The Two Things YOU Need to Know to SUCCEED on YouTube

So the truth is YouTube is getting more crowded every single day. It's getting harder and harder to stand out. However, on the other hand, there are countless examples of channels that are three months six months old twelve months old better blowing up. So what's the difference well I've been on this platform for over 10 years now and I've been coaching leaders on. How to grow their YouTube channels for over five. I've noticed that there are two huge mistakes really two things that a lot of beginning YouTubers haven't really remedied yet and it keeps them stuck. So in this video we're gonna be breaking down those two mistakes and how to fix them coming up.

 Hey what's up Sean kennel here rhymes with the channel and this is thinking media bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and in this post. I want to actually share a clip from a recent podcast interview. I did with Ricky Ray Butler and Derral Eve's over on the creative disruption podcast all about how to stand out on YouTube as a beginner .I talked about the two big things you need to define in order to really get traction. So you can start getting more views and more subscribers so let's cut over to the clip and then. I will see you right after the training is there certain things that creators need to succeed like what would be that what's that secret .But YouTube secret says that's your book title yeah though I like it. I mean I think that what creators need to succeed is they really need to understand theirs. Who and they need to understand their what now I I speak the most to probably channels that are gonna be kind of practical like.

 It's a Tartar for me to help a musician even potentially a vlogger. Because when you really step into entertainment like what do you need to succeed you need to be entertaining yeah like your music needs to be good you need to be actually funny and people need to think you're funny and. But what I think is cool and what we get. So excited that's the case of gaming to know a gaming people think you just have to be good at gaming now know all of those things and. So when I think though I love the practicality of YouTube where we interviewed John Kohler who actually got a place here in Vegas in California growingyourgreens. So it's a gardening his whole Guardians crazy he's got compost piles and stuff and and he uses an old refurbished like canon vixia RF .It cost 150 dollars and he hands it to he has a juicing company. So he hands it to like one of his employees or his team members and he films him real time he'll upload 60 minute videos off this camcorder. Just following him through his garden and he's getting thousands of views over half a million subscribers and he doesn't have.

 If you will special skills now of course you do need a level of camera presence but he's just super passionate super knowledgeable super clear on his value proposition and then. He just has done it relentlessly and it has impacted people and built a tribe. So I think really who is it you're trying to reach. If you try and reach everybody you'll end up reaching nobody really knowing your who but then also knowing what problem do you solve for them and this is plies for entertainment too. If you have an entertainment trip a channel you you solve boredom you solve a place for people to unwind when they get off work. When I get off work these days I usually don't watch super strategic content I'm watching you know. I'm bro army nine-year-old army 

I'm catching up on some pew news or whatever it is a lot of times because. I just want to veg out and kind of relax that's solving a problem but I think there's a lot of opportunity for creators to really be clear on who is it who's their core tribe and then what is what is it .They're delivering to them if you do that how you do it that's what's so cool about YouTube right. We do it in all different shapes all different ethnicities sizes ages and we got grey matters by a dottotech right. So he's he's kind of helping people with same stuff I do tips on affiliate marketing too. But he's hitting it to a different demographic .So who is it that you help he knows that it's those that ar getting that gray hair and their legacy years that want to start figuring out these ways of making money online and making extra income and then what problem does. He solve would you start seeing when those two things can be very different that's why there's a lot of room for a lot of us I was.

 Just on a podcast called Young Money and or like omething like that and it was about. It was more like Gen Z and Millennials talking about all this stuff and I'm 35 so now I'm kind of in the middle. So I'm like wow I don't know what's that so it's interesting when you're. Who can be this narrower demographic of people and you really want to get clear on that. Who and I think that all of us as creators as we evolve can get even continually like to try to steer it back and get clearer on that who and then. I feel like the person who articulates the problem the best and then of course solves the problem that's what builds goodwill. If you can move somebody from here to here like my whole house was cluttered and my stressful and. I you know di a decluttering channel and it now my closet is is organized and I knew what Tupperware thing to buy off the Walmart calm or whatever. It is now that person has built a bond with you you just changed a life you. Just impacted their home you just had packed it so when you are solving problems whether that's humor or whether that's practical and some helping someone balance their checkbook or taxes. 

When you dial on those two things man it's not the production value. I think that matters we got to do that you got to be able to see and hear you it's not necessarily even whether you're super over-the-top charismatic or whatever but yes you do need some sort of camera presence. But it's it's those raw basics that I think move the needle the most yeah all right. So I hope that you got value out of that clip and if you did can you smash the like button and let me know in the comments below. Who is it that you're trying to reach like who is your target audience and what is the problem that you're solving for them tell me in the comments because trust me clarity on this information will be a game-changer for you and your channel. If you don't have the right strategy the right plan and really the right positioning with your content with your messaging you will probably stay stuck and not grow. I've learned that as soon as you dial these two things in they're really gonna help you go further faster.

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