Fly oh I didn't see you guys standing. They're what's up y'all welcome back to my website. It's your girl miss Nicole Ashley. If you're new thank you for clicking on my video don't forget to subscribe to honey um in today's post  as you can tell by the title. We're going to be doing a Sheehan haul and this is my very first time ever doing a sheen haul. So I hope you guys like this video you feel me don't forget to hit that like button comment and subscribe. We're gonna get right into the video we're not even gonna do no longer talking. Because that's not what you guys are here for okay period. So let's get into it. So we have the very first outfit okay. I don't think you guys are ready for this outfit you feel me hit that like button let me know that you're ready to hit it.

 I'm waiting hit it hit the like button alright. So now that you guys like the video I'm gonna show you guys. My outfit are you ready so this is the very first fit let me know what you guys feel about this one honestly this is a very cute like summer outfit. I say you can dress this up and you can dress it down like you can wear heels with this like clear heels and you can also like wear air forces my titties out y'all kinda told me. My nipple was out she this thing is a little small. So I got this one in a size large thinking that the top would have been like the perfect size because I got some boobs on me. But the girl that's not working out like this is too small and the top the bottoms are too big for me like. I don't like them I like my stuff to fit real tight and if it's not fitting tight then are they right other than that I really like this fit what do you guys think about this one let me know. If you guys think I should keep this one or I should send it back and how y'all like it. But yeah this one's a two-piece and it comes together. So yeah I'll have all the details for every single item in this haul with the names the prices all of that will be down in the description box so we're gonna get right to the next outfit oh you're talking to me sorry honey you can't talk to me um this one is the next fit and this is one of my favorite. I don't know if you guys can see like the pants I got these pants in a size large they re a little tight but baby I fit my weight in it okay none of y'all can't tell me nothing because I'm still slaying like period.

So yeah these pants are in a large I really like them because they're true to length they're very um good material and I like the little like rough ruffle cuts or whatever you want to call these things by the knees you know. I really like that I really love the color of these jeans I've never had a pair of um jeans like this. So I wanted to pick up some hair a pair I mean it doesn't really do that much for the booty but something's still there and then this top I got this top in the medium I believe um it's a cute little top it shows a lot. So if you're not prepared then sweetie this top is not for you. But if you want to show a little something you know then hey this one is for yo you can dress this up and down or down but I would rather wear this with heels um I've actually worn this outfit before. So if I can find a picture then I'll insert it overall I really like this one I really recommend these jeans they bomb everybody love them when I pull them out you feel me. So yeah this is that next bit so I got this top in a medium this one says the baby girl and I are covering my nipples because this one is a little bit see-through. I probably show up on camera and I take no chances. I'm not trying to be a red flag or yellow flag or whatever flag it is but I really like this one it's. So cute um the material is stretchy I believe it's 100 kinds of cotton and has cute little rhinestones at the bottom if you guys can kind of see it. I really think this one's cute and it's cheap it's worth the coin is I really like this one this is how the back looks don't mind my hair back there yeah that's just how.

 It gives you guys in slow-mo yeah baby oh like tell me this is not cute like come on tell me this ain't cute you will hate it if you think this dress is not cute and that sound period like come on now I'm a city girl period I talk oh this one is one of my favorites honey this one's a little it shows a little much. But honestly, this is like an um date night slash you can even wear this to the club, to be honest. It's just a cute little black dress that you can have in your closet I feel like it's. So sweet it's so cute it's all of that it gives your bum a little you know and I got this one in a medium or was it a large this dress in a large and yes honey I think this one might be my favorite one out of the haul. So far yeah I really like this one my dress is a little shifty y'all but yeah let me give you guys a little all eyes on me. So don't be hating to wait your turn huh wait your turn Rachel listen. I feel like a tennis player this one right here come on Nicole you can be doing that on camera get. It together okay so this one I got this one in a medium and as you can see. It's a little shot yeah this one not gonna be it don't want it I have to go back now when it can't fit me it can't fit the whole butt crack is out you can' bend over.

 Butt cracks bump crap and I was gonna be out but I really like this one would have been my favorite if it fit properly so if anything actually no this one's gonna go bad and I'm gonna get a bigger size and hopefully. If it's as snug because this one is like it's like a waist like a clinching clinches your waist in to make it smaller and it's just it's like a corset vibe it gives me corset vibe that's what it is. But this one is fire, okay I freaking love this dress I just wish it could fit me and this one is showing a little tatas just a little bit this one is giving me grown and sexy bobs okay. This one you can pair with like cute little handbag a cute little clear heel you can even do colored heels like oh this is like an all-white dress. But yes I really wish this one could fit me. Because I'd have been out here like I told all my hoes to break it up break it down back it up hey it up look it up but yeah guys. It's too sad this one doesn't fit like boo this one gotta go back that's a Fendi fact okay next step okay y'all this is the next fit um this one's really cute actually it's giving me more fall vibes it has like a high slit all of the ways um I like the color. I feel like it looks good on my skin and all but unfortunately. It's too see-through like I gotta hold my boobs and I don't like that it's too see-through like.

