Faux Bangs No Hairpiece No Scissors

Hey, guys so today I'm going to show you how to create false bangs with your own hair. This is not herpes. I did not my hair this is just my false bags. I discovered this when I was doing my sixties hair history article. That you can actually use your own hair to create false bangs wig. I have been practicing it a little bit more over the past couple of weeks and I've kind of perfected the technique a little bit more.

So today I thought I would dedicate a video to false bangs because this needs to get sent out into the world people need to know about this you do not need to catch your hair. Anymore if you want to try out thanks for today, So it is really simple really easy to do literally all you need are two bobby pins and you can have full bangs in your hair without any scissor interference. So if you want to know how to do this then keep on watching okay.

I like to start out with a center parting just because I like that look best with bangs I'm going to start on this side. So I'm going to separate out just a section from the front of my hair right here right down to about my temples. I would say so I'm just going to tuck all of this behind my ear for now and this hit heroines. Now pull it forward straight over my face then I'm going to hold it down approximately. Where I want my bangs to end and then I'm going to grab this part and start twisting it outwards like that and then you can need to pull.

This out and keep twisting like that and then you can just take your twist make sure everything is nice and neat on the side here as well and then just take your twist and pin it down right here on the side. There's your first half did so then I'm going to pretty much do the exact same thing on the other side so again just pull my hair over my face and then start twisting and then when you're satisfied. Just pin it down to the side here then you can just go back and adjust some little things here and there and there are your false bangs done. Now you will always have a little bit of a soupy part right here but I think it's still very good full bangs pretty much the best thing you can get with your own hair.

I think so yeah this little part is inevitable but I think that occurs pretty often in real bangs as well. So I don't really mind and when you play around with it a little bit because pretty much unnoticeable. So there are your Falls bangs it really is this simple it quick to do so easy you don't need anything at all except for just two bobbies pin everybody can do this. So I have officially saved you from a trip to the hairdresser yeah so I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial enjoy your newfound freedom to wear bangs. Whenever you want and not cut your hair.

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