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Hey, what's up guys and thank you. So much for tuning into my channel. If you are new welcome welcome welcome and if you are coming back thank you so much. I appreciate the support in today's post. I have a highly requested video so today in this post. I will do a hand expression now. I had to do a little bit of research. I'm really not familiar with hand expression as far as like um you know just collecting through hand expression. But from what I've read and what I researched is supposed to be better than pumping. So I'm really excited to just really figure out and see. If this is true or not so yeah let's get into it all right. So first you want to start with clean hands and then you want to make sure that you have your supplies and this is all you need and then I have my timer so usually when I pump I pump for like 10 minutes. So I'm gonna do this for about 10 minutes to see what's the difference now usually. I don't like it when I initially pump because I haven't pumped in a while but when I do pump um. I pump well it takes about five minutes before I even get anything out of my brace and my son's suction is. So strong and the breast pump is like not is nearly as strong as my son suction. So I don't know that has anything to do or not but yeah.

 I don't know so another thing that I want to talk to you about is before. I get started is um people do hand inspiration. I guess you know to collect milk. But the reason why I do hand expression when I do hand inspiration is that. When I haven't fed my son in a while. I say if he's gone to his grandparents' house for a day or. So you know for a day for eight hours um and I haven't been around well sometimes I don't pump and when I don't pump or if I wait too long before I pump my breasts get indulged and um I have to hand this brace to you know too I guess to get some of that milk out so it what they call it to let down. So that I can let down my breasts so they won't be as sore because if you go. They just build a build up build a bit of buildup because you know. It's program your boobs are programmed to like okay this is the time that I eat. So make sure let's make sure that they have enough um food for when they get hungry. So furthermore let's get into it so all right so you want to start with clean hands and then you want to have your container.

 Which is my container and then I have my water so that you know. It's a really good forum prediction so yeah oh you know I got my hair done today you know. I just got a little tummy trim. So I decided to put in some makeup you know what do you think y'all like y'all like it. I want to show you guys my hair yes so much body she asked me that I wanted bone straighter body and I got the body of course body duh so I just want to show you guys right quick. So we're going to set the timer for let's say 12 minutes see I have it set can you guys see that. So I got to sit for a little over 12 minutes and you always want to start out with um the opposite brace that you've already. Like my son, he fit on this side um last time so I'm going to start on this side, so the first one thing you want to do is massage your breast massage and this is what I do I know sometimes um it's good like. If you're in the shower um run you know warm water over your breasts that help with the let down um.

 So I'm just gonna massage here for a little while just beside you know kidding see if I found my shirt okay I was trying to get it where you guys can see it can't get messy. So like it squirts everywhere trying to get anywhere you guys can't see it. Okay so you kind of gotta look in I'm expressing but you know you gotta kind of look and you gotta hear that so do. If your milk isn't coming out then try to re-massage your breasts and see if that works all right guys. So I'm all done I did for about 10 minutes and I ended up getting like three ounces. Which is pretty good but yeah overall I think that if you want to get more milk and less amount of time. I think hand expression is the way to go now mind you. If I wasn't trying to show you guys how to do. It then I probably would have been able to be more productive. But I was really trying to show you guys. How to do it and it it does get a little messy but I think. It's so worth it like if you can sit there out. It's not really hard to do um and you know the milk just comes on out so I think it's really good and I think it's really I think it's very effective I think if. If I had to um compare it to pumping I think is for me it's a faster option. If you're just really trying to like go ahead and get the milk or whatever now it is more work let's just come with it. But it's more work but I feel like it's more effective versus pumping all right guys.

So now that I'm all done handed spacing and I have it in my clean container what I'm going to do. I'm going to transfer it to a bag so I can feed it to my baby later or you can also get put it in the freezer. Which I'm putting in the refrigerator but you can also put it in the freeze for storage. So yeah let's go Alright guys. So the first thing you're going to need is getting a bag of the storage bag and you want to get a sharpie. So you can write on it and I would just be writing his name the date and the time those are the most important things that you want to put on your label when you're using your bag now. I'm just using this bag because I couldn't find any of the storage bags that I bought but this is totally fine. If you need to substitute so the next thing I will be doing is just simply pouring my express milk into my Ziploc bag once. You get done just zip it up really tight and you want to make sure that it will not come out and spill. Because you don't want spilled milk or no you don't want to waste any milk and then you want to place. It is the refrigerator that's it, guys. So that's it guys thank you so much for tuning in to my channel I really appreciate it. I really appreciate all the love and the support and I hope that this post was very informative for you guys. So I know you guys are saying that I really didn't express hand expression long in the previous post. But I hope that you guys enjoyed it.

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