Ready for Spring Cupshe Bikini Haul

Greetings boys girls and gender rebels. I'm penny underbust and today. I'm doing another bikini haul for the cup she. Because the caption awesome and they were willing to send me a bunch more bikinis to try out in the last post. I requested that people down in the comment section hit me up. If they want to see me try any excuse me specific bikinis and sadly. We did unfortunately I already requested this list before anyone left any of those comments. So you'll have to wait until the next post. But I really really appreciate the comments and the same thing will happen with the next post. Should I get the opportunity to do another cup she OH? So down in the comment section hit me up. If there's any bikini it's awesome suits that you want to see tried on before you bind on.

I don't know any way I'm gonna try them bikinis. Now see in a second okay so also we have this incredibly cute orange fender style bikini with these cute blue ruffle arms. This is really cute it has like this grill on the underbust area here and it actually also has detachable straps and I like that the detachable straps are in the dark blur of the Walter McCullough. I find that the buttons a cut a little bit revealingly for my tummy like. They go really low for my personal preference. But they're actually still flattering inside of that like. If I was just a little bit less uncomfortable with this pooch it'd be fine the material of this bikini is really Pleasant. It's like silky and it's like very very stretchy it could go much larger than me. Even on the bottoms like you're much much larger, it's just very revealing. So it's kind of on you to decide how much a tumble chub you want to show this is actually very forgiving in size bikini next up. We have this blue and white tie-dyed cute bikini number thing making its outfit. I should really remember names. But my brains like Oh Nate that's trash g travel.

So at the cute bikini that's tie-dyed white and blue. I really like it it's a little bit uncomfortable. Because I have Lodge birch and it's got like a strap that goes around the back of the neck. So I imagine that wearing this long period of time would actually give me a bit of a headache. But it's really cute and even though it's like quite tight and has like areas with. Which to pooch I think it's kind of cute huh makes me look a little bit like a sausage coming out of my casing. But I feel like that in kind of a cute way I don't know I don't know that's a thing that other people feel. I feel that it's good what do you reckon next bikini. So this bikini is boldly as hell to wear because it is very revealing. It's tiny it's teeny tiny it's like really here. I love this kind of strappy detail the back very cute. But like it's incredibly stretchy to the point that it has like no support the bottoms are. So cute this is our cute so I'm so sorry and they're also reversible.

 So this is the side that matches the top as you can see very cute and then you can reduce them and then they are the dark blue on the bottom this really is a very revealing bikini they're like incredibly. So I think this is just one of those bikinis that definitely get. If you like a plus + confidence and just like yes I'm going to wear oh bikini – um. But if you're like I don't know if I'm quite comfortable with bikinis yet this is not the right bikini but damn is a cute that means. I'm feeling myself today huh next bikini this bikini is happy cute ah unless the laughs the Kenya that I showed off this one actually has an absolute ton of structure and it's really quite um tight that makes sense. It's just got several panels just wash the panel's and they're all quite a very tight material and even on the inside. There's like a middle seam kind of holding things together and love it. It makes me feel very much like an ER, it's like racing stripes. I guess it makes me feel like a car how do you feel like a cop.

 I don't know just it's good I like it back also has the stripes this one's very simple I kind of like that there. It's sweet and elegant and just kind of sounds like I'm a bikini and I'm strappy and I'm here I'm a cute room now I'm a motorcycle this bikini is so unique I love it. It's so silly like the pattern on it is pretty simple it's just white and green tie-dye. But it has this ruffle that goes over on one cup and then under on the other cup. It does actually have two removable straps. But I decided to just remove one of the straps and leave one of them on. Because it'd be asymmetrical nature of this cute bikini and then the bottoms are high-waisted but they have one the side tie sort of thing I really love it. It feels very own retro vintage but the only downside is. I really don't like this costs and because of how stretchy the material locks. These clasps can get a little bit annoying but other than that really cute and really unique. It's very like sixties jumble so make editor. I like it let's weed up fashion okay. So this bikini is really quite conservative and really beautiful it's elegant and classy. It's that this beautiful kind of lavender to blue roses on it if this kind of like. I'm gonna silver grey-green leaves and then the bottom is just black and white striped and it's super high waisted and the top is really. It goes it's hard getting some of the really strappy ones on myself.

 But it's like really forgiving and ulcer I can 7 it especially for me but like I think it's actually just quacking 7 for most people I don't know. It's lovely I try to have opinions on things that aren't just always positive. I really try this is lovely it's honestly not even hurting like. We'll probably start looking into my shoulders eventually. But because of the way that it crosses in the back it doesn't pull too high on the neck. Which a lot of bikinis like this end up doing. So I like this one I would wear this comfortably to most anywhere I feel like. I'm not drawing too much attention to myself and I love that look that cute ah hell yeah Cup she okay. So when I ordered this one I knew it was gonna be the wild card. I was pretty sure that the bottoms were going to fit me in a way that I did not find flattering and I find that accurate. I have very wide up hips and then it hip dip before my thighs start and when clothing ends right here it just kind of pinches onto my bones and really muscles me out. Which isn't my personal taste I usually expect things to come right up to here or to be lower even that makes sense the top however is rather cute. It's intended to be wrapped around you and then tied again and I can do that but I couldn't get it to go on without being uber revealing all in all. I think this one's a Miss for me. It's just a little bit small for being a two XL especially compared to the other things. Which have all been really big - - exhales this one is just a little bit tight. It's cute barf I feel like maybe if I were super athletic. I would like this one because it wouldn't bother me. So much that I have to be muffin huge. Because I wouldn't because I'd be more athletic you know muscular but yeah sure if you'd still. I just feel like it's a Miss for me oh I saved one of the best ones that lost how cute is this. I'm sorry how cute is this third I love it it's got this cute little peach off the shoulder number and then this little black and white houndstooth. I mean these are really big really forgiving really high waisted. It's sort of like I like wearing really high-waisted bikinis kind of like wearing a one-piece except for that. Because I have such a long tall sir most one-piece does fit me. So if I can white bikinis but a high cut then it ends up having the effect of being one piece without being a long piece. I think this is really cute I love the ruffle this isn't as um like. Some of the other roughly talks have been much more having had more give this is definitely maxed out with me. It couldn't go any bigger also with my arms true. It was a little bit worried that my arms wouldn't fit in like.


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