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Rise and grind and welcome to this post. We're going to be talking about one of the most powerful strategies for growing your youtube channel to 1 000 subscribers and beyond.  Hey if you've been frustrated with the growth of your youtube channel or. If you feel like even your growth has been declining a little. The bit I don't blame you because youtube can really be an emotional roller coaster. I'm actually going to be talking about a strategy. I learned from a video I posted five years ago.  I'm gonna show you um while I was living in an apartment in southern California. I created this video and it helped us grow our youtube channel video influencers the other outube channel. I do with Benji Travis co-author of youtube secrets um in the very early days. When we were just getting started getting those first few hundred and first few thousand subscribers. I'm gonna reveal that whole strategy in this video and you know as a result today.

 I've used it multiple times over and have grown multiple youtube channels to over 2 million subscribers combined and so buckle up smash. The like button because this episode is power-packed with. Some strategies that you can really use and it's based around this strategy called trend surfing that's the strategy trend surfing and this is how to rapidly grow your youtube channel by leveraging trending topics. But hey if we are just meeting my name is sean, Cannell. I am the co-author of the number one bestselling youtube strategy book youtube secrets and I'm fired up. Let me know what you're drinking in the comments below. I'm sipping on some espresso and I'm ready for the training today and we're talking about trend surfing and today's video is brought to you by vid iq and if you haven't got vid iq yet you definitely want to grab it's one of the best software for growing your youtube channel and making data-driven decisions so shout out to our sponsor for this video vidiq.com forward slash think gets you a free trial on any of the paid plans and here's a huge key you can use video for free if you haven't downloaded it yet but you want to make sure you install the vid iq vision plugin for google chrome so when you go to the chrome web store you can get this for free and again vid it is free as well as this plug-in is free but there are some paid plans that give you some better features and you can check out links in the description down below for more details on that um but hey um trend surfing trend surfing the goal here is to ride the wave of trending topics now a friend of mine, jeff Moores is a surfer he lives in oceanside California and I've been out surfing with him before I'm terrible like I get all this my arms get tired I can barely stand up even though I have the spongiest biggest longboard of all time it's difficult but when we're out there surfing. When I'm surfing with my friend Jeff, I've learned that what you do is he watches the waves that are coming he watches the different waves that are coming and he kind of sits there. Let me know are you a surfer have you ever tried surfing do you hate the water are you scared of sharks tell me in the comments and he uh and he watches the waves trying to see a wave that is coming and when he sees a wave that is coming. He turns around he starts to paddle and then he pops up and he rides. The wave how does that relate to youtube well youtube is a massive platform you know all these views every day all these videos uploaded every day.All this consumption of over a billion monthly active users on the platform and trends is one of the most important things to apply to your youtube strategy. If you want to grow your channel and it's kind of like this there are always these different trends in your industry in your niche related to your channel. There's always these different waves coming and the key when it comes to winning on youtube just like riding the perfect wave in surfing is spotting the trends is your timing.You know you don't want to wait too late that's what I would try is I'd say okay oh a good one's coming he'd say try to catch this one.I'd kind of turn around I wasn't really ready I'm like. Hey just like zoned out like I can't even stand up jeff I'm not gonna be able to ride this wave. But if my timing's off if I don't turn around if. I don't spot the trend position myself for the trend take action and then start putting in the hustle and start paddling and pop up to ride that wave and here's the thing. Sometimes you try to ride a wave-like me and you pop up but you fall over you kind of miss the wave no big deal. Because there's always another wave coming but the key is trend surfing. I'm going to be sharing some specific tools that you can use to leverage this. I'm going to share some examples of how channels with less than a thousand subscribers have used the strategy to double their channel and get tens of thousands of views um. I'm going to be talking about uh some things at the end of what. I've learned from my early days on youtube that has led to over 2 million subscribers on youtube leveraging this strategy

