my laptop screen and my face. Which is amazing usually when I do these articles. I can't really see when I take my glasses off but now I can so that's great oh she definitely has eye bags all right I really need to get myself one of those birds skull necklaces. If I want to keep doing Bellatrix cosplays. I'll try and make my jawline more square accentuating the shape here and then maybe I need a smaller brush to do the inside. Let's do some cheekbones, I'm actually going to do let's see this white along the bottom of my jaw again to make that look more prominent tada jaw fillers isn't it amazing the things you can do with makeup.

 I'm gonna do some highlight here I'm gonna do some nose contour as well that's always a bit nerve-wracking but hey let's just go for it maybe I can sharpen. This jaw even more all right now I need some colored I didn't bring any colored eyeshadows to be right back. I'm going to use this palette because she has some definitely some red around her eyes. I'm gonna use this burgundy brownish color. I think that's perfect um and it's mostly here I'm gonna take a lighter color that's gonna go up top let's just do the entire eyelid actually around the bottom okay. I think we're doing quite well so far let's do eyebrows next so that i get a bit of a better idea for ads I'm going to do a bit of eyebrow gel. I think because her eyebrows are a bit thinner than mine let's do mascara first and see what it looks like and maybe i need to add eyeliner afterwards.

I'm trying to kind of brush my lashes down because she doesn't have super curled or noticeable top lashes maybe a little bit but she does have very clear bottom eyelashes. So I'm definitely gonna do those I have this darkish red lip pencil here, I'm going to start by connecting the cupid's bow. That's a pretty big part of the Bellatrix look. I'm overdrawing just a little bit okay, I'd say we're looking pretty Bellatrix maybe the lips are a little bit dark if I go over with something brownish that doesn't necessarily lighten it just makes it a bit less red though okay. I'll come back to lips later maybe but I think for now I should maybe no I no no no I need more shadow in this corner here.

Uh let's do control contour powder yeah I think it's time to move on to hair and then I can always come back to the makeup see how much time. I have left so I have my smallest curling iron here which I'm going to turn on and I'm just gonna do tiny little curls in all of my hair and I also have this white hairspray. That I think would be perfect to do that little you know streak that she has down on side um let me get some heat protector. I also forgot to bring that I have my table full of stuff but I forgot some essentials. I think I'm going to start at the bottom and just do all the hair bit by bit taking tiny sections you know what else. I forgot my heat resistant glove whoops. I will need that though you know what I think. I'm just going to curl my hair off camera because that's going to take a long time and then I'll come back.

When I'm ready to finish off the look okay hair is curled while I'm waiting for that to set before I brush it out and back home and everything. I kind of really want to do a dark mark tattoo thing.  I think I'm just going to draw it with eyeliner it's not super complicated but it has that kind of braid design stuff. That I'm really bad with snakes, in general, are just not my forte, oh and I also need to make it upside down right. Let's start with the skull maybe can I flick the guy let's download this image and flip it upside down that's smart. There we go maybe it's easier to draw now because it won't mean anything or not as much ah there we go that wasn't actually so bad you know doing this upside down was a good move.

 That really helps a lot it's a bit wobbly in places but still not too shabby.I think quite happy with it I can't really show you there we go dark mark sorry about the sound in that last clip guys. I keep forgetting to turn on my microphone hope it wasn't too horrible anyways we're back let's do the hair. I'm so happy with my little dark mark I'm just gonna brush out these curls first we want maximum fluff and then I'm gonna backcomb oh these curls are a little bit big let's not accidentally do a vintage brush out but I don't think it'll come to that okay. I'm gonna backcomb around the top okay. So it's a side part ish it needs to be big in the back I do think there's a kind of some kind of bun in the back here.

So i might just do that i'm not sure when to go in with a white streak. It's much bigger here okay, i also need to separate as many of these curls into little tiny curl clumps as much as possible okay. Let's just go in with the white i hope this stuff is still good i've had this for years i have no idea if anything will even come out but let's go how do i even how do i do this uh maybe let's separate out this section of hair and do it like that oh that is effective enough i like it okay. So then let's do some type of bun back here bunch this up top grab a hair elastic. I'm gonna hairspray this there we go and i'm actually gonna do urban decay all nighter setting spray on that dark mark.

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