Sony a7C Full Review 8 Things I LOVE About This Camera (and 1 Thing I HATE)

The a7c is the best full-frame camera for youtube you get a great image out of the standard picture profile amazing autofocus a swivel flip-out screen unlimited video recording time and a fair price of eighteen hundred dollars. Now we're gonna be talking about all of this I'm gonna give you my eight reasons, why I am obsessed with the sony a7c as well as one thing. That I wish they would have done on this camera is it a deal-breaker well, stay tuned because it's coming up hey guys my name is lol with think media. Now this video is actually shot on the sony a7c, so that's what you're seeing right now.

I'm using that camera shooting in 4k and I'm also using the sony 20 millimeter 1.8 lenses. I'm actually making a video breaking down this complete youtube setup. So if you want to achieve a look similar to this then make sure to click on the card or check the link in the description to watch that video. Now before I jump into the video. I want you guys to know that this review is specifically for video users. It's not going to be covering the photo side of this camera is strictly for video and specifically for YouTubers. Now think media we talk about cameras that make youtube creation easier and better looking and this camera sure is a youtube creation beast and so I'm excited to jump into this video. So there's already a bunch of videos out there talking about the specs of this camera and what it can do so, I'm gonna run through some of the most important ones right now on this camera.

We're gonna get 4k video up to 30 frames per second and when it comes to slow motion. You can shoot 120 frames per second in 1080. the camera has one sd card slot where the media is going to be recording it also has a USB. Where you can actually charge through the usbc it has a micro HDMI port as well as a headphone and mic jack just like the sony's ev1 and the a7 s3 this camera also comes with that flip-out screen. Where you can swivel it back and forth perfect for vloggers and YouTubers. You're getting a full-frame sensor inside of a small body and it's all powered by the sony NPF z100 battery.

Which is a fantastic battery that gives you a lot of juice and this camera comes in at eighteen hundred dollars take a deep breath because that is a lot of really great stuff inside of this camera for eighteen hundred dollars. It's gonna be hard to beat. Now I'm gonna share with you my eight favorite things number one is the image you're getting great colors out of this camera. Especially when you just put it on the standard picture profile you don't need to mess with any grading and this is perfect for the YouTubers for the vloggers. Who doesn't want to grade their s-log footage or any of the other picture profiles? If you throw this in the standard mode you're gonna get great colors straight out of the camera.

Now, this camera has that improved color science that we saw in the sony zv1. Which has beautiful colors and so we are getting those same colors inside of this camera. Which is improved from the other lineups like the sony a7 iii and the a6600. You can see in some of these side-by-side comparisons that the colors just look more flattering on the sony a7c versus the Sony a600 in my opinion the a6600 has that kind of video look. Where the a7c comes off a bit more cinematic and filmic and the colors overall just blend together nicely and the skin tones look really really nice on top of that you're also going to get more dynamic range. When comparing it to the a6600 you can see that the a6600 the bright parts are blown out they're too bright whereas on the a7c you still get some detail in those bright spots.

You can also see this here under the hat the a600 has completely crushed those blacks in the standard picture profile mode. Where the a7c does a nice roll off into the shadows and you can see a lot of those details in the shadows still when I started shooting on this camera right away. I noticed that the highlight roll-offs were much better on this new camera overall sony has done a really great job with their color science. You're getting the same colors that you would get on the sony zv1. Which also has that new and improved color science. So this is a great step in the right direction and I definitely recommend people.

Especially shooting youtube videos to just stick this on the standard picture profile mode and to shoot their videos and even then you still have some room to work with so if you want to apply a lot or some color correction and color grading. You definitely can number two a full-frame sensor and a small body. Now if you're used to shooting on the sony a600 the a6400 any of those apps-c sensor size cameras. You will really love having a larger sensor size for a few reasons. Number one it's going to be a lot easier for you to get that background blur so right now I'm actually in a really small office space. So it should be pretty hard to get that background blur because there's not that much room behind me but because I'm using that full-frame sensor and a 20 millimeter 1.8 there is a whole bunch of light going in and hitting that larger sensor giving me that awesome bokeh in the background and really creating nice depth between me and the background.

 Now traditionally having a full-frame sensor is going to give you better low light and that is definitely true with this camera as well the a7c has the incredible low light performance. So in dark situations, you can boost up your iso and get really usable footage using this camera in really dark situations on this camera. You have that 5 axis ibis that in-body image stabilization. So even if your lens doesn't have that image stabilization you can just turn that on and it will stabilize. Your footage with that ibis but a new theme that they've added to this camera that you're not going to see on the a7 3 the a6600 or other cameras is this gyroscope data so the camera actually records the movement in camera and you can download a software and then you can get really good stabilized footage using this gyroscope data that it records.

I don't definitely know exactly how it works but I know a few things I tried it out I know that it's super fast and you get really stable footage and so oftentimes. I think this is actually better than the in-body image stabilization and so if you are trying to get some really cool handheld shots maybe make it look like a slider. Then I definitely recommend turning off ibis and using that gyroscope data because you are going to get amazing footage and so it's going to crop it in a little bit and you can tweak with the settings but you can see some before and afters here that it looks incredible. Number four autofocus you're gonna have amazing autofocus and with these Sony cameras. You know we are expecting that great autofocus that we get out of these cameras and especially for shooting youtube videos like this you can trust that the autofocus is going to keep you on track and in this camera.

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