The Queen's Gambit Pinafore Sew With Me

The queen's gambit I will be honest here and tell you that I only started watching. That show because everyone was raving about the costumes but I'm so glad that I did because I think this was definitely one of my favorite things. I have seen this year definitely worth a watch but also yes the costumes. They were incredible beth's entire wardrobe was awesome I loved her mom's wardrobe and just it was really good and there was one piece in particular.

That I saw and I remember telling Robert is this not already pretty much in my wardrobe like this belongs in my wardrobe. I need this and that was the tartan pinafore. So I'm gonna recreate that today I'm gonna try and get as close as possible to the real thing as I can or at least that was my plan. I got myself this fabric. Which was the closest thing I could find to the material in the show or so I thought again I just took a look at the episode. Where she actually wears it and it looks quite different instills.

That you pull off the internet than it does in the actual show initially. I thought she had a pleated skirt and I already pulled out my pretty skirt pattern and everything but upon closer inspection. I'm pretty sure it's just a circle skirt potentially with two pleats in the front and two in the back but I'm not sure about those. So I'm not going to complicate matters more than necessary and I'm just going to do a circle skirt but also there is this one-shot like literally one shot. Which is a close-up of the garments in a good kind of natural daylight.

Where you can see that it's not actually black as it appears throughout the rest of the show but very dark green. I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that and go with my dark fabric here because I do really like this fabric and I think this will go with my wardrobe crates and it does look black for you know the rest of the show. Show so we're just gonna pretend that it's a black dress and use this fabric. So as I mentioned I'm not gonna do a pleated skirt after all I'm just gonna do a circle skirt. This will save a lot of time will be really easy to make this should for a more experienced seamstress definitely be a one-day make that seems like a very simple dress to do because the bodice is then just a sleeveless bodice with a very deep v.

It's just its kind of like this wrap top with princess seams. I think princess seams front and back so this is going to be my first time doing princess seams but I think that'll be good because I want to do them on my wedding dress as well and I need a little bit of practice. So that's what I'm going to do I'm going to start with the skirt to see how much fabric. That leaves me with and use the rest for my bodice I bought three meters of this fabric. Which should be more than enough I might even be able to pull another project out of this so yes let's get started circle scored so all right the skirt is done and I still have plenty of fabric left.

 I think I honestly could have done the whole thing with half of this fabric. I'll give you an estimate at the end yeah time to do the bodice so princess scenes. I am not sure how to do those so possibly. It's mock-up time yeah I do think it would be wise to do a mock-up at this point um just to kind of figure out how it works. Maybe I have a pattern that uses princess scenes. Oh um, I have the vest the vest patterns those have princess scenes. I could kind of alter those to not be well they are actually quite similar oh that might save me a lot of time okay let me grab the vest patterns and see how I can make this into a bodice of great progress. So far I have a bodice it looks good so let's get on the mannequin I tried it on myself as well it fits. So it's time to go into the sewing stage. I need to remember a couple of things since. I am altering a pattern here that is supposed to be different.

It's supposed to be lined so none of the edges are going to be finished. If I don't like it which I really don't want to and I might have to or I can just hem them you know hem the whole thing but that might not look as good ah so yeah I might actually come back and line it but I need to leave open one of the side seams for the zipper to go into and then I'll also need to cut into the skirt to make room for the zipper but yeah great progress. So far we almost have a dress we're still making progress the bodice is sewn together one thing. I noticed is that I once again forgot to pattern match. Honestly, even if I had thought of it I just don't know how to do that when there are so many pattern pieces.

I don't know how to figure out how they will sit in the finished garment that might be an experience thing there might be a trick to it. I think I'll have to look that up with my next project but for now, the pattern doesn't match along the princess seams on any side besides the back. Maybe which does kind of line up here so that's good it's not too horrible but yeah now I need to figure out. How I want to finish the seams but honestly since this is a fabric. That I don't think will fray at all I might just hem it like. That just once which is very very lazy finishing. I'll admit but I might just do it anyway because I really don't want to line it.

It's gonna go over other things as well I don't want it to be super hot and this is a really warm and thick fabric already. So I think I'm just gonna see if I can get away with that and then it's time to bring in the skirt and do the zipper and everything finishing touches. I'm losing light but we are making good progress I raised the waist at the back and I'm glad I did that because now when I wear it with the belt-like beth does in the show it won't look weird um and it will actually sit on the waist or more or less on the waist. I am very happy with where we're heading at the moment I kind of tried to match up the front of the skirt.

 I'm not sure how well that worked but it's okay for now all I need to do is to install a zipper here and then to hem the skirt although. I'm thinking about this one maybe because of this material I might not even hem it I'm undecided on that as of yet. Maybe I will but I don't think it's super necessary I probably will though just because it looks nicer but yes we are almost there and it's still day one this is incredible I have never gone from a piece of fabric to this pretty much a dress in one day. So I am very very happy it fits well and it's looking great so far it's finished here is the completed beth from the queen's gambit pinafore I love it this is I think one of my new favorites pieces.

I feel like this will be super versatile can be worn with so many different things. I love how it twirls I love the fact that it's pitiful and I can wear it over stuff I love how it turned out and I love that I made it in a day. Which is just insane to me I don't think I've ever made anything in a day before not even small simple things. So the fact that I was able to kind of you know push out a dress in one day is pretty incredible. I'm very very happy about that I do have to say I did cut corners to get there and if I had done it properly and actually you know done my finish as well and things like that I would have definitely taken at least two days.

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