Using older videos to drive fresh traffic. Neat Facebook tricks you didn't know

Hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about reposting videos through creator studio to get fresh views. Let's get started there are tons of posts that people see on their news feed as they check on their Facebook account by the time. They're online your followers might not see your content since the video content you have posted has been buried down as they are seeing new posts, not all people will be able to see your content as you post them so reposting your videos without uploading them again will allow you to get fresh video views on your content.

Let's check our Facebook page go to creator studio and from the left menu click on the content library this is where you will find the previous content. That you have posted on this Facebook page choose an old video content try to look for an older video post in your content library and you can share that again on your Facebook page every month. You might have new Facebook page followers and some of them haven't seen that old video content. That you've posted before they followed you it will be great to repost that video and once they check their Facebook accounts they will be able to see your reposted content on their feed.

 You'll get fresh video views and the new video views will be added to the previous video view metrics of that video content to repost your video click on the video title you will see this pop-up window where you can view the video details of your post click on the button create a post with a video in this section delete the old description. That you have crafted for that video content add a title to your video craft a new description for your video. You can even tag people or brands add what you are doing or how you're feeling check in your location or support non-profit.  If you have a thumbnail for your video you can add an image here you can also select from the thumbnails. That was captured from your video and use that as your thumbnail.

If you don't have one prepared go back to video details and check if there are some details. That you want to add or edit before you post it again check the preview of the video. First, you can click on the play button to watch the video this is to make sure that you have chosen the right video. Then click next you can choose to publish it now schedule for a later post as backdate or save as draft. You can also choose to post your video in the news feed and control the features available on your videos in this section.

 When you're done click publish close this window now check your Facebook page as you can see the content. That we have uploaded before is now reposted on our page doing. This will allow you to make use of your previous video content so that you can share it again without uploading it on your Facebook page as a new post. This will save you time and effort your video content is valuable and you don't have to worry about uploading them again you'll be able to attract a new audience as you repost. Your old video content once more you can do this with your old video content and you can attract more viewers in your post creator studio will allow you to use the same video content. That you have in your content library and share it again without uploading it on Facebook.

This will help you gain fresh video views in your existing video content. Now that you know about reposting videos through creator studio to get fresh views. We can now proceed to the next topic using a Facebook group watch party to get views. I'll see you there hello guys in this lesson we're going to talk about using a Facebook group watch party to get views to let's get started facebook watch party is a feature on Facebook. Where you can host a live screening of videos that are available on your Facebook page Facebook account and Facebook group videos or as you can see them on the search results the members. Who can view the videos in your watch party can comment on the videos in real-time and watch the whole video at the same time.

 If you want to get more video views you can host a Facebook watch party in your group and enjoy the shared viewing experience as you control how the videos are played to create a watch party on your Facebook group go to your Facebook group. There are two ways you can start a watch party inside your Facebook group one is from this section. Where you can post content you'll see the watch party icon here and you'll be able to start adding videos for your watch party inside your group from these left menus. You may notice the watch party section you can also start the watch party here in the section. You can add videos that you can watch together with the other group members watch together as a host and you control the videos.

That you will play and also send invites for people that you want to invite click the watch party button here you will see a pop-up window showing you videos. That you can add to your watch party the available tabs to choose from are the suggested playlists for you. Which you can view in different categories and also videos you may like in the next tab these are videos. That you have watched before the group tab will show you videos. That is available in your group next is live videos these are the videos. Those are currently live the moment you clicked on this tab next is the save tab. Which includes all the videos. That you have saved recently lastly my videos. These are the list of videos that you have uploaded to your Facebook profile.

You can also search for keywords that you want to add to your watch party. If you decide to watch some videos. That you find in your search results just click the add to queue button here. You can add multiple videos to your watch party add videos. That is relevant and your viewers are interested in you to have the power to control what videos are to be watched at your watch party. So you can add as much as you want to make the party last 4 hours. If you want to check the videos. That you have added click the view queue button here the list will show you thumbnails and the details of the video and if you changed your mind and want to delete certain videos in your list just click the remove button take note.

That you cannot rearrange the videos once you have added them to your list how you added them will be the arrangement of how they will be seen in your queue. When you're done click this button you will see your watch party videos. Here if you want to add more videos before you start a watch party just click on this add videos button as you can see the number of videos will be shown here in this section craft your watch party caption post it. Once you're done you can see that your watch party with your group will be starting now during your watch party you can add a co-host. Who can also control the videos to be played in the watch party if videos?

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