Pedicure At Just 3 Rs.At Home

I'm gonna show you how to do a pedicure at home. So let's get started guys in this particular method we are going to do two steps one is scrubbing and the second one is already very neat and clean this is. Because I do scrubbing every day before taking bath and do soaking tries a week. So in this post mainly I am going to tell you. How I take care of my foot how I maintain it properly for our first step scrubbing. I'm using a toothbrush and here I am NOT going to use any soap or body wash. I'm going to use Colgate as I always say Colgate helps in removing the blackness from the skin area. Now starting scrubbing it gently on the scrub it on the sides of your knees on your ankle and then every black part of the make sure don't be harsh.

 Just do it very softly and gently after scrubbing I with Colgate we are going to leave it for 15 minutes after it dries. I am going to wash it with normal water now this time you have to scrub very gently a softly just remove the base from the food after this I am putting the tub aside with the help of a towel. I'm wiping m foot as you can see how clean my foot I looking so let's proceed to our next step the most important step soaking. So in a white plastic tub, I'm taking warm water, and the remains surface this brain tablet. I bought it from my nearby pharmacy chemist who bought these two tablets for three rupees. So guys let me tell you the beneficial properties of the strain or you can say. Why I'm using this spring for a pedicure this print makes the skin softer. This helps in removing the dead cells from the photo the spring easily removes the cracked heel and peeling skin from the focus not only this. It also makes you free from exciting nervousness or any type of stress. I am putting two tablets of disprin in terms after the disprin tablets dissolve completely.

 I am goi to add some rose petals into it rose petals helps in removing any type of odor coming from your foot. Now I am going to soak my foot in the tub for 20 minutes after 20 minutes. I am going to take my toothbrush again and going to massage it on my foot now taking off my foot and putting the tub aside you can imagine how refreshing. It feeds you can see how soft pink and crack three my keys are now wrapping my foot with a towel. Just for five minutes so guys this is my method of taking care of my foot at home. I have never been to any parlor or somewhere. I always do pedicure at home so guys thank you so much for watching my post. please subscribe to my channel and share my post as much as you can and stay tuned for more and sweet many of you ask me that please tell us. Wow, we can get this tan free hands and then we feed two guys this is the best homemade home remedy. Which I found for you this is very easy everything it's very easily affordable and available. So guys I think without telling let's get straight jump into the tutorial. It's our first and the main ingredient is baking Sora this baking Sora is very easily available at any shop I bought this baking to read just rupees three. Just bought that small packet of baking torrid rupees three. So this is our first and the main ingredient now I'm going to add water in it and going to make a paste of it add a little amount of water in it and mix them. Well, now it's scrubbing time I'm going to show you how you have to scrub it on my left foot and on my left hand. I'm going to show it guys as you can see. I'm having a little bit of tan on my foot and rough skin also so let's see what it will do. So let's start scrubbing guys you have to scrub it for at least five minutes scrub. It well guys grab it well on toe ankle. He'll just scrub it for at least five minutes you now I'm going to scrub it on my hand though as I just forget to take out that right. Just take out all the ornaments you are wearing scrubbing with baking soda helps a lot to move all the dead cells tan and dry skin.

 It helps in making the skin very soft clean and Dan free after scrubbing guys what you have to do ake little more amount of baking soda and apply. It evenly on your foot and o your hand and then just leave it to dry. This let it to dry for 10 minutes after letting it dry you have to wash it with warm water. So after washing as you can see my foot is looking so clean and very very soft. Now what you have to do cut a very thin slice of tomato and you have to apply tomato juice on your feet and on your hands. We all know a tomato is the natural d tan it will gonna remove all the tan making. It very fair and soft now leave this tomato juice for six or seven minutes then wash your feet and hands with normal water. So now I'm letting it dry and I will be back after washing it so beauty's now you can see how beautiful feel clean and soft my feet are looking guys. This method is super duper easy and affordable to baking Sora helps you a lot in removing all the dead cells whereas tomato helps you a lot in the moving all the time making it fairer. I think you should try this and this will surely work for you. So friends hope you have enjoyed this video just go and try this home remedy and I'm sure this. Well gonna work if you want to get that fairer tan free and you know clean hands and feet yoosh then you should go and just try. This so remedies this bill surely gonna work and just your experience with me in the comment section and I am going to answer there as you know. So guys hope you have enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up.

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