. Just like Richard Branson says opportunities are like buses new ones are coming every day. So don't feel like you've missed your opportunity on youtube or you've missed a chance to even cover this topic or this trend there's always going to be another one.You know there's always going to be a new trend to surf and so this is the trend surfing strategy. So the question is what trends can you surf in your niche and tell me in the comments have you ever put out a video-based around a trend what's a trend well it could be. Something trending in news could be the latest tech product it could be a trending diet. It could be a trend in quilting or it could be a trend in dog training it could be a trend uh that's in a way. There are trending seasons of the year we call them tentpole seasons Halloween right is a trending season or maybe.There's uh thanksgiving there's certain if you have a cooking channel you want to be thinking about.Some of those things so let me know about um. If you've ever kind of leveraged this strategy and I'm going to give you some details on. How you can go really deep and apply this to your channel.But I want to introduce you to dr k dr Karthik is got a great youtube channel and he helps ambitious individuals and burnout and.So he does a lot of videos like this like how anxiety affects your body um how to overcome burnout how to get your mind right.So definitely, a youtube channel to check out. But when he, uh you know posted this video that you're seeing here he had a few hundred subscribers. So I know that if you can use this strategy it'll get you over a thousand subscribers especially when you use it right.So he was making very practical videos that were timeless and not as much time and that's great as well because youtube is an evergreen platform like there's maybe. Just practical things like if you have a carpentry channel or like a fixer up your home channel. It's like how to drill a hole in a wall there's like that video if you search how to drill a hole in the wall there's like millions of views on those videos. So sometimes some videos are kind of timeless evergreen people are always searching for them they solve a specific problem that's a good strategy.But trends jump on something that's happening in culture. So this is just kind of general this is how anxiety affects your body that's relevant this year next year and the year after right. But what he did was using this strategy that he learned from being a part of at a deep level from one of our deeper coaching programs. He made a couple videos about real mental health doctor as he is one a naturopathic physician and got all the degrees and whatever else reacts to the joker. So joker reveals uh re Joko review and reaction by a real mental health doctor. Now we just saw that he was getting around 170 views this video got 17 000 views then he did a follow-up and he actually did a scene-by-scene reaction to the joker a trending movie right a very polarizing movie very like.Wow, that's intense, and a lot of things being put on display mental health issues different things. So here's the key because the mistake people make and maybe even your objection is like well I don't want to just leave my value proposition in my channel and just randomly follow trends. I'm not going to just follow the teeny boppers and whatever they're doing I'm going to focus no no you are tying the core value proposition of your channel into relevant trending topics that could be happening in music viral videos memes movies the cultural conversation. So for this to work you do want to be plugged into what's happening and looking for connections that are relevant to your channel niche and topic you see. How powerful this is and the crazy thing is I think now he's at a couple thousand subscribers he's at like a little two or three thousand subscribers.So it busted him from a couple hundred subscribers to like 10xing his channel by leveraging this on just a couple strategic videos um.

 I'll link this up in the description down below but heather Taurus on the think team recently interviewed erica Colberg who went viral three thousand uh three million views in under eight months from leveraging trend surfing and what she started to talk about was again real lawyer. She's a lawyer she actually has some really great resources for helping content creators like us in terms of like trademarks and making sure disclaimers and things like that are good on your websites around your products your youtube descriptions. But she explains the stimulus package and she did a lot of stimulus check videos. Relevant to her niche with legal advice personal finance advice and things like that and you could see these videos on-screen massively blew up her channel. In a very short time in less than a year, I believe she has gotten to 71 000 subscribers from zero and. So if you want to hit a thousand subscribers 100 000 like whatever your goal this is not just a good strategy to start with right now wherever you are this is a good strategy. If you want to get your gold play button and you already have your silver play button right and so really really powerful and we have a full think marketing podcast out on that which I'll link in the description below where heather interviews uh erica so definitely check that out now uh this is Brennan Burchard and years ago. I saw him do this again he's in personal development. He's not going to be talking about the joker probably he's not going to talk about the latest Avengers movie right. But what he's paying attention to is what books and conversations and themes were happening in personal development which is his industry. So when he was doing this weekly show called the Brendan uh called the charge life he made a video on how to develop grit and what is grit okay. Now when he released the video trend surfing angela Duckworth's book grit was a top seller it was top of mind in the conversation it was the top trending topic about personal development.

 So he releases a video mentions the book and it's like maybe you've heard of angela duckworth's books pretty good book here's. My take and then just pivots right off of that trend surf it and then takes. It into his own uh kind of tips and rides the trending topic here's the key. If you want to win on youtube titles matter tags can help a little bit uh thumbnails huge deal these things really matter you get your like description right your tags right your thumbnails right. But if you're not talking about the right topics then you're not going to grow at the rate you want to does that makes sense like the title of your video how. It's written is almost less important although very important than actually what it is you're talking about in the video. So when everyone is thinking about a certain thing and the joker is trending then dr k's video gets attention people to go oh this is very interesting. It starts to trigger the youtube algorithm the video starts to spread he could have just done another topic about how anxiety affects your body or a real mental health doctor reacts to the joker you're gonna post a video. This week one way or another which topic you choose determines your destiny on youtube. It's the power of trend surfing let me know if you're getting value out of this video and smash the like button. If you're getting value so I've got some tools to share with you but here's the definition of trend surfing based on the promised value of your channel this might eliminate. Some things right you're not just trying to think what is like the coolest thing in the culture.

