Quarantine Sugar Brazilian Tutorial

Now created some diagrams as I've mentioned all right. We are going to work on these diagrams and maybe. I can turn the camera away from me and just focus. Okay, so this is your situation now man currently alright. So we have this is like where your upper thighs by the way are your inner upper thigh. This is where you're by creases or your legs crease this is your mom's pubis. Okay, or the vulva area this is the these are like the outer lips right here this is the inner lips and this is that gorilla grip again. This is obviously your butt down here now you might be wondering what is this blue section of hair is like. Where it gets the most difficult to sugar or remove hair really by any form of hair removal should running waxing. It doesn't remember like this is this is where it gets the most difficult.

 So we are going to sugar this area alright and we want to start with the outside force okay and the reasons. We want to start with this is for a few ones the hair here tends to be a little thinner a little bit more sparse. But it's still hairy kind of like this side I drew a little hairier than this side. But this is like a more accurate representation okay and so what you want to do is you want to lay down you want to kind of prop yourself up on your elbows. Just so you can kind of see what's happening and you want to pay attention to your hair growth okay I think a common misconception is like. Everybody thinks their hair grows the same way in their private parts but that's not true. Okay so a very common direction of hair growth for the outside was like outside of your bikini line kind of or maybe this would be outside of your weekend line anyway a common direction would be for this hair to becoming downwards right. But if we're sugaring you have to go opposite.

 So you are going to apply the sugar upwards and I'm going to show you that in just a second. So if your hair growth is coming kind of like down this way and actually what I commonly see is like the hair growth kind of comes downward. But on a slant kind of like this like the actual. Hey, I need it different this should have been an Instagram. Why I will use purple all right so what I commonly see is like your hair growth actually is going like this like down. Okay, I'll see that it's kind of like slanted right. So when you apply the sugar you're actually going to apply it upwards you know and you kind of want to. When you're applying the sugar even though the hair is like. Maybe just here you want to apply it to an area where no hair gives you kind of like a good head start of a how-to for lack of better words it gives you like a good head start for not filling as much brain okay. So you want to kind of apply this way le I I'm gonna get my sugar and see if this works alright so this is the sugar when I brown sugar a Brazilian area.

 I try to have two fingers worth and the reason for that is because there's a lot of folds in the area. I need to maneuver I don't use a huge bottle use my whole hand like that would probably be too much sugar. I'd be more likely to get stuck and it's just not as comfortable for the client. Okay, now I'm going to get up and try to do this okay put some powder down that's way too much powder. I'm gonna put some powder down I you have a 4x4. This is where you want to take it and kind of smooth move it on out and remove the excess all right okay so now we're going to sugar this side and remember the hair kind of came down the hair was growing downward on the slant like. This so I'm going to pull upwards honestly. So we're going to put the sugar down I'm gonna come you see how. It's like a big glob of sugar doesn't worry about that. We're gonna handle that in just a second you want to lift off slowly I'm using wax paper so this is just like good sticking but it's not gonna stick to you like this.

 Okay so I'm spreading on my second mold trying to keep my wrist as parallel as possible is love. They're a little bit big so you can see them dragging that's maybe another tip if you do get the latex or whatever gloves get them small as possible all right. So now we're gonna remove I'm gonna press down. So your skin won't rip don't worry sugar literally does not stick to your skin at all. So that's not gonna happen to you. But I'm using wax paper so this happened to me. So we are going to move on to the next diagram this is ridiculous. So let's pretend you didn't have any mishaps and you successively got through the outer part that's great now you want to do the moms the top. Okay, and you want to do this you can take it in as many sections as you like I typically do two you might want to do three smaller sections if that's what's work what works best for you do you boo. I and I are just going to draw through this so generally in the Mons the hair is growing in two directions. So my right your left normally is growing like this and my left ear right rows like that.

 So it's typically coming in opposite direction. So now when you apply the sugar if the hair is coming in this direction and sometimes again. It's going downward or whatever but you want to apply the hair is growing in this direction you want to apply the sugar opposite okay. So that's kind of how you're gonna go through the top you can probably do it in two sections if the hair is really really dense. I do recommend doing it in three smaller sections alright and you remove it a similar way. You've already put the powder down hopefully. If you start feeling hot in here put the fan literally directly in front of your couch, okay the fan is going to help keep the area cool. Because as your body temperature warms up you get hot a lot of people sweat. When they are removing hair from the body that is what causes the sugar to stink and if the sugar sticks when you get stuck. It's a lot harder for you to get it off if you do get stuck though. At some point it's just like the point of no return it's like gooey you already know. It's not gonna work out no matter how much sugar and I'm sorry how much powder you put down. Just go ahead and get in the shower it'll wash right on off it can go down the drain. It's completely biodegradable so you're fine hmm once you've removed all of the hair from the outer the Mons all of that the only thing that's left is the inner labia and this is the trickiest part.

 Okay, so for this area what you want to do is you want to pay attention to the hair growth here. So this outer section of the hair probably grew down words right is very common for the inner labia to kind of grow in two directions the bottom typically grows downward right. But the top usually is going upwards. So you have to pay attention to that because if remember. When it's sugaring you have to apply in opposite direction to get the most efficient hair growth and it not everyone has that it's very common. It's something that I see a lot but you need to get in front of your mirror and figure out. Which way the direction is the direction the hair is growing. So that you can better remove it okay and you want to follow the same methods. You know of course whatever direction. It's growing in you want to apply the sugar in the opposite direction and pull with the hair both direction now this blue triangle mm-hmm this area not gonna lie hurts like an um no matter. Who the person and this is because this is kind of like where all your hair growth of directions kind of converge. Okay, so this little area it's usually right above the clitoris hood the hair is coming down. It's coming right it's coming left and it's coming upward. Okay, in the way that you kind of win at least one sugaring the way that you remove this is you actually instead of the molding in any one direction like.

 Maybe I'm just gonna go to the left or maybe I'm just gonna go to the right you actually want to mold in a circle. Okay, so when you're applying the sugar you just want to put it circularly, and then maybe you come up and back still holding the skin taut and flake. But that's going to capture most of the hair. Okay, and you might have to do this a few times. So this tutorial is crazy okay but yes this is how you want to remove the air from your vagina. If you're using sugar you can also apply the sugar paste and use strips to remove. If you are so inclined but this is one way that you can definitely go about it. If you have any questions feel free to ask them probably cannot show you a video. Because clearly I don't think diagrams work but if this did help you voila.

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