Vintage Autumnal Capsule Wardrobe

I wanted to put together a vintage-inspired autumn capsule wardrobe the whole idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you have a limited number of clothing items that all go together. So that you can mix and match everything with everything to create loads of outfits using just those few items. I am quite new to this I usually only do kind of mini capsule wardrobes. When I'm traveling but I thought it'd be really fun to challenge myself and make a capsule wardrobe. That I would wear in day-to-day life using all my favorite kinds of vintage-inspired autumnal items because this is my favorite time of the year to dress for so that is what we're doing today I have selected a very small amount of tops bottoms and accessories 10 in total.

So I only have 10 items at my disposal today and I'm going to see how many outfits I can put together with those and hopefully find out how functional an absolute wardrobe. This is so that's what we're doing today I'm going to start by showing you all the items that I chose and then we're going to go through a couple of outfits. When putting together a capsule wardrobe it's really important to think of a color scheme. That will really help to make sure everything actually goes with everything which is kind of the point of your capsule wardrobe so for this one I have chosen quite neutral colors. I'm going for mostly white black and then shades of brown. I chose some of my favorite pieces and some of pieces.

That I feel are most versatile I've also tried to account for different weather conditions so slightly warmer temperatures slightly cooler temperatures. I have three tops I have a white blouse a black turtleneck and then I have this wrapped cardigan. Which can work as a standalone piece or on top of something else of course I also decided to add a vest because it's one of my favorite pieces. I really like wearing this I only picked one dress for this capsule and it is a wrap dress. That works as both a dress and a trench coat type thing as well I have two bottoms a skirt and some cigarette pants and four accessories. I went for this beret and I chose two pairs of shoes I chose brown boots and black boots for the first outfit. I am wearing the black turtleneck sweater with the checkered skirt the beret and brown boots.

This is a super comfortable very warm basic outfit I absolutely love wearing outfits like this that are pretty basic and simple but still very stylish and elegant it doesn't take a lot you know to put together a nice looking outfit so that is an outfit. Number one for the second outfit I switched out the brown boots for the black ones and instead of the sweater. I'm wearing the white blouse with the vest on top this is an outfit. That I wear a lot is one of my absolute favorites. I think this is very flattering very cute again pretty basic and simple but still unconventional enough to be a little bit more. I guess and I really really like that for the third outfit we are sticking with the same skirt and this time. I'm wearing it with the wrap cardigan and I switched out the black boots for the brown ones again.

I just felt like this outfit could do with a bit of a lighter shoe and I just feel like that ties together the colors really nicely the fourth outfit and we're moving on to the next item. Which is gonna be the dress I have a couple of outfits with this just before this one I am just wearing it plain as it is as a dress. This is how I usually wear this item. It's how I like it the best and yeah. I think this is a very cute outfit as it is for the fifth outfit. I am wearing the same dress but this time I have put the white blouse underneath. I have the collar peeking out at the top and at the wrist. I also had a little bit of the blouse peeking out and I folded that over I also paired the beret with this and I am still wearing the brown boots although. I feel like this outfit would also look really nice with the black one's outfit. Number six I am still wearing the blouse and the dress but this time I put all my black cigarette pants with this and I am wearing the dress as a Scottish item.

I guess a third piece in any case, I'm wearing it open and I feel like this gives the dress a completely different look gives it a different function. I really like how classic this outfit is again pretty basic but still visually interesting enough and I have paired it with the black boots. This time okay we have moved on to the cigarette pants for the next couple of outfits. So this one super basic it's a classic you can never go wrong with a white blouse and a black pair of cigarette pens. I have paired it with the beret for a little bit of extra visual interest. I think this is a very kind of classic french girl-ish outfit. That I really love to wear but for the next outfit, of course, I'm wearing the cigarette pants with the wrap cardigan as well and this is also just a really cute basic outfit.

That I feel I could wear any day I love this with the beret just again adds a little bit extra I like how it ties together the black repeats. That color throughout the outfit's's's's next outfit is the black turtleneck sweater with the black vest and the black cigarette trousers. I do feel like the vest maybe wasn't a great choice for this capsule wardrobe because it's by far the least versatile item. That I have here it doesn't have enough contrast on the black turtleneck. I think but still,,,, I think this is a very nice outfit very classic and I do feel like the vest just adds a little bit extra and then for the last outfit. I am going to layer up completely. So I've gone back to the skirt and this time I'm wearing the blouse with the wrap top over top and this is just a really nice and warm cozy autumnal outfit.

I paired this one with the brown boots again I think that just ties this outfit together with with with with the best I really really like this one as well. So that's it guys that is my awesome vintage-inspired capsule wardrobe. So I really hope you enjoyed this video found it may be inspiring to try and put together something like this yourself. It's a really fun challenge to do to try and rediscover some pieces in your wardrobe may be and come up with new combinations of clothing that you maybe haven't tried before so I definitely recommend trying this out.

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