Create Surveys and quizzes in CloudFunnels with the CloudFunnels Survey Plugin

How to create a survey and quizzes with survey plugin in cloud funnels is an all-in-one sales funnel software every marketer needs it allows you to create powerful sales funnels membership systems landing pages and email marketing campaigns on your own server. Let me show you how it works log into your cloud funnel account the very first thing to do is to go to plugin click the add new plugin button and install from the marketplace.

You'll see a new page is added when you scroll down you'll see the cf surveyor directly in the top picks click it and install. Now that it's already installed activate it by switching the switch button inside the cf surveyor on the right sidebar click cf surveyor and you will be directed to add settings add extra settings create a custom input field and headers enter header content enter footer content choose a theme and you can choose your background in the additional settings section. You have to fill in the following information the name of the survey the display type of the survey.

You can show it as a normal page content or as a pop-up let us have the normal page as an example on the left-hand side there is the additional settings section. Where we can modify the header background color footer background color submit button background color and the submit bottom facts caller. You can also manage how to process after quiz submission whether we allow quiz and metadata to pass in the main cloud funnel process or redirect to the given URL the next step is to create custom input fields and headers. Now in this section, as you can see there are two containers.

You can actually have one or you may add more depending on what you want in my case. I want to have their name and contact number added so the first box is the name of your placeholder. Which is the name the second box is the title I'll write enter name you can also choose whether. You want to require it or not you can add your header and footer content. If you want to have additional information you can also add an image by clicking insert and choosing your file then add your descriptions and title in choosing your theme there are options here according to what you desire you can also choose your background.

If you want to add your background with your theme hit the small circle beside the custom background URL. Now let me show you how to get your background URL first is to go to media located at the right sidebar upload your file and click upload. Now button to get your URL you can just simply click your image and the bar will appear on the right-hand side. You'll see your URL and you can copy and paste it to the background URL. When it's done hit save click the manage survey question button below the add extra settings.

You can now add your survey questions for example how do you use our product service click the add option button you'd like to add daily add again for once a week and you can actually add more options depending on the survey question click add question to save it. When it's added you can add more of the same process. Now that your questions are ready all you need to do is to go back to cf surveyor and copy your shortcode to go to funnels and sites. You'll see there are different projects to confirm that your cf surveyor will function all you need to do is to add a project write your funnel name the type.

 which can be webinar membership sales or custom hit create select your page type. If you don't have to just add a new page on the template bar hit create from scratch. You'll see an editor page will appear you can now paste your shortcode and save it. Now that it is saved open your URL to see your page the page is ready to test. If it will function let's try to do some trials to see its responses go back to cf surveyor and hit view response. You'll see the response you tested you can also get the contact information by clicking export CSV.

There it is now that you already know about the normal page content. I will show you how the popup works so let's change the surveyor settings as a pop-up on the right sidebar you can choose the survey appearance there are different options here for the positions and in my case. I'll have it center to center click save changes go back to finals and sites and open your URL it is now pop-up that's the end of this article.

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