TOP 5 Streaming Things I WISH I Knew When I Started

If I did like things other streamers were extending when they started you know like like don't stream in public bathrooms would that be toxic yeah? We're not gonna do that but if we did no we're not gonna do that guys streaming has been my occupation for about a year. Now I kind of danced around saying I'm a full-time streamer because I'm not I don't I don't stream full-time. It's streaming full-time and making YouTube videos is just I'm not smart enough for that, that's all it's a little bit beyond my brain capacity but streaming is a large part of my income but before I started making money on the platform and you know getting a partnership status and all you know all the fun things.

I streamed on Twitch making zero money for about three years and three years is a good chunk of time to figure out. What I was doing wrong but let's say I had to start over like from scratch like tomorrow all of my subs. Just died okay that might be a little bit dark FDC goes nuclear and just destroys all evidence I ever existed on the Internet followers gone subs very went all the progress. That I've made just vanished could I take what I've learned over the past four years and start to overbuild it back up from scratch and you know maybe do it a little bit faster. This time I'd like to think that I could but I'm also extremely grateful that at least today I don't have to so let's talk about the very specific things.

That I would do completely differently if I had to start from scratch tomorrow roll the intro before you started that you just want to remind you that I do stream every Monday Wednesday Friday on Twitch link down in the description below also. If you find this video helpful you enjoy it in any way please make sure to hit the subscribe button like the video at the tiny little Bell. I think I said those out of order don't matter you get the point moving on the very first thing is one that you, you won't understand until you experience it you don't grow while you're life I want you to think about the sentence. There if there's one phrase or sentence.

That I want you to take from this video it's that one you don't grow while you're alive I remember when I started streaming daily which by the way I don't recommend anymore but I did at this period of time and after every single stream. I would check my stats to see how many new followers I got during said string usually it was between five and ten if I got a fifteen follower day I felt pretty good about myself and if you're watching this and you're confused saying, man. I would love 15 viewers a day why is he talking down about that it's not that that's bad 15 viewers a day is fine the problem is that number doesn't matter because from the time I shut down that stream till the time. That I went live again the next day my channel was basically dead I gained zero new followers.

 When I wasn't live and that was three-quarters of the day now imagine your favorite YouTuber and imagine that for 18 hours a day they shut their channel down you couldn't watch their videos. You couldn't search for their channel they just didn't even show up anywhere like they didn't exist on the Internet. That is so much time being lost that people could be discovering you and that's what most streamers do that's what I did for six months until I backed off and started streaming three days a week and spent the extra time making YouTube content like this and immediately after posting a couple videos. I started getting twenty to thirty new followers a day even on the days. That I wasn't live typically now I'll get between 100 and 150 new followers a day again even on days.

That I don't stream in fact this month the day that I've gotten the most followers is a Tuesday I don't stream on Tuesday the point. I'm trying to make here is if you can make content outside of twitch you are discoverable 24/7 whether you're living or not it's basically like having a commercial out there for your stream you cut together with the best most entertaining snippets of yourself and the stream itself become less of the content and more of the payoff at the end of the place. Where the people who enjoy your videos most get a common and chill with you the person who makes some of their favorite YouTube videos. Number 2 networking not as important as you think very rarely does someone network their way to a thousand viewers it just it really doesn't happen but still networking managed to be one of those buzzwords that streamers like to say like whenever I see a tweet on the Internet.

 Where someone's like hey how do I go on Twitch 9 out of 10 responses are like a network. I learned very quickly that while networking is not a bad thing to do making networking your main focus is like imagine if a new Star Wars film came out and they were like ok no commercial budget. This year instead all the money we would have spent on commercials. We're gonna spend on manpower to go out on the streets and tell as many people as we can about the upcoming Star Wars film. It's just it wouldn't work you just wouldn't work maybe cuz it's Star Wars but imagine it was a new I never I knew we're getting way into this metaphor you get the point. I'm trying to make again I'm not saying networking is bad I'm just saying it should not be your top priority.

I know a good handful of twitch streamers who stream with the biggest streamers on Twitch they stream with people with a thousand viewers all the time multiple times a week but yet they themselves can't seem to get above 30 viewers networking no matter. How hard you do it will not make you a career so stop spamming your links in my discord number 3 number 3 companies talk. I see this all the time I follow a lot of industry people on Twitter people. Who run marketing sections of big names your some of your favorite gaming brands complaining about a lot of the emails they get they have blacklists by the way and those blacklists get shared with other marketing directors of other companies.

This usually starts to become a problem when streamers get impatient and they want that payout without you know earning. It yeah so before you start quoting Wayne Gretzky and shoot out a hundred emails a day to your favorite brands trying to get free stuff and sponsors to advertise to your you know 10v just consider there might be a little bit of fallout for that and the number four is well kind of along the same note. I'd say probably more important shortcuts hurt you more than you think they do I want to give you an example of a harmless shortcut.

That I've seen real-world repercussions from there is a discord community called Royale streamers. It's one of those lurks for lurk platforms the way it works is you join this discord if you watch other streamers from the discord you earn points the more points you earn the higher. They place you in the discord in the list of streamers so the more people are going to watch yours try to earn their own points. Basically, just a bunch of people boosting each other's numbers, and then they turn around and say hey I've tripled my viewership syn. This you can't say it doesn't work it doesn't work and I know there was like a whole video released on royale streamers a couple weeks ago that was kind of like a tinfoil hat video with a lot of kind of baseless weird allegations against them.

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