How to Change YouTube Channel Name in NEW YouTube Creat

In this quick video tutorial, I will show you how to change the channel name in the new youtube studio here it is jelanis welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time here I'm Rahul from and I help digital creators like you turn your digital presence into profit using waste digital marketing stages. I today's the video you will learn how to change channel name in the new youtube studio. So as you know that youtube updated youtube creator studio recently and a lot has changed in a new youtube studio. So let's jump over my computer and let me show you how to change the channel name in the new youtube studio so here we are on the home page of my new youtube channel. I have recently created this new youtube channel to test youtube source that is basically short-form video content under 60 seconds. I have already created a separate video discussing what is youtube sorts and whether you should create youtube sorts or not. 

So if you want to learn more about youtube sources click on the card over to watch that video but the fact is I have created this new youtube channel. Because I didn't want to annoy my existing audience on the primary youtube channel with short form youtube content. But when i created this youtube channel that is youtube sorts with travel. I made a typo in sorts and I missed a rain the shots. So I just want to change the channel name of this channel and fix the typo that I made earlier. So let's see how we can do it there are two ways you can change the channel name in the new youtube studio and I'll show you both of them so let's proceed and see how we can do it. I'll simply g  t manage videos button here and click on that and this will open the youtube studio and here we are on the channel dashboard on the left we have got all the men's items and to change the channel name. 

We have t go to settings and then channel and her under the basic info tab you can see that the name is listed here. Which is youtube sorts with nove and here it says to edit channel nam visit your google account and if I click here this will open a new tab with the option to change. The name of m google account. If you want to completely change th name of your google account you can simply click this pencil icon next to namand then edit your first name and last name and after that click the save button and this will save the settings. But I don't want to do this because this is my brand account and I don't want to change the na completely of my google account. 

So rather than utilizing this option I'll go back and try with another option. Where I'll be just changing the name of my channel, not the entire google account. So I'll close this and then from the left menu items go to customization here you can see that ways customization settings option are available you can change the layout branding and basic info and this is what. We are looking for in the basic info we have got the option to change the channel name and description. So I'll simply click this pencil icon next to the channel name and then I can edit the name. He, so I just added an r and now this looks perfect so I'll proceed to save the settings and to save settings. We just need to click this publish butto and once done you will get th notification here changes published and now.If you go to channel you will see that the channel name has changed that is the missing r has changed here and this is how you can change the channel name in the new youtube studio. So i just guided you with the step-by-step process of changing youtube channel name in the new youtube studio there are two ways to change that. If you want to change the google account nam completel then you can utilize the first option however if you don't want to change your google account name but only want to change your channel name then you can utilize the second option by the way. If you want to learn youtube seo strategies then visit youtube seo academy to download your free youtube seo checkli. I hope you found this video helpful. If yes please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel for more such updates and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and i'll try my best to help with that being said thanks for watching.

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