Optimizing your Facebook page for maximum video reach

Hello, guys welcome to the chapter Facebook page basics in this lesson. We're going to talk about optimizing your Facebook page let's get started having a Facebook page helps businesses to build their brand on Facebook people. Who are not aware of their brand can discover the page it will be easier to communicate with customers using the platform marketing promotions is also possible with organic or paid promotions. You can also attract leads to your page customers can easily give feedback on your Facebook page making it possible for everyone to see optimizing your Facebook page will make your video content for the promotion of your products and services more efficient productive and legit.

Now let's talk about how we can optimize our Facebook page the first thing that we will focus on is the page details to edit this in this section click the about tab under general settings. You'll see category click edit than write whatever you decide your page category will be next is the name click edit in the name section and type in your brand or business name next customize page URL name in this section. You'll see the username and click edit this is your vanity URL write what page URL name that you have decided. Here's a quick tip your URL name should not exist before or else it won't be created or registered next business info under the business info edit your start date click the edit start date and then enter the date.

When your brand started next is business type click on it then choose what additional details best define your business add or edit your contact info you will see under the contact info the phone number. Then type in your business contact number here next add your email type in your business email add your website enter the URL of your website. Here next add your other social media accounts click add account then beside the box. You'll see a selection if it's an Instagram account. That you're adding Twitter WhatsApp etc choose what social media account. You would like to add to your Facebook page then enter your username for that social media account. Now let's add a page description under more info you can see the above section here click edit. You'll see a pop-up window where you can describe your page add one to two sentences that show a brief summary of your page.

You can tell people about your products or services and it will help your page be discovered. Next, edit your business info on the far upper right corner you'll find the edit page info click on it in this section. You can add your phone number just type in your business phone number and make sure to select the country code here then click save next add your website type in your website's URL here so that people can click on your website. If they want to learn more about your brand or business next add your email address here this will allow people to contact. You via their email address if they prefer then add a location. If your store has a physical address type in your street address city and zip code your location affects your appearance in local search by people.

Next, add your business hours then place a check in the box that best suits your business hours next add a call to action button in this section. You'll see an add a button option click on http://www.pronenews.com/ it steps 1 choose the best option for your business then click next click settings on the upper right corner then click the messaging option go to start a messenger conversation turn on the show greeting option to edit your greeting message click change and type in your desired greetings and click save lastly optimize your page tabs click settings in the upper right corner and click the templates and tabs menu on the left side to arrange these tabs just choose the tabs.

That you want to arrange hold and drag where you want it to be placed it is also important to optimize your Facebook page's cover photo and profile photo. We'll discuss more on that topic in the next lesson so make sure to watch it now that you know about optimizing your Facebook page. We can now proceed to the next topic optimizing your profile and cover photo. I'll see you there hello guys in this lesson. We're going to talk about optimizing your profile and cover photo. Let's get started optimizing your profile and cover photo is important whenever you publish a post people will see the post and very often. They won't even look at the page name they will look at your logo this is because it is instinctive to look at images instead of reading text people are drawn to visuals.

So your logo should clearly identify that it is you or your brand people should be able to connect with your logo with your cover photo you must be able to showcase your brand your featured products or services or what your business actually do this will grab the customer's attention and they will stay on your Facebook page a profile picture is your identity that is seen in all engagements across the social media platform. They serve as an avatar next to the profile name as people see on comments content posts mention notifications etc for your profile photo the best format recommended is png the size must be at least 180 by 180 pixels always maintain a square photo. Here are some great examples of brands that follow Facebook recommended pixel range hydra flask crunch Starbucks keep it simple make a simple representation of what your brand is this is what will mark in people's minds.

So make sure that the photo is eye-catching easy to digest and it shows a strong representation of what your brand is here are great examples from big brands that show simplicity you have lace Netflix McDonald's KFC Audi subway LG Starbucks FedEx and apple next use minimal colors. Your brand must have a dominant color for your profile photo here are some examples from brands that use two colors Pepsi uses red and blue NetFlix the colors black and red now here are brands. That use three colors Mastercard using red orange-yellow Paypal use three different kinds of blue then tied using the colors blue yellow and orange a cover photo is a large photo on the top part of your Facebook profile or Facebook page. It's the biggest part of your Facebook page that is why people will be able to see it first as they click on your profile there is a study.

Where it is discovered that people spend more time glancing at the cover photo the recommended dimensions of the cover photo are 820 by 312 pixels the format recommended is srgb or a jpeg file and the file size must be less than 100. If your cover photo has a logo and a text it is best to upload it using the png file format here are examples of brands that optimize their cover photo. You have coca-cola Adidas Lacoste and Philips sounds for cover photos. You can outline and describe your business's service here's an example of business card detailing services as you can see they added every service. They offer and their contact information in the cover photo.

You can also utilize your cover photo by featuring a product that will be available in your store soon. Here's a great example made by Colgate next to highlight the best features of your product doing. This will attract more people to purchase your product increasing your sales having a good profile photo and cover photo gives the impression that you have taken the time to create a stunning photo for your Facebook page. Which will represent your brand to optimize your profile photo and cover photo to tell your brand story or purpose. Now that you know about optimizing your profile and cover photo we can now proceed to the next topic cover video versus a cover photo.

 I'll see you there hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about cover video versus a cover photo. Let's get started Facebook cover photo and cover video is a branding opportunity visitors look at the cover photo or video to find quick information about the brand but most of the time people are having a hard time choosing. It is better to use a cover photo or video is located on the top part of a Facebook page or a Facebook profile, unlike profile photos. You won't see a cover photo or video anywhere the user should visit first your page or your profile to view them most followers of your brand might be spending their time more on engaging with your business through Facebook rather.

Than other platforms so cover photos or videos can greatly affect. How your users will see and engage with your brand or business for the cover photo the ideal size is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall for a cover video the ideal size is at least 820 by 312 pixels keep in mind. That the video must be less than 1.75 gigabytes the cover video can be up to 20 to 90 seconds long. You can utilize your Facebook page cover to promote what you are selling use your Facebook cover to promote your product services and agenda. So which one should you use if your goal is to have brand awareness since the brand is still starting the best option to use is the cover photo because first, we need to establish what our business is all about people are going to understand your brand more as you use your cover photo rather.

Then a cover video because your brand is not yet established keep in mind that on Facebook the goal must be maximum effectiveness and lesser time when using a call to action. It's also great for using a cover photo here's a great example of a brand called rimshot drumsticks. They used one of the endorsers as a cover photo and the endorser is a well-known artist in the country most likely people will click on the photo and the post includes the links to the shop's website. Where you can order online a carousel cover photo with multiple images. This is a great way to showcase your products it can be more digestible to see since you get to see the different products one by one with their picture and it's also thrilling and exciting to view here's a great example of a new coffee brand startup. Here's an example of a copper video used by musicians.

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