THE ART OF COLOR game changing

This article could change your life okay look if you took a little glance a little gander at a week for me let's take a birds-eye look at my aesthetic throughout the week. I've talked about consistency before and I didn't always see a lot of that in my looks but it wasn't always because I wasn't trying there were days. Where I was trying to look really good I'd put a lot of effort in and it wouldn't look as good as the last time. I tried to look really good or I'd buy something and I'd be pretty pleased with it but then I go and spend more money on something else and I wasn't really happy and it was very frustrating because I was shopping at cool stores.

I was following trends and spending money but it left me with a lot of clothes. I didn't know how to pair or like they didn't flatter me and so every decision every purchase became this serious gamble. I don't know if the money I spend is gonna make me look good this time or if it's just gonna be another waste. I felt very out of control and I didn't like that and because it felt so out of control for me. I basically gave up on fashion and I dove into something. That I could control I shadow welcome to my world of eyeshadow this is basically where I was super obsessed with eyeshadow and I was living my life on my eyelids in fact.

I was spending most of my free time learning new eyeshadow methods like cutting my crease or blowing out neons or finding the newest palette and testing the formula. I was basically obsessed with eyeshadow and the whole time all it was really about was being able to control the outcome and since I was so frustrated with fashion. I'd basically given up and I was wearing stretchy pants maybe a little trendy sneaker action athleisure where most of the time and my hair was never a priority. So the only thing the only way I was expressing my desire to look good was on my eyelids. I could have really benefited from an article like this. I'm back baby I'm Alexander if it's the first time you're seeing me the first time you're seeing womanly this is a series.

Where I help you with building self-confidence through practical application in fashion and in beauty and this episode is the art of color okay. So let's go a little bit back I did eventually realize that I didn't really like wearing my makeup like this and I wanted to be able to look good from head to toe, not just one area of my face, and my biggest finding until. Now has been that color theory is the largest underlying factor in looking your best or your worst color can make you look really bad and I don't think I was the only one who wasn't selecting the color for any rhyme or reason but the color can also make you look really good.

So today I'm going to share with you four of my theories on color and these are all in the name of elevating your natural beauty and helping you have the confidence to make choices. When it comes to clothing if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you don't like it gives it a thumbs down. I like to know either way I'm very excited to let's get right into the video and PS some of this might surprise. You theory number one inspo theory now there's something nobody talks about why should people say this they say lady makes a difference but what difference does it make this is actually, something really critical, and I'm learned about this not because I don't know I'll just tell you why I know about this because I work with this kind of lighting and I've understood something about celebrity culture and media.

Since I've started working with continuous lighting continuous lighting is like an LED that continues to shine on the subject before I knew that this was a really important thing to understand and be able to dissect. I would just be on my phone or like on the computer and I would see an image of a celebrity with a certain hair color certain outfit or something but I feel like the stakes are really high with hair color and this actually happened. When I was younger so we're gonna talk about hair color for a minute I would decide that this was gonna be the thing to change my life and I was like I need this hair color yesterday.

So I'd go out and get a box tire to try to go to the salon or whatever in this particular case. I tried to do this myself this hair color is what I wanted so I went out and bought an exact match for what was in the image but when I washed my hair out and I saw what color I had it was so much different. Then what was in the photo it was like brassy and in sunlight it looked completely different than this so I have ever since realized that we're not always accurate when it comes to approaching and taking inspiration in color we should be able to understand. How to dissect what's happening in an image and we should be able to be accurate about our color inspiration and choices so let I show you a little theory remember in math class you remember.

When we used to like do those things it was like formulas and then like on one side. We wouldn't know what the answer was and then we'd have to figure it out on the other we're doing. That so we don't know what the hair color is but we do know that we can see there are flash lighting and warm light in the photo. So basically what that means is that there's added brightness and there's added yellow tones to this image. I can see a yellow light behind Cassie in the photo. That's why I know so since I can detect those things. I can do the inverse action to reverse those effects basically I can remove the brightness from the image and then I can cool the image down to remove the influence of that yellow light behind her that's gonna show me.

Once I take those actions what the true hair color is and I was very surprised once. I did this and I found what the actual hair color is and that's because we so often just take images. When it comes to hair color to the salon but this is the actual hair color okay. I didn't want to distort the image on the screen so I'll show you that this is what it is and we'll take these actions to just bring it back to what we saw in the image. So I'm gonna on top of this hair color bring the highlights to a yellow tone to mimic the yellow light. Now flash has an undeniable effect of lifting the black and the shadows of an image and it basically lightens it but lowers the contrast as well. So that's what we did here and you can see the original is now brought to the warmed upstate to the LED effect and it looks exact to what Cassie has so this example is just really to open your eyes to the fact.

That what we see in an image isn't exactly what is real and that isn't necessarily something we have to judge right it's just something we need to consider. So when it comes to inspo take it with a grain of salt and doubt the images you're shown and then take a little bit of time and see what influences could be affecting the image. So when I was making this video actually when I was researching for this video. I came across a lot of information that wasn't grounded to understand what I mean when I say ground because I'm talking about things that yes could be you could say like rose looks good on all of skin or denim should be sleek and dark like. I just don't understand why and I always want the why so that I can understand that it's actually the accurate and correct choice so I've turned this into a little bit of math and the next three theories. I'm going to share with you are not necessarily the only ways to find a color that suits you but these are excellent starting points and there are really fantastic tools to have a wardrobe. That beautifies you there are a few underlying principles underneath these theories even though they are very different one of them being that the most beautiful tones in the face come to the forefront in your best colors but in your worst colors dark circles facial hair active breakouts. Those are the things that come to the forefront so in your worst colors it is less ideal.

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