Finding the perfect keywords and hashtags for your videos

Hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about choosing the perfect keywords for Facebook video. Let's get started videos are a great way to engage better with your ideal followers. So it's important to use the right keywords for your video. So that your followers can easily find your videos on Facebook first. Let's understand what a keyword is keywords vary from words to phrases and website content. so it would increase the content's relevance and the odds for it to appear in search engines optimizing tags or keywords to make the most out of the video content.

That you post we can do this by adding the right keywords in the video tag section. When uploading videos using creator studio here are some tips that you can follow before experimenting with finding the right keywords for your video. Always place yourself in the shoes of your ideal followers. If you were in their shoes what words will you type to find the video content on Facebook it is important to know the basic kinds of keywords we need to be aware of these so that we can maximize our ability to find the keywords that fit our video.

First, is a short tail keyword is also known as ahead keyword these are keywords that contain the three words most people that just open their browser to research something often start with short tail keywords thus making it hard to determine. What is the search intent for this kind of keywords next is long-tail keywords these are keywords that contain more than three words this kind of keywords are more specific compared to the short tale you have less competition with long tails since people use it less often. Here are the types of keywords the first type is informational keywords these keywords are used by a user to learn general information on a specific topic. Usually, these keywords start with words like who where why what, or how for example what is an induction stove.

Next is navigational keywords these are keywords that are used by users who are more specific to their search an an example is the specific model of a product next is commercial keywords these are keywords that are used by users. Who search for information about products that they want to buy in the future take note that these keywords usually come along with modifiers these keywords have an intent of comparison between products last is transactional keywords these keywords are used by users. Who already has the intent to buy when you upload videos using creator studio you can see the tag section where you can use up to 8 keywords on each video.

These will be the keywords that will help your video to be discovered by your target audience. When choosing the right keywords for your videos remember these tips determine your video's main message think as if you are the user who will search for the kind of video. You are going to post try looking into the same videos inside a platform and see what keywords people use to write all the ideas you can think of and see what relevant keywords are perfect to use on your video. Now that you know about choosing the perfect keywords for your video we can now proceed to the next topic choosing the perfect hashtags, I'll see you there hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about choosing perfect hashtags.

 Let's get started you may notice hashtags are commonly used in social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram hashtags also work on Facebook. It makes your post interactive and searchable inside the platform let's start first on what is a hashtag a hashtag is a word or phrase before a hash key remember that hashtags should always and must start with a hash key to be considered and work as a hashtag take note that when including hashtags in your posts. You should not use spaces symbols or punctuations or else it won't work when using hashtags your account must be public because the post that you put a hashtag on won't be seen, when searched by people who are not your friends on Facebook one of the main purposes of hashtags is for your content or relevant posts to be easily seen and searched by your ideal and targeted followers.

 If you enter the hashtag phrase in the search bar Facebook will give you all the posts that have the same hashtag that you entered it also gives you the opportunity to build and create awareness for your brand by having a branded hashtag. You will have an efficient way to promote your brand and urge people to talk about your brand and business it also increases engagement with users. Who follow your brand because incorporating hashtags in your posts means that you are joining a conversation that is taking place on the social media platform you posted it thus making your post noticeable in the conversation as more people see your post.

It will give you a better chance of having more engagement. Now let's dive into learning how to choose the perfect hashtag first we have to know our target audience the main purpose of your hashtag is to make it easier for your ideal followers to see your content your ideal followers can see your post like it follow your brand's page and engage with your future posts. Here's an example if your business is all about selling fresh coffee beans to people. Who loves making fresh homemade coffee then this hashtag might be too broad instead using this hashtag can be a better option since you are targeting people. Who loves making a cup of coffee next we should also try to consider other brands hashtags.

That is on the same niche if it's working for them it could also work for you the engagement generated of that post with those hashtags is not because of the hashtags alone but it plays a role in the engagement. For example, if you type in this hashtag you'll be able to see the search results here you may notice these are brands that also sell fresh coffee beans and their posts include different hashtags relevant to the niche. Which is coffee another strategy is that you need to take a look at knowing what is trending in your niche. This will help you find some hashtags that will be effective for your brand after finding the perfect hashtags.

The next step is to test them in this part we should take note of the engagement of the hashtags. We have listed retain the hashtags that have a good amount of engagement and remove the hashtags. That is not productive to keep the hashtag simple. Remember that the purpose of the hashtag is for your content to be easily found by your ideal followers. Unnecessary words will give your ideal followers a hard time to find the hashtags and type them they can even misspell them keep your hashtags minimal use one or two hashtags on your post placing too many hashtags in your posts will negatively affect your brand and content. Because it will look spammy and unprofessional lastly to save you some time in writing your hashtags repeatedly you must write them down on your notepad or somewhere on your phone.

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