 I can't be walking around the whole time going like this how y'all doing how are y'all doing hey hiya hi how are you how y'all doing no I can't be doing that so I got this one in the small I really like it.But I just feel like the material is too cheapy like she ain't you could have done a little better with this one sweetie it's like a cheapy okay step your cookie up but otherwise I really like it like it's cute.I like the little um slid that aside the slit in the middle or like the detailing right here is pretty simple though like at the back. It's really not that much but it's cute and my booty looking good and this can't in this um what's this called the mirror, yeah so maybe it's just me. I want a big booty so bad I'm begging dresses as I said it's like fall vibes but you can wear it like summertime as well.So yeah you can wear this in both fall and summer who don't want that like you got it for two seasons, sweetie, saving coins right there come on now this one is two pumps for me like a two pump for me. I got this one in the medium but this one is showing too much like this one's onesie you I guess you can call. If you can wear this around the house you know you can walk around the house looking cute for your man or whatever period yeah. If you don't know of an ole miss but I don't know what to tell though it's not gonna work he's gonna leave me oh yeah this one is like the material is very stretchy. But I feel like it's cheapy like the next one. So look at see-through but because it has the um designs on it you can't really tell but it isn't like a tin like look at that but it's very stretchy like but this one. I feel like I should have got a bigger size so down here it's not up in my crotch.

 So much like I said it's too poo for me like I needed to breathe down there you know I'm not trying to get no yeast-like. But other than that it's not bad like this is for a hot summer day. When you're inside yelps nowhere is outside this is too much this is gonna cost too much attention seriously. Now, this one is the next bit and this one writes us up is the devil I love this and it can't fit me. I'm so mad like ugh like this is so freaking cute it can't go up it can't fit now I don't know if I'm or what but clearly this medium ain't no goddamn medium this count up I my fat my most big on fox-like. I really like this one but this one the material is not stretchy at all. So if you got a thick tie and then you got big boobs and you got um a fat ass this one ain' gonna fit you and I think this one only comes to the lar the biggest size it comes in is large.I try to pull this up it's not getting past here so I don't know what it is maybe I should put it over my head.But I'm not even trying to I'm not trying to do that right now, to be honest. So we're just gonna let this one go because clearly, I'm fat that's just what it is serious guys my face I'm so upset guys like honestly, I think at this point she is trying to tell me that I'm fat. Because this can't go up either like I mean try to pull it up and it's not going up like. I think I'm bad like I'm seriously fa like it's not going up and I got this thing in the large. So don't understand like I don't understand I don't think this is true to size, to be honest. Because can't fit and I really like this and lady can't go up no more like I'm on here like this.

I feel like one of them would be out here like you walk one g can't get your digits though like you know man's pants are sagging and all but like. You know I can take you all I can show you a good time you feel me so these are the pants. I'm gonna show you guys a better view of them. It has it's giving me like a leather um feel and it has like these green army green like it's faded to army green and it has like little slits at the side it cannot fit. So I'm just I forgot I'm just gonna have to send it back because sweetie I tried and this one is the next fit this one's giving me very much grown and sexy vibes um it makes the booty look good. So that's always a plus I got this one in a medium this one wants to be true to size but everything else before that doesn't fit like you're pissing me off shin get it to get here before I have to run upon you guys okay like. I don't understand like don't watch my back fat back there don' hate oka if you're hating then I don't know don't act like you don't have that fat too we all got back fat cis okay. So this is the back of the dress I really like this watch me trying to hold over my back like this .So it doesn't show my back flat so that's the back of the dress I really like this dress actually and as I said I got this in a medium I don't know what kind of color this is giving me fake leather vibes though but it's still cute like it looks like. It's leather but it's not actually better leather but yeah. I need to do a couple more squats a couple more u sit-ups and squats before. I can wear this dress out but you know this one is cute and I'm definitely gonna be rocking this got all the eyes on me.When I walk in the spot once corona is over because I ain't going nowhere rona you ain't catching me outside baby.You ain't catching me outside you're not welcome inside my house. Okay, the period goes around your neck a few like choker vibes.

But you know we're not choking anybody so this one I feel like you can wear this to like dinner you can wear this you know out. But I feel like this is more like a dinner grown in the sexy vibe you can wear this with heels a black bag you know I have a little bag right here I'll demonstrate for y'all .So you can be like yes yes yes you be on the ground like okay all right your girl's slaying but yeah this was some heels wow this is a little short though. So you got to be careful you don't want your coochie to be out but other than that I really like this dress the only down thing how to watch what you're doing the only down. The thing is this is a little short but other than that it's cute. It's stretchy the material is very stretchy you have room to twer you definitely gotta run this work you ain't gotta worry about that but if anything. I can I would suggest that you size up because it's pretty short. But if you want it to fit and look sexy then size downstairs that's what I did. Because I like my stuff to fit tight but then not to show up my belly you're feeling me.

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