Homemade Wax for facial hair, blackheads,and How to get pouty lips in 5 minutes

We are going to do sugar waxing at home first of all let me tell you what is this sugar waxing the sugar waxing is the same as like normal vaccine. But the ingredients are totally different. So what does sugar waxing do this will help you a lot in removing all the facial hair blackheads and the tan from your face what are the benefits of this sugar waxing will help you a lot in removing the facial. Here without any pain and the second thing is that this will give wash. This will give you a shield close to your face and this will also make your face very soft.

So beauty is today I'm going to teach you how to make this sugar wax and how you have to apply this by applying. It on myself so beauty is what are we waiting for let's get started beauty's first of all you have to take one pan like this and the first thing. Which I'm going to add is one cup of white sugar our second ingredient is one whole lemon. I have already removed the seat now I'm squeezing it into the saucepan after mixing sugar and lemon juice. I am going to add 1/4 of water mixing them. Well, and I am going to put it on the stove. Guys, you have to put the pan on medium flame and bring it to boil for 8 to 10 minutes. You have to keep stirring it until it converts into a dark golden brown sealer. It is still transparent as you can see. So beauty is after 8 minutes you can see it is totally dark golden brown. Now I am pulling it into the glass bowl to the east you have to let. It sits for 15 to 20 minutes beauties. Now I am taking two waxing strips I have cut it down into two pieces or you can take cotton clothes right. Now I am not having anything on my face as you can see. I am taking my ball of agonizes too hot actually beauty's just made sure. It should not be too hot it should be pretty warm and you have to take a very thin layer of this vessel this make sure. It should not be too hot this work is seen as Maxim but this sugar waxing is too good. It will remove all the tan and will make your face. So glowy and soft out oh yes it has removed my small baby here hope you can see a very tiny one.

 Now I'm trying to remove this one whoa whee dis is amazing to see this. I just love this vaccine you can see so many beauties now let's try it on blackheads will it remove or not. I'm taking again my the sugar wax and applying it on my nose like this oh my goodness like this taking the strip. I'm going to boil it yes it removes the blackheads awesome. Wow but we then see let's do the forehead also can you see it removes to here Wow I'm spraying some waters. So beauties at last I will highly recommend you to go with the sugar waxing this is amazing this is ultimate. I must say oh and give you a glow on your face hope you can see this oh my goodness I'm feeling. So soft this is amazing seriously so guys at last take care do follow me on Instagram see you in my next video stay tuned please share my video as much as you can and I love you. So many guys hello my beauties welcome back to my channel my name is Veronica and first of all. I'm very sorry for delaying my video as I got a little busy so today I'm going to show you how you can get pouty lips. Guys let's get straight jump into the tutorials the beauty is first of all I'm taking 2 sticks of cinnamon and going to crush.

 It into powder guy's cinnamon has the property of coughing the lips. So it will give you proper puffy and fuller lips two guys after crushing I'm going to apply it. I have stored the powder in the container I'm taking a little amount of it on my bomb now I'm taking coconut oil Here I am taking parachute coconut oil taking only one to two drops of it and going to mix. It well now I'm applying it on my lips slightly scrubbing it guys make sure you cover your lip properly now after applying this mixture I am living it for five minutes and after five minutes I'm going to wipe. It out with my hand towel doing it very softly and gently oh gosh. It has soft my lips like a pro you can see it has naturally made my lips fuller and softer cinnamon has the natural property of making lips fuller and bigger. Now I'm flying my favorite lip gloss from Street where it's in the shade sunset its nude pink beauties if you have thin lips. I will recommend you to go with gloss lipstick or gloss lip gloss rather than going with a matte lipstick. Because gloss will enhance your lips and give you more fuller and pouty lips beauty's in my coming post. I'm surely gonna show you how you can get pink lips naturally. So stay tuned for its beauty is this is my method of getting the fuller and puffy left.

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