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 Hello everyone welcomes back to my post. It's Vanessa today we have the long-awaited Chien Hall. I said in my previous xi in the hall that I would do lingerie. If you guys were interested and I got an overwhelming response of yes please yes, please. I even talked about it with my sister and she does not like to buy online and even. She was like their stuff looks really good and I was like yes and it's cheap. So is it actually good or are the pictures just really good? I cannot believe this was that like ago. I posted this Instagram story on January 4th asking guys to vote on the polls on whether or not you wanted me to try out an item.

 So the first item that we're gonna be trying on is the plus harness detail lace-up garter lingerie and 88% of you guys really wanted me to try this. So let's just get right into it what do we think you guys do we like it. I think it's a little bit big for me. It does have a clasp at the back and I do have it at the tightest setting. So it probably could have gone down to a 4x I had like this little tag here with the measurements on it and I think. It's a little bit more oversized this is supposed to fit like in 1820 but usually. I'm between a 16 to 18 personally. I err on the side of going up a size because Asian sizing sometimes is a little bit smaller so I wanted to get the 5 X just to make sure it fit definitely on the top. Because I do not have the biggest breasts. So it is a little bit big other than that it is really nice. If you haven't seen my previous video I will link it up here. But I tried on some lingerie for Valentine's Day and there's the quality of fashion Nova and this is very similar.

 I would even say that they are like the same basically. I wish I had some stockings to try on. So you guys could see the garter belts worked you can detach these. So I would probably just do that I love the little ribbon detail. It's giving me that like high-waisted cinching in effect and it is a song in the back for all for 15 bucks this is pretty good. It does have an underwire and the top is really pretty like for Valentine's Day is a pretty cute piece. I think everything came to me within a week and these pieces were gifted from Chien so thank you. She is but I have bought things by myself from her in and they usually come within a week. I don't know if that helps anybody. But I just thought I would let you know I just feel like a red velvet cupcake. I don't know is that weird running off really well thumbs up good job Shion little round of applause.

 I have some opinions panties are okay. I put them on first and I was like. Okay they were a little bit big but I like the little lace detail on the side they're comfortable they're not like digging into my hips. Which I was really worried about but then you see we got to the top and okay. So I've said it a million times but I'm just gonna say it for the new people I have asymmetrical boobs. So my right is a lot bigger than my left so this top doesn't fit either one of them. It feels like they just took the top that they use in normal sizing and then just added this longer band in the back. So that it would fit around but they didn't take into account the different structures of like a plus-size woman's body like what are we doing mate this is not. It chief sorry like please pass do not collect $200 like you did not pass go as for this 86% of you wanted to know. if it was good and I'm just here to say like don't bother just what is this honey know. So I mean like the detail of it that's what.

 I was drawn to I totally get why you guys wanted to see it because it does look really pretty. But yeah not made for plus-sized just putting that out there sorry that I keep on looking at my phone. But I have all the info of the poll o here and I kind of just want to share it. Because I thought it was super interesting 709 of you guys said yes t this piece that you guys wanted to see it and 249 said that. They did not want to see it on the previous one 932 people wanted to see that one. I don't know why they're so different that's. So funny to me it was a little bit of a selfish one. Because I wanted to see what their pajama sets were like. Because I love pajama sets and I try to pink one in my previous haul and this one's better. It's a lot more cropped and it has more lace and it just looks a little bit. More flirty how much was this was $16 $16.

I'm Chuck now you can see more of it I just think it's more flattering and it's a cutie. It's like cutie no it's cute and it's flirty it is a little bit tight on the butt. But it's not an uncomfortable thing is with a lot of their images they do not have models wearing it. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't so you don't really know what the proportions are gonna look like. So here you go now you can see it on my proportions and I forgetting big it. So there's that the top is really cute because like these little bows you make yourself. So you if you wanted to you could just be like you know slip moment. But also this is very tedious of like doing it yourself and having to tie it. If it gets untied do you kind of have like a camel toe situation like all of the fabric is kind of gathering here. If I went to a 5xl I think that wouldn't happen though do you like the little under booty situation that's going on here like do. We dig do we not dig why am I saying dig.

 I don't know I get why so many of you didn't want to see this because it's garbage. I had to throw on this bralette because this does not fit the umbrella is from Charlotte Russe. I don't know if they still have it anyway yeah this top if we want to call it that. Because it's not really top is supposed to cross over and then it has these long strings and you're supposed to do like a crisscross detail. So like this is the vibe but also this is not the vibe because what is this moving on to the bottom we have this half skirt. So when I saw it on the model it looked a lot better but on me. I just am really confused this is the little thing that comes with the previous set. But I just kept it on because. We're just not having vagina on the show like that's not what this is about. I don't know if it did fit me maybe I would like it more but also I feel like a curtain I can't really remember what this is supposed to look like. I think this is supposed to be like a little nightgown this is the largest size. I believe this is a 5 X. So yeah it runs very small fabric isn't really stretchy. So there's not really much wiggle room with this sizing is very inconsistent on this website I've found that sometimes a 3x works on me and sometimes a 5x doesn't fit me has to come with this little g-string. So you know I mean I guess.

I could get a little g-string it fits fine its stretchy hips don't lie and they also don't like a tight fabric we're just going to move along the sir real-life the picture real-life full-on wedgie. Just letting you guys know this is not long enough for my torso and it was not without a challenge to get this on also it is very see-through. So I have to cover the nips you know YouTube do not D monetize, please. I'm just trying to show the piece, yeah I mean I got drawn in right the little bows like the ribbon detail is never gonna get old for me. I'm gonna be an old lady that's obsessed with bows and I am totally comfortable with that quality. It is not other pieces are also made out of lace but this is a no-stretch lace and it feels like if.I just wanted to go full-on Hulk mode it would disintegrate in my hands' sure wedgie vibes in this. But the booties have been looking a little bit extra thick cuz of the squats you know bless you squats but other than that I think. If you are like a 14 16 this would fit you better. So it does run small but on my bralette so you guys cannot stand a nip action. So okay with 975 votes and a seven dollar price tag this is the last piece that you guys wanted me to try the quality of this is just absolute garbage. This whole center part was supposed to be clipped I can already tell it's a very similar bralette to the one that.

 I have on where it has the little strappy details like for the cheapest price ever and the cheapest quality ever cuz it. Just has this little clasp in the back. I do not know any plus-size woman that would not just like full-on break this you had like an a-cup maybe this would work like. If your just part of the itty bitty titty committee which is totally fine then this would fit you but not me .So no, it was so cute though I totally get why you guys wanted to see it because for $7 and it looks perfect in the image. But they did not show it on a model which is just like a really good tactic. If it's not good quality don't put it on a model and then just take like a flat lei and it looks better than it actually feels like this was a very hit and miss Sheehan Hall where my previous one. I had a lot more hits so I hope it was a little bit helpful. If you guys are interested in her in lingerie because it's. So affordable there you go and that is my review thank you to her for gifting me some of these pieces I really appreciate it. I am gonna go and put on some clothes. So I hope you guys have a good day and until next time bye.

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