How to Tweet on Twitter. Tips and Tricks To Grow Your Visibility and Twitter Audience

Hello, guys welcome to the chapter tweeting and retweeting in this lesson. We're going to talk about how to tweet let's get started businesses used Twitter to post tweets to their followers or potential target audience people can post tweets about how good the customer service of your business tweets can easily spread and share it on Twitter. This helps people know that your business is a brand they can trust this gives them assurance. That you are concerned about your customer satisfaction with their service some businesses don't give time to communicate with customer concerns most of the feedback and reviews for such business as bad as business owners you don't want that to happen to your business it is important.

 That your customers are satisfied with your products and your customer support as tweets easily spread on Twitter more people can learn about how good your business is let me show you how to tweet on Twitter log in to your account in this section. You will see here what's happening in this section you can type your thoughts ideas concerns about any topic you can think of and post it as your tweet you are limited to post a 240 character tweet. So you have to make the most of that 240 character limit type in your tweet and you can even add an emoji using. This icon if you click this + icon you will notice that a pop-up window appears with tweets sex box click the tweet button.

Then you'll see your tweet appear on your Twitter feed people who are following you will be able to see your tweet right away when you click this arrow. You'll have the option to delete a tweet pin a tweet to your profile or view Twitter activity click pin. You'll see a pop-up window asking for your confirmation. If you want to pin this tweet to your profile click pin also you will be seeing a notification. That the tweet has been pinned to your profile if you pin the street to your profile. This will the first tweet that anyone can see as they browse through your profile let's check our profile. When you scroll down you'll see this first tweet you may notice pen tweets here since.

This is the tweet that we have pinned a while ago let's check out other tweets, you can see here that the sewer user helps small businesses by giving advice on what they can do they post educational tweets. That small business can get some useful information from next this Twitter user tweets about technology news. You can see that they link articles to the latest news and updates regarding topics related to technology. That is how easy you can post a tweet by browsing tweets from your Twitter account. You'll be able to see tweets that people post and it will give you an idea about what to post you can even check your competition on what they post and it will give you ideas on what to promote and how to promote it to your followers and potential customers.

Hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about how to put hashtags and tweets let's get started hashtags on your tweets can help your tweets be discovered by people. Who searches for the same keywords that you have placed on their tweets as hashtags you can easily differentiate hashtags from texts. Since they have a hash key in front of a word with no spaces in between it's a great way to increase the searchability of your posts on Twitter you can also combine multiple words as phrases and form it into hashtags but don't include spaces in between them. It's also readable if the first letter of the multiple words.

You use in your hashtags would be a capital letter this is much easier to understand since there are no spaces in between the words let's take a look at how hashtags are used in tweets. You can see in this Twitter user tweets. That he used the hashtag, which is also the name for his podcast for professional speakers in his suite he uploaded a short video about what people can expect to hear about a topic. That they're going to talk about in their podcasts this helps promote coming podcasts that his followers will be updated and be able to attend his live podcast. Next, this tweet promotes an event by using this hashtag although this is an event that was held last 2019.

 It's still useful to look at this tweet and get ideas on using hashtags to promote an event the tweet includes the date. When the event will be held and the location of the event it even mentions a good discount promo here for early bird prices also. It's good to have a call to action here if you want people to register and attend the event people will be eager to purchase since they have learned that by using the web blog you'll get 15% off the original price. When you click on this hashtag you'll be able to filter tweets that use the same hashtag under tweets it will be easier to find relevant tweets that people post and share you can see here that by searching or clicking on this hashtag. We have discovered this life podcast under the latest results.

This is a useful resource for listening to topics that are related to these hashtags people. Who is interested in this topic will be able to learn more about it by listening to their podcasts by promoting their podcasts on Twitter. They'll be able to get more people to listen to their podcasts as they post tweets using their hashtags let's take a look at similar tweets with this hashtag ion's 2019. This gives us the latest search results of people posted tweets related to this conference you can also use this hashtag. News to look for recent news that is happening worldwide. You may notice that since this is a vague keyword. You'll get random tweets, if you use this hashtag on your tweet to make it more specific it's good to add another hashtag on your tweet aside from a general and vague keyword.

This filters the tweets that are somewhat relevant to the hashtags that you have included in your tweet if you add another specific hashtag on their tweet these will be the results of tweets. That will be seen by people who would search for these particular hashtags. If you use them they will be able to see your tweet they browse through the search results adding hashtags on your tweet will help her business promote your products and services now that you know about how to put hashtags and tweets. We can now proceed to the next topic on how to upload videos and images.

I'll see you there hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about how to upload videos and images let's get started posting tweets on Twitter is not just tweeting plain texts about random topics or your thoughts about what you want to tweet about people are visual and find it easier to get your message across once you have added media on your tweets. You can upload videos and images on your tweets as it also adds color to your tweets posting photos and videos on your social media channels. Can easily get your message across to your followers also people love watching short videos rather. Than reading long text so make an effort to create images or videos for promoting your products or services like these can catch people's attention more compared to photos videos get more views engagement and retweets as people find it interesting to watch a video.

That gives value and shows a story that they can relate to you can post recorded videos on Twitter. You can also do a live stream on Twitter by using your Twitter mobile app this way you can broadcast and send your message to your followers in real-time it can also increase engagements as people can send comments questions to you and you can answer them right away instead of tweeting plain text add images to your tweet. So that people will check your tweet as they browse through their feed people are lazy to read plain text by adding a photo to your text people will be focused on the image and easy to get what your Twitter is about at a glance so let's try to upload a video on our Twitter account logs in to your Twitter account. 

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