 It's actually starting with what is the promised value of your channel what value does your channel deliver then what trending topics could you use to create strategic videos got it. So that's the definition of trend surfing whatever your promise value of your channel helping ambitious end of individuals and burnout overcome anxiety well. There's a mental health conversation happening around a movie okay I can tie into that for my channel fair. So it's a strategy just like and by the way it's a strategy that you will learn and get better at over time my friend jeff morris can surf those waves like crazy. He's got the style he's got the shortboard he's got the right sunscreen on and this wetsuit and he wax and all the stuff. I don't even know how to carry a surfboard it's like. I'm dragging it on the ground it's this huge longboard you know. So you can skill up the more you practice the more you go surf trends the more you create videos strategically in test ideas and test concepts the more likely. It is that you're gonna hit one that could change your life business and youtube channel forever and help you reach that a thousand subscriber goal and beyond. So we're also going to um I'm going to show you an example of that too that helped me reach my first 1000 subscribers on a different channel. But let's talk about a couple of free tools I'll show you some other tools and here.

 We go so one of the free tools is google trends you want to do trend surfing you want to learn how to do google trends and. So here's an example that you can do with google trends is you can enter in topics and actually see. If the trend is rising if the trend is going down and you can see if. It would be smart to create a video around that particular topic. So let's just you know say for example Halloween uh and this actually this practice will give you uh an idea of when you should post videos related to that topic now notice. This you can actually not look at web search but you can look at youtube search and then you can also say okay let me look in the past um five years. So I want to look at these these are why these are called tent polls trending tent polls because every year obviously. It's the peak on like maybe the day of or right around before but you also see when the trend begins to rise so this is uh September 22nd people are probably searching like what costume should. I get there's another inflection point around October 13th then you really want to maybe put your video out and then it really begins to rise you probably are almost a little late. If you're talking about it you know later than that and so uh let's actually look in the past uh 90 days and. We can actually see the rise of interest on October 4th. It's the beginning of the month and then it really is starting to spike here on the 25th makes sense like the week of et cetera. So this is one example but let me show you with this channel that you're on right now think media and let me know. How long you've been a part of the thinking community appreciate you being here mostly what. He posts right is tech review tech tutorials and even more specific tools for creators uh best camera for youtube. How to take better photos with the canon m50 uh you know sony a6400 versus a6600 etc so when I'm also trying to pick out what topics should

. I talk about next let me just give you an example of how powerful this tool could be you could go um canon m50. So what I want to do is I'm going to actually compare trends interest and that's what you're trying to create on youtube you're trying to figure out what is my target audience interested in so okay who's interested in the sony uh. The canon m50 that's my first question then may be compared to the Sony a6400 another camera we highly recommend very powerful and popular and then maybe compared to the canon 90d and you could do. This with like three different topics in your industry your niche and then I'm gonna make sure it's on. Youtube search and I'm gonna say in the past 12 months and so now I'm trying to actually determine. Where I want to invest my energy this is just one signal of how much interest how much. You know the conversation is happening around these particular cameras and what. I see is that by and large the m50 is more popular than the other two and the other two very much competition when it comes to their overall interest over time see how powerful that is and. So you could even see different reasons regions that people are interested in it but at times. When we say because again now you probably know think media is this community of creators. We've got Nolan molten tony Sariola and heather Taurus and Omar Alta Corey right and uh hashtag team Omar and yours. We've got these different creators and so we're able to cover a lot more content now. We're uploading five videos a week here but one of the things we have to we still have to audit our time. We can't even talk about every camera in the world. We're trying to find the best camera and invest our energy wisely. So we're leveraging where's the interest at where are the trends at now sometimes by the way we're going to be covering some fuji stuff because fuji's like a lot of people know but the food is putting a huge bang for your buck in terms of how much features you get in terms of the dollars invested. When it comes to the camera conversation but the interest of the fuji like xt 200.

 I said it wrong probably fuji like x-t200 um is maybe like flat so so what does that teach me that teaches me that if I make a video titled like the best camera for youtube. Well, then you don't know yet about any of the cameras you maybe are like. I need your help that's why I'm watching this video. But if I actually want to get. New viewers and reach 1 000 subscribers then I need to be talking about topics that could actually bring an audience does that make sense. If you were to say like best macho massage gun which is those like impact guns. I've been using them because I'm a runner like I don't know what the model numbers are. So I'm watching your video so you can lead me to them and there's maybe interest around what is the best massage gun. But I don't know even the names of the guns vice versa the m50 itself has influence. It's not just Kim Kardashian that is influence cameras have influence as well depends on. Which one products have influence products are influencers right and we can see this based on the interest of um the google trend shows us let me. Just give you one other example you know if you're in health and fitness and we have people like. Some of our video ranking academy students like ben from keto camp. So I understand that vegan and keto are two radically different things but what's interesting is you also might say what language should. I will be using what trends should I be using and what's interesting is we can see here that keto as a trend as like food as exercises as books it has been on this massive rise notice again peaked in January. Because everyone around the beginning of the year comes on this is a strategy for your youtube channel people are like okay.

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